Ring Around the Moon
    By Jean Anouilh translated by Christopher Fry

    15:30, Thu 17th June 2004 - Sat 19th June 2004 at Newnham College Gardens (old Hall Lawn), in the event of bad weather Newnham Old Labs
    Easter May Week

    A great ball. Champagne. Music and dance. Lovers by moonlight and eccentric old dears.

    An exquisite ball, held to announce the engagement of Frederic to a millionaire’s daughter becomes a melting pot of intrigues as Hugo, having enlisted help of a beautiful dancer, plots to drive the lovers apart. Hugo and Frederic are in fact identical twins, so alike that “it is neither permissible not proper” but could not have been more different in their nature. The plot of mistaken identities becomes a source of many comical situations in the play. Eventually, all of the guests become entangled in this deliciously vivacious, fast-moving and dazzling plot which simply captivates the spirit of May Week. Exquisite entertainment and yet much more than that: the play poses the questions on the nature of identity as well as pondering on the strange ways of love…

    Languish on the grass, enjoy a glass of wine, strawberries and cream and watch this wonderfully rose-tinted comedy.


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