Wild Honey
    By Michael Frayn

    19:45, Tue 1st November 2005 - Sat 5th November 2005 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 4

    Michael Frayn’s 1985 adaptation is a brilliant reworking of Anton Chekhov’s first play, Platonov. The characters re-assemble in the wake of the long harsh Russian winter which has finally given way to a 'summer of wild honey' and an atmosphere rife with sexual intrigue and the 'wayward sweetness of forbidden attraction'. Beneath the witty banter the characters lurch from one amorous disaster to the next chaotic affair, and the light humour of the opening scenes gives way to darker and more painful comedy as the play hurtles towards its climax.

    Wild Honey forms the focal point of this term's theatrical programme as theADC'S 150th Anniversary MainShow. With an extremely talented cast and crew this is a production that promises to reflect the ingenuity and creativity of generations of Cambridge students, taking as its starting point the celebratory and vivacious nature of the play and its characters.


    Platonov -
    Anna Petrovna -
    Dr Triletsky -
    Glagolyev -
    Sergey -
    Sasha -
    Vasily -
    Colonel Triletsky -
    Grekova -
    Marko -

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