Measure For Measure
    By William Shakespeare

    19:45, Tue 21st February 2006 - Sat 25th February 2006 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 25th February 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 5

    'The tempter or the tempted, who sins most?'

    Vienna of the retrofuture: a sleazy, pilled-up world of transsexuals and large-scale deviance. A young man is sentenced to death for sexual indiscretion and when his fundamentalist sister goes to plead for his life she is drawn into a lethal game of sexual cat and mouse with the Duke's corrupt deputy. Meanwhile the Duke, in the apparel of a monk, visits the overflowing prisons. Heads roll and hips swing; genders bend and dogs howl. The corridors of power are splashed with blood, the streets with trash, and the prisons with vomit.

    Shakespeare's funniest and most problematic comedy is given a facelift, squeezed into stilettos, and thrust onto the ADC stage in an awe-inspiring tidal wave of karaoke, pornography, electro-punk, and singing nuns.

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    Mariana -
    Claudio -
    Isabella -
    Mistress Overdone -
    The Provost -
    Pompey -
    Lucio -
    The Duke -
    Paper Boy -
    Antonio -
    Elbow, Ensemble -
    Barnardine, Ensemble -
    Froth, Ensemble -
    Abhorson, Ensemble -
    Friar Thomas, Ensemble -
    Sister Francisca, Ensemble -
    Officer, Ensemble -
    Officer, Messenger, Ensemble -
    Stocks, Ensemble -
    Secretary, Ensemble -
    Escalus -

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