States of Shock
    By Sam Shepard

    23:00, Wed 17th – Sat 20th May 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 3

    "Torture. Barbarism of all sorts. Starvation. Chemical warfare. Public hangings. Mutilation of children. Raping of mothers. Raping of daughters. Raping of brothers and fathers. Executions of entire families. Executions of entire generations of families. Amputation of private organs. Decapitation. Disembowelment. Dismemberment. Disinternment. Eradication of wildlife. You name it... It's a question of destiny..."

    Sam Shepard's 'States of Shock' charts a mealtime encounter between an army veteran, his mutilated companion - Stubbs - and two civilians. With the invention of death, anti-state blasphemy, and the threat of a good solid spanking, this lacerated encounter leaves no stone unturned and no turn unstoned.

    Is aggression the only answer? Without the enemy we're nothing. Soldiers aren't toys, are they? The situation has to be faced! If you keep thinking of home, you won't slip into doubt.


    The Colonel
    Glory Bee
    White Woman
    White Man

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