Tales from Ovid
    By Ted Hughes

    19:00, Fri 16th June 2006 - Sat 17th June 2006 at Jesus College, Chapel Court
    Easter Week 7

    In this adaptation of Hughes' incredible retelling of the Metamorphoses, a large cast will relate the fantastic transformations of Arachne, Narcissus, Midas and the rest. In the pastoral surroundings of Jesus College Chapel Court, the company will become forests, spiders, lakes and Bacchic revellers.

    Now I am ready to tell how bodies are changed
    Into different bodies.


    Jupiter -
    Tiersias -
    Liriope, Antiope, Minerva -
    Woman, Cenchreis, A nymph (IX) -
    Man, Proreus -
    Echo, Haemon -
    Narcissus' reflection, Philomela -
    Procne, Pentheus, Rhodope -
    Sthnele, Agave, Leda -
    Tereus, The Assyrian King, Guard -
    Itys, The Queen of the Pygmies, Salmacis -
    Bacchus -
    Executioner, Silenus -
    Lycabus, Tisiphone, Pan -
    Aethalion, Europa -
    Ino, Myrrha -
    Cinyras, Hermaproditus -
    Medon, Midas, Cephisus -
    Acoetes -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Designer -
    Assistant Director -