The Permanent Way
    By David Hare

    19:45, Tue 14th – Sat 18th November 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    Who is responsible when a train crashes, killing or injuring hundreds of ordinary and innocent commuters? David Hare's shocking parable of British mismanagement tells the various 'true stories' of the most devastating rail disasters of the past two decades, providing a platform for the testimonies of politicians, rail companies and the many bereaved.

    In this tragic and compelling tale, witty and acute observations mingle with dramatic graphic effects to create the ultimate emotional rollercoaster. When everybody is blaming each other, how can we tell where the truth really lies?


    Passenger 1/Rail Union Leader/Squadron Leader/Stormin’ Norman
    Passenger 2/Senior Civil Servant/Leading Entrepreneur
    Passenger 3/Wendy/Dawn/Sally/Piemuncher/Campaigning Solicitor
    Passenger 4/Doghole/British Transport Policeman/Technical Director
    Passenger 5/JH/Survivor’s Group Founder
    Passenger 6/Big Heap/John Prescott/Senior Rail Executive
    Passenger 7/1st Bereaved Mother/Scottish Literary Editor
    Passenger 8/A Very Experienced Rail Engineer/Vicar
    Passenger 9/Rocker/2nd Bereaved Mother
    Investment Banker/Sven/Young Man in Denim
    High Powered Treasury Thinker/Rustin’ Hoffman/Lord Cullen
    Catweasel/Bereaved Father/Managing Director of Railtrack
    Another Senior Operating Executive/Bereaved Widow

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