flytheatre presents...

    Aristophanes' Clouds
    By Edward Tomlinson, Liam Dunachie, Simon Andrews, Alex Outhwaite

    19:00, Tue 24th March 2009 - Sat 28th March 2009 at Bridewell Theatre
    15:45, Thu 26th March 2009 at Bridewell Theatre
    Easter Vacation

    A storm is brewing!

    Come and follow the adventures of Strepsiades - an idiotic bumpkin whose playboy son has landed him with debts a farmer's income just won't pay. Only the philosopher Socrates can help him argue his way out of trouble!

    Based on a 2,500 year old satire by Aristophanes, Clouds is a vibrant new musical that brings the absurd hilarity of ancient Greek comedy slap bang up-to-date.

    With sensational songs and dazzling dance routines, Clouds is rude, riotous, raunchy and never less than utterly ridiculous. Don't miss it! You'll love Clouds even if Greek theatre is, well, Greek to you...


    Strepsiades -
    Cloud Leader -
    Pheidippides -
    Righteous/Old Man -
    Ruthless/Old Woman -
    Student/Woman/Lawyer -
    Student/Creditor -
    Student/Child/Injured Youth -
    Slave/Student/Creditor -
    Moon/Mother -

    Production Team

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    Director/Designer -
    Musical Director -
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