The Tempest
    By William Shakespeare

    22:00, Wed 25th February 2009 - Sat 28th February 2009 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 6

    A man and his daughter are stranded. Enslaving the inhabitant of a desolate island and mastering its magic force, he plans for his revenge.

    Shakespeare's magical last play, his poignant farewell to the stage - has love, tragedy and comedy combined in equal measure.

    ‘The Tempest’ is an intrusive and exclusive production, taking you right into the heart of an uninhabitable, bleak island.

    suffer a sea change into something rich and strange

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    Prospero -
    Caliban/Gonzalo -
    Antonio/Trinculo -
    Sebastian/Stephano -
    Miranda -
    Alonso/Ferdinand -

    Production Team

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    Publicist -
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