The Alchemist
    By Ben Jonson

    19:45, Tue 20th – Sat 24th April 2010 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 0

    The world famous Marlowe Society is proud to work with the ADC theatre to bring to life Jonson's finest masterpiece.

    Living in a stolen house, Face, Subtle and Doll Common are making themselves a fortune.

    Imagine, if you can, a London full of the greedy, false and ambitious, all out for everything they can get. Imagine a London where the desire for money (and every now and again sex) drives individuals to believe the most outrageous things. Imagine a London where this indulgent philosophy leads its residents into farcical and extraordinary situations. Jonson wrote The Alchemist to satirise the London of his time but his precise and enlightened depiction of humanity remains scarily relevant today.

    Our three...heroes...are master con-artists. Employing a spectacular array of characters and costumes they entice, seduce, befuddle and hustle their way through Jonson's most colourful and eclectic collection of characters with hilarious results.

    The Marlowe Society exists to perform Elizabethan, verse, and non-realist plays and to provide unique opportunities for the students of Cambridge University. The Marlowe Society continues to involve and invite their alumni. There is a strong possibility that some of these alumni, including Simon Russell Beale (who played Face at the National in 2006), will come back to watch and support this show and give speeches before the performance begins. The opportunity to be a part of such an adventurous production to be performed for such illustrious audience members is something few shows can offer in Cambridge.

    Any questions or queries please contact director Matt Bulmer on mab85.


    Dol Common
    Sir Epicure Mammon
    Dame Pliant

    Production Team

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    Lighting Designer
    Costume Designer
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    Stage Manager
    Technical Director