The Bloody Chamber
    By Angela Carter adapted by Bryony Lavery

    23:00, Wed 24th October 2012 - Sat 27th October 2012 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 3

    In the salons of Paris, an anonymous young girl plays the piano for the wealthy elites. Here she encounters the exotic, mesmerizing and stifling Marquis. A man of the world, with a mysterious past, he offers her the key to a thrilling future. The Marquis proposes and takes his virgin to a castle on the sea for their honeymoon. When he disappears after their wedding night, leaving the girl alone – save for the housekeeper, and a blind piano-tuner – he entrusts her with the keys to every room in the house. One door alone is forbidden, but the temptation of a tiny key may prove too much.


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