The Canterbury Tales
    By Chaucer adapted by Mike Poulton

    19:45, Tue 7th February 2012 - Sat 11th February 2012 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 3

    A group of characters are on a pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral. Whilst travelling they take it in turns to tell stories with the incentive of a free meal for the best tale. Some stories are somber, some comedic, and others just hilariously terrible! Added to this element are the tensions between the narrators in the group which, on occasion, result in exciting conflicts.

    The Canterbury Tales are varied and fascinating, containing stories that range from morality and tragedy to farce. They will be presented in different forms from naturalistic to puppetry, physical theatre, musical theatre and mask work. We are looking for a cast that can multirole – playing everything from bawdy characters to traditional heroes/heroines and are focused and committed to producing an exciting and unusual show.


    Chaucer -
    Miller -
    Prioress -
    Pardoner -
    Physician -
    Manciple -
    Parson -
    Wife of Bath -
    Summoner -
    Knight -

    Production Team

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