By Peter Morgan

    19:45, Tue 5th – Sat 9th November 2013 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 4

    1. Richard Nixon has received a full pardon from Gerald Ford and will never face trial for his involvement in the Watergate affair. In an effort to recuperate some of his reputation, he agrees to an exclusive television interview with British talk-show host David Frost. Twelve interviews, no scripts, and no prior knowledge of the questions. It’s more than just a battle of wits between journalist and politician, it’s a struggle between the flamboyant and eccentric world of showbiz and television, and the sombre, tight-lipped political organisation. With time running out, Frost finds himself faced with the greatest challenge of his career: how to make a politician crumble.

    This award winning show will be brought to the ADC stage this Michaelmas in a new quick, slick, ensemble based production.


    Richard Nixon
    David Frost
    Jim Reston
    Jack Brennan
    John Birt
    Caroline Cushing
    Bob Zelnick
    Evonne Goolagong

    Production Team

    Assistant Producer
    Stage Manager
    Make-up Artist –
    Assistant Director
    Assistant Producer
    Lighting Designer
    Costume Designer
    Set Designer
    Sound Designer
    Technical Director