The Rover
    By Aphra Behn

    19:30, Tue 19th November 2013 - Sat 23rd November 2013 at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
    Michaelmas Week 6

    A group of young English cavaliers head to the Med for the mother of all hedonistic holidays, but they’ve more than met their match in the girls they encounter. Belvile thinks he’s found true love with Florinda, but an arranged marriage and a protective older brother stand in his way. Blunt thinks he’s found true lust with Lucetta, but he’s about to be given a rude awakening. Frederick just wants to find somebody, anybody. And Willmore, the rover, causes chaos wherever he goes, trailing broken hearts and broken bottles in his wake. Can this “rampant lion of the forest” be tamed? Or will events take a darker course?


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