Independent Project presents...

    Amrita (Short Film)
    By Nathan Miller

    17:00, Mon 10th March 2014 - Tue 11th March 2014 at TBC
    Lent Week 8

    It's Halloween. Deep in Albeck University, David and Steven are practising for their magic show. But something is stirring in the night. A spectral countess haunts the abandoned dorm. The undead roam the courtyards. Homicidal porters stalk corridors.

    Sometimes our imaginations get the better of us, but sometimes we really do have to face the monsters in the cupboard. Will you survive this 20-minute comedy thriller?


    Steven -
    Michelle -
    Jennifer -
    Fairy -
    Zombie Boy -
    Zombie Porter -
    Drunk Boy -

    Production Team

    Writer -
    Producer -
    Costume Designer -
    Sound Designer -
    Publicity Designer -
    1st Assistant Director -
    Effects Supervisor -
    Script Editor -
    Gaffer -
    Camera Operator -
    Production Designer -
    Camera Operator -
    Grip -
    Executive Producer -