Saint Joan
By George Bernard Shaw

23:00, Wed 12th – Sat 15th November 2014 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 5

'I might almost as well have been a man... I should not have bothered you all so much then'

It is the A Hundred Year War and England have the upper hand, occupying part of France. In Northern France a fifteen year old peasant girl claims to have visions from God. These visions tell her to liberate France from its English domination.

Saint Joan tells the story of Joan of Arc, a girl who says she is the ambassador of God on earth. Refusing to accept life as a woman, Joan lives and fights as a man, asserting herself with a confidence which brings her power over statesmen and royalty as she leads Charles VII to victory.

Joan is fighting with God on her side. The only problem is, so is everyone else.

Through rap music and neon lights, Joan's story is told in a fast-paced interpretation, dealing with religious terrorism in a modern world.


Archbishop, Warwick
Charles, Poulengey
La Tremouille, Ladvenu
Bluebeard, Dunois, Inquisitor
Steward, Courcelles, the Duchess
Chaplain, Robert
Executioner, d'Estivet

Production Team

Publicity Designer
Technical Director
Lighting Designer
Assistant Lighting Designer
Stage Manager
Associate Director –
Deputy Stage Manager