[title of show]
    By Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen

    19:00, Tue 25th November 2014 - Sat 29th November 2014 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 7

    [description of show]

    [title of show] is a one-act musical that chronicles its own creation as an entry in the New York Musical Theatre Festival. It follows the struggle of two writers, Jeff and Hunter, as they strive to channel their sarcasm into writing an original, meaningful musical. They enlist the help of two actress friends: the wonderfully sassy Susan, and Heidi, the only member of the group who has actually made it to Broadway. With just three weeks before the deadline, is there any chance that they will achieve their goal?

    If an essay crisis could be a musical, it would be [title of show]. Come see the Corpus Playroom reach a new level of meta.

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