Black Comedy
    By Peter Shaffer

    23:00, Wed 18th November 2015 - Sat 21st November 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    Sculptor Brindsley Miller has pulled out all the stops to impress his flighty new fiancée’s hard-nosed father and a millionaire art collector, including embellishing his humble apartment with furniture ‘borrowed’ from an absentee neighbour. Then, the lights go out!

    Brindsley blindly struggles to salvage the evening, but the unexpected return of the neighbour, not to mention a surprise visit from a jealous ex-girlfriend, mean that he might be better off keeping everyone in the dark...

    Watch what really happens when the lights go out in this uproarious comedy from Peter Shaffer.


    Brindsley -
    Carol Melkett -
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    Miss Furnival -
    Schuppanzigh -
    Georg Bamberger -

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