Footlights Presents: S.C.O.F.F.!: The Comeback Tour
    By Sasha Brooks, Eleanor Colville, David Matthews, Raphael Wakefield

    23:00, Wed 4th – Sat 7th February 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 3

    In 2004, the nation was left aghast when big-cheese sketch troupe S.C.O.F.F.! announced they were splitting up. There were protests, outrage, crying in the streets – and for many fans, the possibility of ever laughing again seemed a distant dream.

    Yet, dreams do sometimes come true. After ten rocky years apart, the group are back and bigger than ever. For four nights only, S.C.O.F.F.! will be hitting the ADC stage, before setting off around the country to tickle our funny bones once more. Don’t miss out on this red-hot ticket to see your favourite S.C.O.F.F.! sketches performed, live, by the old gang you know and love.*

    • Due to filming commitments, Fiona will not be joining the troupe for the Comeback Tour. S.C.O.F.F.! apologises to fans.



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