By Joe Orton

    20:45, Thu 30th April 2015 - Fri 1st May 2015 at Main Lecture Theatre, St John's Divinity School
    Easter Week 1

    ‘Has anyone ever hidden money in a coffin?’
    ‘It never crossed anybody’s mind.’
    ‘It’s crossed mine.’

    As so ensues a black comedy full of truths, lies and intrigue. Bank robbers Hal and Dennis are desperately trying to get away with their crime, whilst Hal’s father McLeavy mourns the death of his wife, unaware of the scheming advances of her nurse. As the Hal and Dennis start to feel the police closing in the coffin in the corner seems to look more and more convenient…
    Orton’s comedy is entertaining and witty, but subtly mocks the law and the Englishman. This production will be staged in the Main Lecture hall of the Divinity School at St John’s.

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