Life With You
    By Georgia Rawlins

    20:00, Wed 12th – Sat 15th February 2020 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
    Lent Week 4

    "The moment was suddenly over; a fleeting trick of the light. Who'd have thought, looking back, that this chance encounter would change my life?”
    It's a freezing and rainy day when Elizabeth Day is finally persuaded to tell her story- the story of how she and Liam Moore met, fell in love, and fell apart, and of how their shared life influenced each other, and those around them. Life With You is a nostalgic and poignant piece, exploring how life goes on, even once the curtain falls on one stage and the rose-tinted memories fade.
    Life With You is an original student musical. Featuring numbers from the tear-jerking 'Someplace Safe' to the uplifting 'Almost's Good Enough', this is not one to miss.


    Elizabeth Day
    Liam Moore


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    Production Team

    Writer/Composer –
    Musical Director
    Assistant Director
    Publicity Designer
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    Stage Manager
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    Projection Op – ,
    Sound Designer
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