Under Milk Wood
    By Dylan Thomas

    21:30, Tue 7th – Sat 11th February 2023 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 3

    An omniscient, lyrical narrator takes the audience on an intimate journey into the small Welsh town Llareggub, where its occupants are dreaming and living their individual lives of yearning, loving, and losing. It is a story about community, friendship and our neighbours, laced together by Thomas' groundbreaking, melodic work originally intended for radio.

    A retired, blind sea captain named Captain Cat dreams of his past and people he knew long ago. Mog Edwards, the town draper, and Myfanwy Price, the dressmaker, write hopeless love letters to each other. Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard cleans away invisible dust, tormented by her two late husbands. The despicable Mr and Mrs Pugh despise each other. The indolent Sinbad Sailor fantasises about the beautiful Gossamer Beynon, and she likewise, whilst the Reverend Eli Jenkins evangelically sings the town awake. Mr Waldo runs recklessly around town, and Polly Garter overcompensates for the death of her true love.

    Thomas’ use of words lull the audience into a transient, dreamlike state as we are led down into a raw and familiar day of ordinary, yet still intriguing, characters in this poetic, alluring and ultimately reflective play.


    Captain Cat, Reverend Eli Jenkins, Dai Bread, Atilla Rees, First Neighbour
    MyFanwy Price, Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, Lily Smalls, Mrs Waldo, Mrs Organ Morgan, Voice of a Guidebook
    Mog Edwards, Butcher Beynon, Evans the Death, NoGood Boyo, Little Boy, First Drowned
    Mrs Beynon, Mrs Dai Bread One, Mrs Cherry Owen, Third Drowned, Third Neighbour, Second Woman
    Rosie Probert, Mary Ann the Sailors, Mrs Dai Bread 2, Gossamer Beynon, Second Neighbour, Third Woman
    Willy Nilly, Organ Morgan, Sinbad Sailors, Mr Pritchard, Jack Black, Ocky Milkman, Fourth Neighbour, Fourth Drowned
    Polly Garter, Mrs Utah Watkins, Fifth Drowned, Mother, First Woman
    Mr Pugh, Mr Waldo, Mr Ogmore, Utah Watkins, Second Drowned

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