CAST 2014: Much Ado About Nothing

19:45, Tue 2nd September 2014 at ADC Theatre
19:00, Sat 6th September 2014 at Sebastian River Performing Arts Centre, Sebastian, FL
19:00, Mon 8th September 2014 - Tue 9th September 2014 at Andrew College, GA
19:00, Thu 11th September 2014 at Glema Mahr Center For the Arts, Madisonville, KY
19:00, Sat 13th September 2014 at Nashville School Of the Arts, TN
19:30, Tue 16th September 2014 - Wed 17th September 2014 at Columbia College, SC
20:00, Sat 20th September 2014 - Sun 21st September 2014 at The Theatre at Washington, Washington, VA
19:30, Tue 23rd September 2014 at Frostburg State University, MD
19:00, Thu 25th September 2014 at St John Fisher College, NY
20:00, Sat 27th September 2014 - Sun 28th September 2014 at Brown University, RI
19:00, Fri 3rd October 2014 at Abingdon School, Oxfordshire, UK
19:45, Tue 7th October 2014 - Sat 11th October 2014 at ADC Theatre
Summer Vacation to Michaelmas Week 0

For its 15th year, CAST will once again be touring the USA in September with a company of Cambridge's finest actors, directors, designers and crew.

Hero and Claudio are falling in love, but aren’t a strong enough pairing to outplay the scheming Don John. Meanwhile, old sparring partners Beatrice and Benedick revel in their war of words, but neither wants to get married and certainly not to each other. As they take up opposing corners, matching each other line for line, their friends team up to plot a way to bring them together.

For this cast of players, it’s a game of five acts.

Filled with live music, a line up of vibrant characters and sparkling dialogue, this is Shakespeare’s comedic skill at its absolute best. As devious strategies are prepared, sides drawn and redrawn, and untruth after untruth exposed, the outcome of each romantic match is just too close to call at least until the final hand has been shown.


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