From Lent Term 2022, the ADC Management team are offering the following guidance to students:

  1. No one should take on roles across multiple shows within the same week (regardless of show size or venue);
  2. No one should take on significant production roles across shows in consecutive weeks;
  3. Anyone involved in significant roles on either the Michaelmas Term Pantomime or Lent Term Musical should not take on any other roles beyond Week 4 of that same term.

Significant production roles are explicitly defined as Producers, Directors, Musical Directors, Choreographers, Lighting Designers, Technical Directors, Sound Designers and Stage Managers. A more detailed version of the above guidance can be found in the Production Handbooks available on the ADC's website.

Lighting Designer For A Comedy Musical Adventure at Churchill
CULES: The Prophecy of DestinyCULES
19:00, Thu 3rd February 2022 - Sat 5th February 2022 at Wolfson Hall, Churchill College
Lent Week 2

Looking for a lighting designer  for a 2-act show in Week 2. It's a very silly show and just teetering on the edge of being a full-blown pantomime (no, pantomime season is never over)! Please help us work out how to lightsss

    Contact before 31st Jan 2022 23:59 for more details.

    'The Children' is looking for a Lighting Designer, Stage Manager and Photographer!
    The Children
    19:00, Tue 22nd February 2022 - Sat 26th February 2022 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 5
    Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
    Climate Breakdown, Aging, Reference to Death

    This is an incredible opportunity to get involved in a deeply resonant contemporary piece of theatre about friendship, environmental issues, and generational tensions. The following roles are available: - Lighting Designer  - Stage Manager  -Photographer 

      Contact before 30th Jan 2022 23:59 for more details.

      Ed: The Musical seeks production roles
      Ed: The MusicalMMPS
      18:45, Thu 3rd March 2022 - Sat 5th March 2022 at Cripps Auditorium, Magdalene College
      Lent Week 6
      Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
      Mild sexual content

      Musical Director /Assistant Musical Director : Existing production team seek (okay, need) help with arranging, playing keys/synths/percussion. Potential to make this your own with musical comedy throughout. Sound/Looping: Teach our lead how to loop live on stage! Stage Manager : Come help keep our lovely (small!) cast and crew in line over the course of this raucous show!

        Contact before 4th Feb 2022 00:00 for more details.

        The Calligrapher is looking for a Set Designer, Lighting Designer, and Sound Designer!
        The Calligrapher
        19:00, Tue 15th February 2022 - Sat 19th February 2022 at Corpus Playroom
        Lent Week 4

        The Calligrapher team are still looking for the roles of: - Set Designer  - Lighting Designer  (including managing projections during the show) - Sound Designer 

          Contact (Francesca - Producer) (Lise - Director) (Maddy - Assistant Producer) before 28th Jan 2022 00:00 for more details.

          Out of Water are re-opening applications for our production team!!
          Out of WaterCADS
          19:30, Tue 22nd February 2022 - Fri 25th February 2022 at Main Lecture Theatre, Old Divinity School
          Lent Week 5
          Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
          Pregnancy, pregnant character, discussion of pregnancy and trying to get pregnant
          Homophobia, mention of Section 28
          Internalised homophobia
          Use of homophobic slurs
          Discussion of discomfort around LGBTQ+ people
          Details of a homophobic attack
          Issues around gender dysphoria
          Transphobia, dismissal of trans issues
          Forced outing
          Use of stigmatised language to describe people of the traveller community
          Discussions of living in care and being supported by social services
          Discussions of additional educational support
          Explicit language

          We are looking for a: set designer  lighting designer  sound designer  stage manager 

            Contact Bronagh (she/her) Director and Emma (she/her) Producer before 1st Feb 2022 23:59 for more details.

            Cambridge Greek Play 2022 - Creative Team Applications
            Cambridge Greek Play 2022: The Persians and The CyclopsGreek Play
            20:00, Wed 12th October 2022 - Sat 15th October 2022 at Cambridge Arts Theatre
            Michaelmas Week 1

            We are looking for a creative team, including: stage managers  (DSM /ASM /CSM), musical directors , music assistants, assistant designers (costume, lighting, sound, video), surtitle operators, film makers, puppet makers, movement assistants, marketing and PR assistants, graphic designers… Or other roles we may not even have thought of yet!

              Contact before 3rd Feb 2022 00:00 for more details.