Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare

7:30pm, Sat 4th December 2004 at Antwerp International School
7:30pm, Mon 6th December 2004 at College Claparede, Geneva
3:15pm, Wed 8th December 2004 at Gymnase du Burier, Montreux
7:00pm, Thu 9th December 2004 at Aula Gymnasium, Berne
7:00pm, Fri 10th December 2004 at Moosgasse II, Sursee
7:00pm, Mon 13th December 2004 at University of Zurich
7:00pm, Tue 14th December 2004 at Albeiterkammersaal, Feldkirch
7:30pm, Wed 15th December 2004 at University of Freiburg
2:30pm, Fri 17th December 2004 at Chantilly
8:00pm, Fri 17th December 2004 at Chantilly
7:45pm, Tue 18th January 2005 - Sat 22nd January 2005, at ADC Theatre
2:30pm, Sat 22nd January 2005 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 8 to Lent Week 0

Since 1957, ETG has toured Europe each winter performing a Shakespeare play. Founded by Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Derek Jacobi, we have developed a reputation both at home and abroad for producing exciting and innovative interpretations of classic texts. We traditionally visit a wide variety of venues across the whole of Western Europe travelling complete with set, lights and costumes; this enables us to produce a first class performance in any location. ETG is not only Cambridge's premier touring theatre group, but also the oldest and most respected touring group of any university.


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