and present...


    19:00, Tue 8th – Sat 12th March 2005 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 7

    It's THE annual festival on the Cambridge drama scene. It's showcasing the hottest, fresh talent of the winning student-writers whose short plays were selected from across the university. Each night 7 little nuggets of polished, outstanding drama and comedy will be played. 7 casts, 7 writers, 6 directors, 1 huge production team, all crammed into the sexiest little venue, performing brand-new work.


    Cobweb (In the Forest)
    Robin (In the Forest)
    Ken (In the Forest)
    Debbie (In the Forest)
    Lawrence (Hell)
    Ines (Hell)
    Carol (Anna’s Answer)
    Mary (Anna’s Answer)
    Secretary (Anna’s Answer)
    Arthur (Anna’s Answer)
    Rob (Anna’s Answer)
    Alfred (Long Holiday)
    Gertrude (Long Holiday)
    Jackie (Keeping Going)
    Mitchell (Keeping Going)
    Oscar (Beware the Children)
    Lucy; Clare Foster; Judge; Doctor (Beware the Children)
    Narrator (Beware the Children)
    Doctor; Mrs Atkins; Mr Archer; Parent (Beware the Children)
    Peter (Prisoners)
    Chris (Prisoners)
    Omar (Prisoners)
    Ahmed (Prisoners)
    Fanged Beast 1 (Hell)
    Sinon (Hell)
    Adam (Hell)
    Fanged Beast 2 (Hell)

    Production Team

    Creative Director – ,
    Writer (Beware the Children) –
    Writer (Prisoners) –
    Writer (Anna's Answer) –
    Writer (Keeping Going) –
    Writer (Hell) –
    Writer (In the Forest) –
    Writer (The Long Holiday) –
    Director (Anna's Answer) –
    Director (Keeping Going) –
    Director (Hell) –
    Director (Beware the Children) –
    Director (In the Forest) –
    Director (The Long Holiday) –
    Stage Manager
    Lighting Designer
    Director (Prisoners) –
    Publicity – ,
    Sound op –
    Technical Director