Dogg's Hamlet
    By Tom Stoppard

    23:00, Wed 15th November 2006 - Sat 18th November 2006 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    A group of students get together to perform a play, something called "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare. You won't know it, and they certainly don’t. The actors speak in a strange language called Dogg, but in their public school surroundings have worked at understanding the play; the extent of their understanding, however, is questionable.

    The audience witnesses the effects of two worlds colliding; communicating in what the inhabitants think is the same lingo, but which quite clearly isn’t. Dogg's Hamlet is an experiment in theatrical language, an investigation of meaning, a comedy of confusion and a very silly play.


    Abel/Bernado/Marcellus -
    Baker/Francisco/Horatio -
    Charlie/Ophelia -
    Dogg/Claudius -
    Mrs Dogg/Gertrude -
    Fox Major/Ghost/Laertes -
    Shakespeare/Gravedigger -
    Polonius -

    Production Team

    Technical Director -
    Stage Manager -
    Assistant Stage Manager -
    Lighting Designer -
    Sound Designer -
    Set Designer -
    Costume Designer -