The Seagull
    By Anton Chekhov in a version by Martin Crimp

    19:45, Tue 6th – Sat 10th February 2007 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 3

    Young girl lives on shore of lake since childhood like you. Loves the lake like the seagull. Is happy and free like the seagull. Then one day a man turns up, sees her, and mindlessly destroys her.

    This production of The Seagull by Chekhov will provide all involved with an incredible and challenging acting experience. Working on a production of a classic text is by no means easy and the large cast who take part will be expected to treat the entire process professionally. Crimp's version sees the text wholly renovated; it is shorter, leaner and more angular stripping away all the creaky 19th century theatrical conventions, such as monologues and asides. It requires a real depth of understanding from all involved as to create an engaging and emotive piece of theatre. This pared-down version of Chekhov's first great play reveals the full force of its comedy and cruelty. The Seagull should never allow an audience to relax what should underlie the production is a fluttering neurosis and ill-supported hysteria. It shows the tragicomic anatomy of unrequited longing.

    Chekhov's setting provides extreme provincial dullness and creates a sense of extreme isolation. Isolated from culture, an alternative is never realised. The characters have no escape and are therefore pressed back on themselves and each other. The overall design of the production will reflect Chekhov's relationship with Beckett � restricted circumstances for the artistic purpose of confinement. The stark emptiness of the world will rely on fascinating the characters bringing the production to life. Out of the stillness, the environment of nothing, the characters create something; ideas, the artist, love they talk.


    Irina Arkadina
    Nina Zarechnaya
    Aleksei Trigorin
    Piotr Sorin
    Masha Shamraev
    Polina Shamraev
    Ilya Sharaev
    Evgenyi Dorn
    Semyon Medviedenko
    Konstantin Trepliev

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