As You Like It
    By William Shakespeare

    19:45, Tue 5th May 2009 - Sat 9th May 2009 at ADC Theatre
    Easter Week 2

    Join Orlando and Rosalind, their sidekicks and all, as they break through the black and white disillusionment of the urban sprawl and find themselves bathed in the magic of the Shakespeare's most stunning of surroundings. In the darkest of the depths of the Forest of Ardennes, infatuation is inescapable and hilarity is sprinkled, doused and poured. The ADC is delighted to present "As You Like It" as its Easter 2009 Headline show and we promise you some of the very best comedy, and most spectacular of images, Cambridge's most innovative venue has ever seen.

    Orlando is lost in a world without leaders. The good ones have vanished and the bad ones have taken their place. He needs to become the man to lead the new youth onwards and upwards and out of this disillusioned state, but there’s a problem, his complete and unqualified adolescent inadequacies.

    Rosalind is lost in a world without leaders. The old ones have abandoned her and the young ones are little more than causeless rebels. She needs to escape her monotonous life and become the woman to lead her sex into a new freedom that can only be made possible through love, but there’s a problem, a complete and absolute lack of men.

    Enter Ardennes.

    The only true solution to oppression is love and laughter, and the club’s headline Easter term spectacle will overflow with both. Sure to boast Cambridge’s finest acting and comic talent as well as an aesthetic designed to melt your eyes, As You Like It is going to be huge. Watch this space.


    Rosalind -
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    Audrey -
    William -
    Adam/Jaques/Charles -
    Sir Oliver Martext/Hymen -

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