Breakfast at Night
    By Matt Bulmer, Daran Johnson and Liam Williams

    23:00, Wed 28th – Sat 31st January 2009 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    In an age where traditional ideas of decency and propriety have all but been forgotten, Ryan Alright wants to make a change. As an attempt to extrapolate himself from the world of smutty, second-rate broadcasting and in order to establish himself in the realm of mainstream decency, he has accepted the role of co-presenter of the new Channel Yes show Breakfast at Night.

    The station is pitching the show as ‘a morning show for people who are not awake in the morning’, but everyone involved knows that the real purposes of the show are to fill an hour in the middle of the night. Everything rests on this pilot. If Ryan can hold it together for just one hour, and prevent his fellow presenters Lucky Dorigo and Michael Middle, not to mention the vast and varied array of guests from derailing the whole thing, then things will be alright.

    Breakfast at Night is the newest slice of brand new writing from three of Cambridge’s brightest comedy talents who between them boast a dazzling and undeniably well-received back catalogue. So come on down the studio and watch the pilot crash.

    Free croissants.

    Not only is Breakfast the most eagerly anticipated late-show, and perhaps any show, of next term, but the requirements and resulting effects of the show require a really strong little team. The challenge to present a comedy show which is keen to fully endorse and exploit the technical abilities of the Cambridge/S.O.D underworld, on little budget, should bring together a crew capable of ensuring brilliance.