Die Hochzeit
    By Bertolt Brecht

    19:00, Wed 23rd February 2011 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 5

    How hard could a wedding amongst friends be? Plenty of booze, plenty of food, plenty of room to sit. Just make sure you choose your guests wisely.

    A newly-wed couple’s reception seems destined for merriment. In the intimacy of their new house with their respective families and friends, surrounded by home-made furniture, and the prospect of their life together, the party seems well on its way. Except no one’s got anything to talk about. As conversation drags around such party-friendly topics as choking and wood-glue, the tension rises, and the guests’ attempts to liven the atmosphere pushes nerves and furniture to breaking-point. Newly-weds with a shameful secret. Family members without scruples. Parents with terrible stories. And couples full of resentment. All thrown onto a stage literally on the verge of collapse. One of Brecht’s first outings on the stage, this unlikely, uncomfortable comedy is one of his lesser-known works, and will be a one-off event performed IN THE ORIGINAL GERMAN for all to experience the play as it was written.


    Der Braeutigam -
    Die Braut -
    Der Vater -
    Die Mutter -
    Der Freund -
    Der Junge Mann -
    Die Frau -
    Der Mann -

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