Die Hochzeit
    By Bertolt Brecht

    19:00, Wed 23rd February 2011 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Lent Week 5

    How hard could a wedding amongst friends be? Plenty of booze, plenty of food, plenty of room to sit. Just make sure you choose your guests wisely.

    A newly-wed couple’s reception seems destined for merriment. In the intimacy of their new house with their respective families and friends, surrounded by home-made furniture, and the prospect of their life together, the party seems well on its way. Except no one’s got anything to talk about. As conversation drags around such party-friendly topics as choking and wood-glue, the tension rises, and the guests’ attempts to liven the atmosphere pushes nerves and furniture to breaking-point. Newly-weds with a shameful secret. Family members without scruples. Parents with terrible stories. And couples full of resentment. All thrown onto a stage literally on the verge of collapse. One of Brecht’s first outings on the stage, this unlikely, uncomfortable comedy is one of his lesser-known works, and will be a one-off event performed IN THE ORIGINAL GERMAN for all to experience the play as it was written.


    Der Braeutigam
    Die Braut
    Der Vater
    Die Mutter
    Der Freund
    Der Junge Mann
    Die Frau
    Der Mann

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