The Good Soul of Szechwan
    By Bertolt Brecht (translated by John Willett)

    19:00, Tue 15th – Sat 19th February 2011 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 4

    Three gods come down to earth, there have been so many complaints from Szechwan province about the poor quality of life there, and they simply cannot put off a visit any longer. If they can just find one good soul in the whole of Szechwan then they can go back to their opulent and luxurious lives with a clear conscience. They put their trust in the prostitute Shen Te, and hope that with the help of a little money from the gods she will be able to live her life as a paragon of kindness and virtue and reaffirm the gods belief in their notion of abstract "goodness." Shen Te tries her best but the world is not on Shen Te's side, it is not so easy to be good when you have a business to run, a lover to entice or a child to care for. Shen Te must resort to desperate measures if she is to be good and survive.

    The Good Soul of Szechwan is one of Brecht’s masterpieces, funny, tragic and thought provoking Brecht probes the depths of the practicality and prudence of being "good" in a world such as ours.

    In an exciting and innovative production from the Director who bought you critically acclaimed ‘Oh What a Lovely War on Terror’ and ‘The Garden Party’ (5 stars – the tab), Toby Jones demonstrates to Cambridge how Brecht can and does work for the modern stage. With an original score written by singer/songwriter Joe Rubini and masks from the RSC, this production is set to be one of the highlights of next terms theatre line up.


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