Princess Ida
    By W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

    20:00, Tue 20th November 2012 - Fri 23rd November 2012 at Fitzwilliam College Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 7

    To ensure peace between their fathers' neighbouring kingdoms, Princess Ida and Prince Hilarion were married rather earlier than most royal couples: Ida was one year old and Hilarion two. Raised separately by their respective fathers, the bride and bridegroom were to be reunited when Ida reached the age of 21. Yet on the appointed day, the pining lovesick prince was shocked and appalled to learn that the princess had in the meantime discovered her intellectual faculties, founded a women's university, and declared that she had no interest in reuniting with her unchosen husband. A most logical man, Hilarion reasoned that if he and his friends were to disguise themselves as female students, they could enter the university and woo the princess. An operetta about male chauvinism, early women's colleges, and cross-dressing, Princess Ida is right at home within the University of Cambridge. Join CUG&S in a battle of the sexes this Michaelmas.



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