The Cunning Little Vixen
    By Leoš Janáček

    19:30, Thu 21st – Sat 23rd February 2013 at West Road Concert Hall
    14:00, Sat 23rd February 2013 at West Road Concert Hall
    Lent Week 5

    Deep within the woods, a naive fox cub stumbles into a Forester's clutches. Tied up in a yard, she grows up dreaming of freedom. Battling the banality of her existence, surrounded by egg-layers and stick-fetchers, her frustration builds until, in a moment of fury, she breaks loose.

    Pursued by her captor, she returns to the wild for the first time since her childhood. Around her, the forest teems with life. Dragonflies dance, badgers doze and a riot of animals resound the coming Spring. As the months pass, the Vixen discovers the world, topples established order and finds love. But before the last season is out, she and the Forester will meet one more time.

    From a simple folk tale, this opera weaves a dazzling evocation of nature - of life and death, marriage and regret, drunkenness and unrequited love, fear, pride, grief and, of course, foxes. Janáček fills the stage with all forms of life, human and animal, in a rich tapestry of stories which ultimately coalesce to tell just one – that of the Cunning Little Vixen.

    Cambridge University Opera Society’s 2013 Mainshow will combine dance, song, movement, music and more to bring this profound, beautiful, unsentimental opera to the West Road stage, assembling the university’s top performers and creative talents to create a visually spectacular, musically stunning, unmissable show.


    The Vixen
    The Fox
    The Forester
    The Parson/the Badger
    Forester's Wife
    Onstage Chorus
    Onstage Chorus
    Onstage Chorus
    Innkeeper's Wife
    Choreographer/ballet ensemble
    Ballet ensemble, ,


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