Utopia on Punts
    By W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

    13:00, Thu 22nd June 2017 at St John's College Waterfront
    18:00, Thu 22nd June 2017 at St John's College Waterfront
    Easter May Week

    On the South Pacific isle of Utopia, King Paramount strives to create a perfect civilisation: free from crime and disease, and with purified literature and drama - all the while under threat from Tarara, the Public Exploder. His daughter, Princess Zara, returns from Girton College having fallen in love with Captain Fitzbattleaxe, only to find her former suitors still vying for her affections. The men quickly hatch a plot with Tarara to overthrow the King and win the hand of the Princess but all does not go quite according to plan. Utopia, Limited is a terrific tale of love and politics which pokes fun at the corporate world, scandal in the Royal Family and many of the duo's previous works all at once!

    This production represents a unique opportunity in Cambridge Theatre to perform on a floating punt stage on the River Cam in the beautiful surroundings of St John's College. What better way to celebrate May Week than in our very own Utopia...

    Entrance to St John's via Cripps Lane Porter's Lodge (off Northampton Street) - no parking available.


    King Paramount -
    Phantis -
    Tarara -
    Captain Fitzbattleaxe -
    Captain Corcoran -
    Mr Goldbury -
    Sir/Dame Bailey Barre -
    Kalyba -
    Lady Sophy -
    Melene -
    Councillor Blushington -
    Lord Dramaleigh -


    Production Team

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