The Deep Blue Sea
    By Terence Rattigan

    19:45, Tue 15th October 2019 - Sat 19th October 2019 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 1

    What is there beyond hope?

    In the sitting room of a dishevelled flat in post-war London, Hester Collyer is found by her neighbours in the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt. Slowly, the story of her tempestuous affair with an alcoholic RAF pilot and the breakdown of her marriage to a High Court judge begins to unravel. With it comes a portrait of a woman steeped in need, loneliness, and a long-repressed passion.

    Terence Rattigan’s masterpiece and one of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century, The Deep Blue Sea offers a close and unflinching look at the fragile veneer of social repression and the brutal sense of loss and longing that lingers just beneath.


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