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    20:30, Fri 25th December 2020 at Cam FM
    21:00, Sat 30th January 2021 - Sat 6th March 2021 at Cam FM
    Christmas Vacation to Lent Week 6

    Welcome to Tomorrow's News: the news tomorrow, today.

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    TOMORROW'S NEWS is looking for a CAST!

    Tomorrow’s News - a weekly, brand-spanking-new radio satire on CamFM - is looking for a core, recurring cast of actors to play the Swen News Team, bringing you the news tomorrow, today. DETAILS IN THE DOC BELOW!

      Contact,, before 20th Jan 2021 23:59 for more details.


      Bruno/ Perth Resident -
      Alex Thompson -
      Interviewer -
      Richard Hertz -
      William Golding -
      Jane Johnson -
      Rachel Green/ Rhodes -
      Randomer/Head of Remove Campaign -
      Rory Stevenson -
      Alex Moneypants -
      Weatherman -

      Production Team

      Producer -
      Publicity Designer/Studio Boss -
      Guest Editor/ Writer -
      Guest Editor/ Writer -
      Audio Editor -
      Music -