CUMTS Freshers Musical 2023: Beyond Today
By Roseanna Dunn

23:00, Wed 15th – Sat 18th November 2023 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 6

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t/w violence, homophobia

Beyond Today follows Aoife Burke, a young woman in 1990s Ireland, who dreams of a peaceful life. With a long-standing conflict plaguing Aoife’s hometown, she’s always stuck with her own family: that is, until she meets Molly O’Keele – the daughter of her family’s nemesis. The pair keep their connection a secret, but it’s not long until people find out and, with tensions already high, chaos quickly ensues. How will the families react? Will Aoife and Molly ever get to be together? And, most importantly, will Aoife be able to stop the fight before more people get hurt?

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We are looking for experienced prod team and tech team members to help our new freshers with the Freshers Musical: Beyond Today! The idea is you will be a point of contact in the process of getting the show together, and help them out in learning their way around the ADC and their particular role.

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