Producer/director roles and show applications


7:30pm, Wed 23rd May 2018 - Thu 24th May 2018, at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
Easter Week 4

Applications to Produce and Stage Manage

We are looking for passionate and committed students to help bring to life a near-unbelievable tale of art, love, murder and possession set during the 1850s and 60s. The following roles are available:

- Producer
- Stage Manager

Send me an email mentioning any prior experience (helpful, but in no way essential) and what interests you in the show - we encourage any thoughts about staging, set and publicity!

If you have questions about the play or the roles please feel free to drop me a message. The main thing I want to get across is that the roles are primarily based on organising venues, props and rehearsals, but I want to be able to open up a discussion if you were interested in the creative aspect as well!


Artist. Prisoner. Murderer. Genius.

Locked up in Bedlam asylum for the vicious murder of his father, Richard Dadd is a shell of a man who has abandoned his painting. The arrival of an ambitious doctor and a strange new patient called Jane lead him out of his silence and into a world of dreams, fairies and madness. Dadd begins to paint again – but what buried horrors could it awaken in his mind?

Based on the life of an extraordinary artist, Master-Stroke tells a story of art and obsession, of people caught in the most alienating and dehumanising of circumstances. It is a meeting of fantasy and reality at a time of changing perceptions of art, illness and gender, a story of possession by devils and other forces outside our control.

Deadline: Friday 27th April 12:00pm

Education, Education, Education

7:00pm, Tue 19th June 2018 - Sat 23rd June 2018, at Corpus Playroom
Easter May Week


The Corpus Week 8 Main Show is looking for an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR and a PRODUCER !

A few things to include in your application

Assitant directors:

- how you view the role of AD?
- why does this show interest you?
- any relevant experience (none necessary!)
- what makes you most nostalgic about school and/or the nineties? (if you are old enough to remember or imagine such a time)


- what interests you about this show?
- any initial ideas for publicity?
- any relevant experience (none necessary!)
- what makes you most nostalgic about school and/or the nineties? (if you are old enough to remember or imagine such a time)

if you have any questions about the show or the roles please feel free to drop me a message !!

Deadline: Friday 27th April 12:00pm

RAG Charity May Week Show - RAG

12:00am, Tue 19th June 2018 - Thu 21st June 2018, at tbc
Easter May Week

Application to Direct

☁️ Applications open to DIRECT RAG's first ever CHARITY MAY WEEK SHOW ☁️

We're looking for a director to apply to us with a show for this exciting project!

ALL of the show's profits will be going to RAG's 10 fantastic charities, so we're looking for fun, adventurous people to help us make the production as great as possible.

The show you pitch:
☁️ Must be OUT OF COPYRIGHT (think fun Renaissance plays, or e.g George Bernard Shaw, F Scott Fitzgerald etc)
☁️ Should have a LARGE CAST or have scope for CHORUS, MUSICIANS etc (we want to get as many people on board as possible!)
☁️ Can be suited to an INDOOR or OUTDOOR venue - we'll sort that side of it out!
☁️ Should be FLEXIBLE and CREATIVE - we're trying to do this on as low a budget as possible to make as much as we can for RAG's ten charities!

Have fun with it - we want to hear about a show you're passionate about and then make it come to life!

TO APPLY, email esgb2 and gfl23 explaining:
☁️ What show you want to do and why
☁️ Why this project excites you
☁️ Any ideas for incorporating the charity aspect of it
☁️ Anything else you think we should know

We look forward to hearing from you! :)

Deadline: Sunday 29th April 7:00pm

Julius Caesar - The Mighty Players

2:00pm, Tue 19th June 2018 - Thu 21st June 2018, at Selwyn gardens
Easter May Week

Application to PRODUCE

JULIUS CAESAR (Selwyn gardens, May Week) is looking for a PRODUCER

Caesar rules Rome, and the people adore him, but Caius Cassius is concerned that he has becomes too powerful, so convinces the honourable Marcus Brutus and others to conspire against him. 'Julius Caesar' captures a state in crisis in the aftermath of assassination; it remains one of Shakespeare's most powerful and relevant plays.

Please send an email application to Sarah (sat64) by Sunday 29th April detailing the following:

- what is it that excites you about this show?
- what makes you a good producer?
- what previous experience do you have? (not essential)
- have you got any ideas for publicity?
- are there any challenges you can foresee in staging a May Week show, and how will you overcome these?

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch:

Deadline: Sunday 29th April 11:59pm

Rights of Passage: Edinburgh Fringe - Pembroke Players

5:00pm, Mon 20th August 2018 - Sun 26th August 2018, at C royale (Upper theatre)
Summer Vacation

Applications to Assistant Direct and Choreograph

We're looking for an assistant director and a choreographer to help take 'Rights of Passage' to fringe! The play is about three LGBT asylum seekers and explores the problems they face in their home countries and when they arrive to the U.K. We're particularly encouraging BME and LGBT applicants.

To apply email by 30th April with why you're interested in the project and any experience you have (though none is necessary, just passion and creativity!).

Feel free to email if you have any questions! Look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Monday 30th April 12:00am

A Cat Walks By Itself

9:30pm, Mon 18th June 2018 at Corpus Playroom
Easter May Week

Applications to Direct

A Cat Walks By Itself (Corpus week 8 one-night-stand) is looking for a Director! The show is a performed collection of cat-related poetry, songs, excerpts from fiction, and more, from Pangur Bán to The Tyger, all gathered in an overarching parable.

Applicants should like cats enough that the idea of directing a show about cats with a cat on stage the whole time is appealing, but not so much that they spend the entire rehearsal period playing with the cat instead of working on the show.

Send questions and applications to, including why you want to work on the show and previous relevant experience where available, then after the deadline we’ll organise times to meet and interview you.

Deadline: Friday 4th May 11:30pm

Iolanthe - G&S

2:30pm, Mon 13th August 2018 at Harrogate Theatre
Summer Vacation

Applications to Produce

A troupe of Lords tangle with a swarm of mischievous fairies as they try to woo the much-desired Phyllis. However, Phyllis is in love with Strephon – half-fairy, half-mortal, a lowly shepherd and nephew of the Fairy Queen. When the pompous lords break up the happy couple, the fairies vow revenge. Installing one of their own, the hapless Strephon, in Parliament, they incite liberal rebellion. Frivolity ensues as lofty lords and feisty fairies collide in the ever bumpy road to love.

The CUG&S society is taking Iolanthe to the 25th international Gilbert and Sullivan festival in Harrogate in August (Show on 13th August) and we're looking for a Producer to get this show started!

Applications and enquiries should be sent to and will be considered on a rolling basis.

Deadline: Sunday 13th May 11:45pm