Producer/director roles and show applications

Becoming Jay - Pembroke Players

7:00pm, Tue 20th November 2018 - Sat 24th November 2018, at Pembroke New Cellars
Michaelmas Week 7

Applications to Produce and Assistant Direct

"Friday Night Dinner. Two Fish. One Chips. It's always the same..."

Becoming Jay is an experimental cycle of 4 new writing narratives, each chosen at random with the help of the audience nightly. Exploring issues including housing, identity, and self-love, Jay is an honest and exciting look at what it means to be LGBT and Homeless in 2018.

APPLICATIONS for Producer and Assistanr Direct the Pembroke Week 7 Main Show

For Producers pls include:

• Why you want to be involved with Becoming Jay
• What you would bring to the Production
• Any experience you might have (none necessary)
• How you envision working with the director/writer

For AD pls include:

• Your favourite piece of theatre you've seen in the last year
• Your favourite piece of new writing
• What you enjoy about directing
• What you will bring to the table in this production
• Any relevant experience (none necessary at all)

Please send all applications to deb44 and agh50

Deadline: Saturday 21st July 10:30pm


BATS Michaelmas Term Applications

BATS is opening funding applications for the use of Queens' Fitzpatrick Hall in Michaelmas Term!
With the option to chose between a black box space and a concert hall, the Fitzpat is one of Cambridge's most versatile spaces and a great opportunity to have your show seen by a large audience.

The Fitzpat will be undergoing renovations next term, so slots are limited to the 17th-21st of November (end of Week 6/start of Week 7). Please take this into consideration when applying. There may also be slots available for one night stands - send one of us an email for more details on this.

To apply, please send us a show application including information about the show, your ideas for staging, your publicity plan, any current production team members you have on board as well as a detailed budget.

Please send your applications to and

Deadline: Monday 23rd July 11:00pm

Revived Emmanuel Dramatic Society

Michaelmas Applications

Applications are now open for REDS funding in Michaelmas

REDS, Emmanuel College's Dramatic Society, is looking to work with and support a range of exciting shows in Michaelmas

Please send in a proposal including information about the show, current production team, ideas for staging, your publicity campaign and production design as well as a detailed budget.

REDS is looking to fund shows based on their artistic merit and not solely on possible financial success. So show us your vision!

Applications to Sammie and Rohan at

Deadline: Thursday 26th July 12:00pm

The Yeomen of the Guard - G&S

7:45pm, Thu 15th November 2018 - Sat 17th November 2018, Venue to be confirmed
Michaelmas Week 6

Applications for Producer

The Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society is opening applications to Produce our Michaelmas Show, The Yeomen of the Guard.
This opera is one of the duo’s darker works, but has a score which is the equal of the finest in the operatic world. We are particularly interested in applications from those who are newer to these roles. We are looking for exciting ideas and a willingness to throw yourself into the show, and are accepting applications before the deadline of the 1st June.
Please forward a written application to All applicants shall be invited to interview after the deadline.

Deadline: Wednesday 1st August 11:59pm

The Homecoming - Brickhouse

7:30pm, Wed 7th November 2018 - Sat 10th November 2018, at Robinson College Auditorium
Michaelmas Week 5


'They're very warm people, really. Very warm. They're my family. They're not ogres.'

The Homecoming is looking for a Producer and an Assistant Director to help bring Harold Pinter's classic about family, masculinity, and power to life. This thrilling play will be taking place in the brilliant venue of the Robinson Auditorium in Week 5 next term and should be a really interesting, relevant and exciting project to be involved with!

If you are interested, please email me ( with the following:

1) The role you are applying for
2) Why you want to be involved with this show
3) Any relevant experience (none necessary)
4) Especially for Assistant Directors, any ideas you have for the show
5) An experience you have had introducing a friend/partner to your family (optional)

Feel free to email with any questions and I look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Wednesday 8th August 12:00pm

True Stories - Pembroke Players

9:30pm, Thu 22nd November 2018 - Sat 24th November 2018, at Pembroke New Cellars
Michaelmas Week 7



True Stories is a brand-new Sketch Show, fighting the good fight against Fake News - Live from from Pembroke New Cellars!

We're looking for a Producer with journalistic integrity and an eye for fake news.
Feel free to include in your application;

- Your name (a good start)
- Why you're interested
- Any Relevant Experience/Enthusiasm
- Your own comedy interests
- If you were a news source, what kind of news source would you be?

Email by 10th August with your application, or for more information.

If you'd like to get involved/know more, but don't want to be a producer, email us!

Deadline: Friday 10th August 11:59pm

The Heywood Society

SHOW APPLICATIONS: Michaelmas 2019

Applications are open for Heywood Society show funding! We will fund anything if you can convince us and excite us. Especially interested in shows in which take artistic risks or are staged in unorthodox ways/places!

In your application please let us know:
•outline of the show
•draft budget
•publicity plans
•what relevant experience do you and your team have

Submit your applications via email to Will (wm290) . Of course, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to get in contact.

Deadline: Saturday 22nd September 5:00pm

Homerton Amateur Theatrical Society

Applications and Funding for Michaelmas 2018

HATS is officially open for applications at Homerton and for funding for any shows for Michelmas term. Please send us an application to detailing:

- the show you wish to put on
- why you are interested in putting this particular show on
- venue
- funding
- licensing details
- details of production team (if applicable)

Please include your contact details in your application including your email and mobile number.

Deadline: Sunday 30th September 12:00am

Pembroke Players

MICHAELMAS Term Applications

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN for Pembroke Players Lent Term Slots!

Got a show that you’d like to put on in the New Cellars? We are looking to put on mainshows and late shows in weeks 3, 5 and 7. PLEASE NOTE: THIS TERM WE ARE PUTTING ON A ‘QUEER SEASON’ — each main show will be a queer narrative and is encouraged to have a largely queer production team and cast, so make sure you’re applying with a queer narrative for main show slots!

Please apply via the form below, giving as much detail as you can.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: 14 June, 10pm.

Deadline: Wednesday 28th November 10:00pm