Producer/director roles and show applications

Footlights Presents: Human Resources - Footlights

11:00pm, Wed 23rd January 2019–Sat 26th January 2019, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 1

Application to Direct or Produce

Applications to Direct / Produce ‘Footlights Presents: Human Resources’, a sketch show exploring the mundaneness of office life!

Steve, have you stapled and sorted through that paperwork, because we need to file it by 4pm today, and I’m not staying late again because if I do I swear to god you don’t wanna know what –

Oh, hello, didn’t see you there, applications to direct and produce FOOTLIGHTS PRESENTS!


- Your ideas for the concept of the show (please get in touch if you wish for more information and more specific details about the show). You may think about staging, transitions or structuring a show with a narrative (etc, etc, etc).
- Your relevant experience.
- Why you want to be involved with this show.
- Your availability from now until the show (including Christmas holidays).
- Fuck, marry, kill: a pen, a ruler and a stapler – AND why.


- Your relevant experience.
- Any ideas for the show?
- Why you want to be involved with this show.
- Your availability from now until the show (including Christmas holidays).
- True or false: Avril Lavigne was replaced by a Look-Alike in 2003.

Please email your applications to by Thursday 15th November because why the friggin hell not! Lets party like its 89' and nibble on some snaccs over the christmas hols whilst we make a sexy show! Get applying ☺

Jamie xx

Deadline: Thursday 15th November 12:00pm

Footlights Stand-up Showcase 2019 - Footlights

11:00pm, Wed 6th February 2019–Sat 9th February 2019, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 3

Applications to produce

Join the team for the first FOOTLIGHTS STAND-UP SHOWCASE!

The Stand-up Showcase is an hour long show open to all graduating members of the Footlights (please note we have just established a much larger membership). Members will perform a short set of their best stand up which have been practiced and perfected with an experienced comedy director.

We need a dedicated producer to be part of launching what could become a regular fixture in the Footlights' calendar - apply now to help bring this brand new and exciting show to life!

Drop an email to Noah Geelan at - you may wish to include the following info in your application:
- Why you want to be involved
- Any relevant experience
- Your vision for the stand-up showcase

Deadline: Thursday 15th November 3:00pm

Legally Blonde - CUADC

7:45pm, Wed 13th March 2019–Sat 16th March 2019, at ADC Theatre
2:30pm, Sat 16th March 2019 at ADC Theatre
7:45pm, Mon 18th March 2019–Sat 23rd March 2019, at ADC Theatre
2:30pm, Thu 21st March 2019 at ADC Theatre
2:30pm, Sat 23rd March 2019 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 8 to Week 9


Legally Blonde, LTM 2019, are looking for some wonderful people to join our team!!

You will be working side-by-side with the Director to create the world and characters of this musical! Please help me not go crazy!

Your job will be to teach the music of the show to the cast; fix, rehearse, and conduct the band; work closely with the Director to bring this show to the stage!

You will be responsible to choreograph this show with its wide range of musical numbers from hip-hop to Irish Dance to tap! For the position of Choreographer you may apply alone or as a team.

For detailed information on applying for all roles see the show application back:

Provisional interview dates are set for Saturday 17th November or Sunday18th November but these may change. Please include your availability in your application and we'll give you as much notice as we can!

Deadline: Thursday 15th November 7:00pm

She Loves Me - CUMTS

7:45pm, Tue 5th February 2019–Sat 9th February 2019, at ADC Theatre
2:30pm, Sat 9th February 2019 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 3

Applications For Producer/Assistant Musical Director!

The Lent 2019 CUMTS Musical, She Loves Me, is looking for both a dedicated producer and assistant musical director!

Set in a 1930's Budapest parfumerie, She Loves Me is a hilarious, heart-warming and Olivier Award winning musical that follows the love lives of its various employees.

We are so excited to get started on this beautiful show and cannot wait to bring more people on board!


We are looking for a dedicated and organised person to help us manage a large show and bring it to life!
Please send an email to me (jlw79) briefly explaining:
1) Any relevant experience in producing (or relevant skills if you have never produced before)
2) What do you think the role will involve?
3) Why would you like to produce a musical/this show specifically?
4) What challenges do you think a musical will bring and how are you willing to cope with them?


We are after a lovely and talented AMD to work alongside the ace Laurence T-Stannard in managing a score full of everything from Christmas Carols to Samba to Arias. Please send an email to both me (jlw79) and Laurence (lt448) briefly explaining:
1) Any relevant experience (none is fine!)
2) What do you think the role/working alongside an MD will involve?
3) What instruments do you play?
4) What interests you about this show?

Deadline for applications is THURSDAY 15th NOVEMBER at 8PM!

Any questions feel free to email me!

Deadline: Thursday 15th November 8:00pm

Angels in America - Part One: Millennium Approaches

7:45pm, Tue 12th February 2019–Sat 16th February 2019, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 4

Applications to Produce/Assistant Direct

“Maybe we are free. To do whatever. Children of the new morning, criminal minds. Selfish and greedy and loveless and blind. Reagan's children. You're scared. So am I. Everybody is in the land of the free. God help us all.”

‘Angels in America’ is Tony Kushner’s Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning drama about the AIDS crisis in New York under the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Considering ideas of sexuality, betrayal, American identity and the supernatural, this piece of magical realist drama is a beautiful depiction of queer relationships, religion, and American politics.

- - - - - -

For Producers:

Send me a quick email registering your interest! All you need to say is why you’re interested in this show and any experience that may be relevant to producing an ambitious ADC main show. We will then meet up and have a quick chat!

For Assistant Directors:

Send me a quick email registering your interest! All you need to say is why you’re passionate about this show in particular and how you like to direct. We’ll then meet up and have a quick chat!

Email me on ❤️❤️❤️

Deadline: Thursday 15th November 11:00pm

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

7:45pm, Tue 19th February 2019–Sat 23rd February 2019, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 5

Assistant Director and Producer Applications

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency needs you!
Do you like magic? Or musical numbers? Or magic? Or Aliens? or quantum physics? Or the work of Coleridge? Or anything you can think of frankly, because this play probably has it.

The Holistic Detective Agency is looking for Assistant director and Producer to help bring this bonkers play to life. If you are interested in either of these roles shoot me an e-mail at

I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts on how you can make this show a success, so
-Tell me all about why you want to be involved in the particular role
-Any ideas you may have for the show (totally feel free to email me for more info on what it's about!)
-Any past experience you have in any kind of performance art, be it prod/tech team or performer (as everything will probably come up at some point) - but certainly no experience is necessary.
-Your favourite musical number and how you would help to stage it in the middle of a completely unrelated show.

I am above all else looking for passion and great ideas to solve the no doubt myriad of curious problems we will encounter on this wild journey together, in an entirely holistic fashion of course!

Deadline: Thursday 15th November 11:59pm

The War of the Worlds

11:00pm, Wed 27th February 2019–Sat 2nd March 2019, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 6

Applications to CO-DIRECT and PRODUCE

I am massively excited to be staging a performance of Jeff Wayne's iconic "The War of the Worlds" album, and I'm looking for some people to help. This show will involve live, costumed musicians, a large alien fighting machine shooting laser beams (yup), and lots of fake blood. Late show, big production.


I already have loads of ideas concerning how to bring this to the stage, but I need someone on board who has experience with the rehearsal process, blocking, and getting the most out of actors, to accompany my wild ideas about lights, sound and music.

Please send me a quick email ( by the 15th outlining why you'd like to co-direct this show - any theatre experience (it doesn't have to be directing), ideas about the production, and what you hope to bring to the show. We can then meet up for a chat after the deadline :)


This ambitious show is going to need an ambitious producer to keep things running smoothly. You'd get to work with a (hopefully) large production team working on some very ambitious ideas. Please send an email in the next week (by the 15th) to with some info on why you'd like to be involved, any experience, and what you hope to bring to this production, and we can meet up for a chat to discuss further :)

Deadline: Thursday 15th November 11:59pm

Atomic Jaya - CUADC

7:00pm, Tue 5th March 2019–Sat 9th March 2019, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 7


We are looking for passionate individuals with an interest in Southeast Asia and spreadsheets, BUT this will be a collaborative and fun process in spite of the spreadsheets.

Bombs, bombs, bombs! Mary has been recruited for a top-secret national project in Malaysia by the ambitious General Zulkifli. The mission: building Southeast Asia's first atomic bomb.

There is a catch: there is no legal way for them to obtain uranium. Join Mary as she collides with one wacky character after another, from a shady uranium smuggler to an army general with a Napoleon complex. This political satire takes on racial issues, national hubris, the tenuous relationship between the East and the West, and the post-colonial hangover.

To APPLY, please send an email to (Shameera) and (Jonathan), stating your reason(s) for applying and any prior experience, if applicable. (None necessary!)

Deadline: Friday 16th November 5:00pm


7:00pm, Tue 15th January 2019–Sat 19th January 2019, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 0

Applications to Produce

'Bastard' is a brand new one-man play from the writer of 'Spiders' (Tristan Bates Theatre, 'complex yet stunning' - The 730 Review) and 'STORMFACE' ('well-paced and compelling' - TCS), and we are looking for a Producer to come on board and help bring this funny, moving show to life!

The play follows Charlie, a young man who has just found out that the man he has called ‘Dad’ for 21 years is not his biological father. Charlie invites us into his world, taking us from HMP Brixton to Laser Quest, in a play about fatherhood, inheritance, and what to do when things get a little bit too big to handle.

To apply, please email Billie ( with some brief notes/ideas on the following:
1) Your previous experience/skills you think would make you well equipped.
2) Why you are interested in the show.
3) What you think the challenges will be of producing a show that is new writing, for one actor, in a Week 0 slot - and how you might tackle them.

Deadline: Friday 16th November 10:00pm

Di and Viv and Rose

7:00pm, Tue 12th February 2019–Sat 16th February 2019, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 4

Applications to PRODUCE !

We are looking for a creative, organised and hardworking PRODUCER!

We want to work closely with the producer believing them to be an integral part of the production team and not just a spreadsheet maker (although pls make spreadsheets because they are undoubtedly wonderful).

Please send us applications via email, to & by Friday 16th November, 10pm which might include:

- What interests you about this show
- How you would approach the role of producer
- Any initial plans for publicising the show
- Any previous experience (none needed!)
- Anything else that might be of interest!

Or if you’d rather, we can meet up for a wee chat!

If you have any questions or concerns contact Olivia Miller ( or Hannah Lyall ( by email or Facebook.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Deadline: Friday 16th November 10:00pm

Sex With A Stranger

9:30pm, Tue 15th January 2019–Sat 19th January 2019, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 0


Week 0 Corpus Late SEX WITH A STRANGER is on the hunt for a fabulous Producer and Assistant Director to help bring this lager fuelled black comedy to life!


‘You smell nice.’
‘Thanks. Yeah. It's Lynx. Africa.’

Written by former Footlight, and creator of the BAFTA winning sitcom Him & Her, Stefan Golaszewski's Sex With A Stranger is a bleak black comedy of love, lust, fear and denial - and the lives of those just about old enough to know better.


To apply for either role please send a brief email to me (Kim) at roughly outlining something along the lines of:

- Why you'd like to be involved
- How you see the role of Producer/Assistant Director
- Any relevant experience you have (although none at all is necessary!)

And/or anything else you'd like to add!

Any questions at all (about the play or the application) please don't hesitate to get in touch. I cannot wait to hear from you! xxx

NB As a Week 0 show this will involve the inevitable early return to Cambridge before the start of term. The exact date is tbc (see aforementioned need for Producer!) but please don't let accommodation worries put you off applying - I have a sofa and I am not afraid to use it <3

Deadline: Friday 16th November 11:00pm

Grave Concern - Fletcher Players

11:00pm, Wed 30th January 2019–Sat 2nd February 2019, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 2

Applications to DIRECT

***Applications to CO-DIRECT*** – Grave Concern – Week 2 ADC Late

I’m looking for a CO-DIRECTOR for this gritty, morbid, (hopefully) funny Northern Irish piece of madness.

A cloudy day in West Belfast. It’s Dennis’s funeral. Everything seems normal. The priest is drones on, the crowd half-heartedly pat their eyes with hankies. Then Uncle John orders an Indian takeaway (at eleven in the morning) and hijacks the sermon. There are only two remaining vacant graves in the family plot – and he will not miss out on one. Cue a morbid dogfight with vindaloos, Belgian girlfriends, and handbag-wielding octogenarians. This piece of new writing by Connor Rowlett treads the line between morbid farce and naked drama as it explores the lives of a Northern Irish family who just can’t seem to change the subject from death.

Given that the role advertised is CO-DIRECTOR, you will be working alongside yours truly in an equal capacity to get this boi up and running. I’m looking for someone creatively inclined, with a strong vision, and (ideally) a penchant for all things Northern Irish. You’ll also have a central role in shaping the script as we adapt and evolve with the production itself.
For all serious potential directors, I’d be ***more than happy*** to send you a copy of the script (in its current form) to peruse for yourself – just hit me up at
To apply, just send me an email (same address as above) with answers to the following questions:

- ‘Bout ye?
- What interests you about this show?
- How would you approach the role of director? What is your style?
- What is your experience as a director? (~experience is not a prerequisite, however!~)
- What are your ideas for staging this show at the ADC?

I would also /probably/ like to conduct a Skype interview with you afterwards, so please be aware of that!

And, ideally, if you could keep yourself relatively free on Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd, and Saturday 24th November during the day, that would be grand, as this is when we will be holding auditions (for which I’d love to have you there!) (but if you have a contact hour here and there that’s no bother)

Applications close on ***FRIDAY 16th NOVEMBER*** at midnight!

Best of luck!

Deadline: Friday 16th November 11:59pm

The Footlights International Tour Show 2019 - Footlights

7:45pm, Tue 11th June 2019–Sat 12th October 2019, Venue to be confirmed
Easter Week 7 to Michaelmas Week 0

Applications to tour manage


Applications are now OPEN to be the next Tour Managers! Fancy a little slice of Edinburgh and the U S of A?!!? Then this is the gig for you!

Check out the application pack here:

Deadline: Sunday 18th November 12:00pm

Footlights Spring Revue 2019 - Footlights

7:45pm, Tue 26th February 2019–Sat 2nd March 2019, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 6

Applications to direct and produce

The Footlights Spring Revue is a showcase of the talents of the graduating members of the Cambridge Footlights. Featuring sketch and monologue, this show aims to celebrate the very best material that the year’s Footlights have to offer. Any finalist members of the society are welcome to perform, but first we need a dedicated director and producer to make it all happen!

The key aim of this show is to showcase the very best that our members have to offer, without them being confined by framing devices. It will be a final chance for the graduating members to work together, and collaboration will be encouraged. We are keen to take on directors based on enthusiasm for and experience in comedy rather than a specific vision to frame the show. In the past, Spring Revue has regularly been hugely successful and often sells out an entire mainshow run, so this is a fantastic opportunity to take control of a big, exciting project.

To apply for these roles, drop an email to Noah Geelan at - you may wish to include the following info in your application:
- Why you want to be involved
- Any relevant experience
- Your vision for the spring revue

These roles are by no means limited to finalists! Anyone and everyone encouraged to apply.

Deadline: Sunday 18th November 3:00pm

Wild Honey

7:45pm, Tue 29th January 2019–Sat 2nd February 2019, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 2

Applications for Assistant Director, Assistant Producer and Musical Director/Composer

Wild Honey, Michael Frayn's tragi-comic adaptation of Chekhov's earliest work, is looking for a production team. We are looking for dedicated, enthusiastic people to help us bring this ambitious production to life!

Please apply with the following details:

• Initial ideas for the production (feel free to have a look at the production Pinterest board -
• How you envision the role
• Previous experience (none required)

To apply, or if you'd like any more information, email bk396 and ampt4.

'Charming, handsome, and with an opinion on everything, once upon a time Platonov seemed bound for greatness. Now he is a simple country schoolteacher and husband to a dutiful yet unimaginative wife. Arriving at the local estate one day for lunch with old friends, he is reunited with Sofya, a beautiful and recently married woman from his university days. Halfway between Hamlet and Don Juan, Platonov is desperate for a bit excitement and can't resist taking advantage of his one true gift: making himself utterly irresistible to women.

Adapted from Chekhov's untitled earliest complete work, which remained unperformed in his lifetime, Wild Honey is Michael Frayn's romp through the Russian countryside. A blending of the farcical and the tragic, this unique piece captures the combined absurdity and despair at the heart of Chekhov's scenario, creating the world of a gloriously bittersweet summer where none of the rules apply.'

Deadline: Monday 19th November 11:00pm

End of the Line

7:30pm, Thu 31st January 2019–Sat 2nd February 2019, at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
Lent Week 2


"London, 1969. A conscientious but mischievous phone-operator uses her specialist skills to avert the end of the network."

Looking for a Director and Assistant Producer to tell this massive story in a tiny telephone exchange studio.
The play is a claustrophobic farce set in a phone exchange that turns sour when the operator must connect the calls that lay off her peers around the country. And so she brings the fight back to the managers.

DIRECTORS please send your application to Will (wj262), answering some/all of these questions:
-- Why you want to be involved?
-- The play is set in 1969. Do you have ideas for directing actors in a period setting?
-- Any relevant experience?
-- The play features two meaty monologues into a 'silent' phone. How do you prefer to direct soliloquies?
-- Your availability in Weeks 7 and 8 and Lent weeks 1 and 2.
I'll reply ASAP to applications with the full script.

ASSISTANT PRODUCERS please send your application to Will (wj262), answering some/all of these questions:
-- Why you want to be involved?
-- The play features quite a few telephones and other props. Would you rather come for a shopping tour of charity shops / reclamation yards over Xmas; or sit in a cafe and buy it all online?
-- Calltime, when2meet, doodle-poll: snog, marry, avoid?
-- The play will budget for welfare. If you are given a Sainbury's allowance for the cast, which biscuits do you buy?


The last days of the manual telephone exchange. While the new automated switchboards are being installed across the nation, an operator resents connecting phone calls that are ending the careers of her colleagues. Never shy to a prank, Susan commits herself to take it further, using her skills of eavesdropping, rumour-spreading, and call-misdirection to save the present from the future. When the upgrades were only scheduled in Birmingham alone she was able divert and disrupt them; yet within days the threat starts to close in on London itself.

Unable to match the efficiency of the system, Susan must contend for the human side of the technological sector. Though she is up against an industry that prefers the superfast dreams of the visionaries, who promise instant connectivity and the removal of human error. Susan refuses to leave, in part to complete her employment, and in part to wait for the impossible return of a precious fellow operator.

Deadline: Tuesday 20th November 7:00pm

Hedda Gabler

7:45pm, Tue 5th March 2019–Sat 9th March 2019, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 7

Application to Produce and Assistant Direct Hedda Gabler

🔪🌹🕯️ HEDDA GABLER 🕯️🌹🔪

***** Week 7 ADC Main HEDDA GABLER is looking for an Assistant and Director and Producer *****

I'm looking for a creative, perceptive and passionate Assistant Director and an organised, diligent and committed Producer to bring this dark and twisted classic to devastating life!

To apply to ASSISTANT DIRECT please send me an application where you might be interested in answering these questions:

-If you were to direct a play yourself how would you describe your style of directing/what would you consider to be key?
- How do you see the role of AD and why might you be a good AD for this show?
-What are your favourite aspects of the play and do you have any initial ideas about putting it on- e.g staging, characterisation etc.
-And finally if you have any past experience (seriously none needed at all!)

To apply to PRODUCE please send me an application in which you might include:

-Why you’re interested in producing this show
-How you would approach the role of producer
-Any initial plans for publicising the show
-Any past experience

Please if you have any questions about the play, the production or anything really send them my way at (and please send applications to the same address)!!

For inspiration see current pinterest board below:

And here's some mood music while you look through:

Look forward to hearing from you soon.... xxx

Deadline: Wednesday 21st November 12:00pm

Conversations with Myself

9:30pm, Tue 5th March 2019–Sat 9th March 2019, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 7


Conversations with Myself is looking for a group of creative and driven individuals for PRODUCER, DIRECTORIAL and TECHNICAL roles. These positions will be tailored to the specific skill-sets and interests of the successful applicants. We will be operating in a small company format, so you are invited to apply to ONE or MORE of the following roles:
⁃ Assistant or Associate PRODUCER 🤹👑
⁃ Assistant or Associate DIRECTOR 🎬🎭
⁃ Creative Music Consultant 🎼🎶
⁃ Sound Designer 🎧 🔊
⁃ Lighting Designer 💡⚡
⁃ Set Designer 👨‍🏭 👩‍🏭
⁃ MASK Designer 🗿🎭
⁃ Props Manager 👨‍🎨 👩‍🎨
⁃ Photographer 📷
⁃ Videographer 🎥

The first-half of the show is SCRIPTED and is structured around the NEUTRAL MASK technique; the second-half of the show is DEVISED and works with CHARACTER MASKS. We are looking for imaginative team-players who will unite behind this special and aesthetically challenging show. Please tell why you are interested in applying; some of your relevant theatrical and/or creative experience; the way in which you envisage your role within this team format; what you feel you’ve got to offer; and what you feel you would want to learn. N.B This is a project we are considering taking to Fringe & touring internationally, but there is no obligation to commit to this.

Deadline : 22nd November (let us know if this will prove to be an issue)

Deadline: Thursday 22nd November 11:00pm

Brickhouse Theatre Company

Lent 2019 Show and Funding Applications


We are very excited to announce that you can now apply for ADC/Corpus FUNDING or to DIRECT a play or musical in the Robinson Auditorium in Lent 2019.

You can find all the relevant information as well as the application form via the link below, which will take you directly to our website. After the submission deadline, you may be invited to an interview with members of the Brickhouse Committee to discuss your show ideas further.

Please email if you have any questions about the application process but in the meantime, enjoy getting creative with your show ideas and submit them to us by the deadline of 12PM on Monday 26th November. We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Monday 26th November 12:00pm


Applications to direct/produce in Lent 2008

GODS welcomes applications for funding shows perfomed either in town (eg. the ADC, Corpus Playrooms), or at the Wolfson Theatre, Churchill.

The only requirement we ask is that the final production has some churchill involvement ie, cast members, production team members.

Please send your applications to lb704, or put a copy in Luke Baines' pigeonhole in Churchill College.

any questions should be put to the president, Luke Baines shardlow on lb704.

Deadline: Friday 31st May 12:00pm


7:00pm, Tue 12th March 2019–Sat 16th March 2019, at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 8

Applications to Assistant Direct

Yerma will never bear a child. The world cannot accept this, and nor can she. Turning to dark methods in her desperation, stigma and grief leads Yerma hurtling towards a tragic conclusion



Yerma, week 8 Corpus main is looking for an Assistant Director. This play is gonna be beautiful and we need someone as enthusiastic and passionate as we are to help bring it to life.

For inspiration about the show please see the pinterest board- the general vibe for the production is gonna be stripped-back, semi-modern, with some visual artistry, music, and physical theatre 😮😮😮, but if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask!

In your application please include:
-Why you want to be involved
-Any previous experience (NONE NECESSARY!!)
-Your vision for the role of AD and for the play
-Your favourite Spanish food

Please send to Isobel and Amara, ig346 and alm94- can't wait to hear from you!

Deadline: Friday 22nd November 12:00am