Producer/director roles and show applications


20:00, Sun 3rd March 2019 at ADC Theatre (Bar)
Lent Week 7

Applications to produce/project manage

We’re looking for a team of three or four passionate, enthusiastic and organised producers/project managers to help get CUADCs first every Raising And Giving (RAG) week off the ground!

This will involve brainstorming and organising fundraising events, as well as attracting people to them and marketing the events to ensure we get a good turn out and earn as much money as possible for the charities of our choice!
We’re looking for creative people with a passion for raising money, so producing experience isn’t directly necessary. There will also probably be a certain amount of actively running events yourself as well, so people with a performing background are also encouraged to apply!

For more info and to apply, please email and

Please include:

- Why you want to be involved
- Any relevant experience

Deadline: Monday 18th February 21:30

A Festival of New Writing 2019DDS

19:30, Thu 7th March 2019 - Sat 9th March 2019 at Howard Theatre, Downing College
Lent Week 7


DOWNING FESTIVAL OF NEW WRITING 2019 is looking for a BME Director to stage this brand new BME Narrative 'Rahma' by Zeyanna Yussuf!!!

We are looking for BME Director and 3 Black actresses to portray this touching tale!

This is a really sick opportunity to get involved in telling a story that is very rarely heard in Cambridge Theatre!!

If you are interested in either directing email pe271 or zy273 :))

Directors: if you could email with why you are interested in the project and any experience you may have (none is needed!) that would be great.

Hamida and Juweira are childhood friends who now live their lives for their children's futures. Both women are dealing with issues that they keep below the surface of their friendship. They are not the only one with secrets - Rahma, Hamida's daughter has some of her own. Rahma wants to be open with her mother, but it is from her that she learned how to leave things unsaid.

For more information about the festival, please contact us at

Deadline: Wednesday 20th February 23:59

Unexpected Item in the Bagging AreaCUMTS

19:30, Thu 1st August 2019 - Sat 31st August 2019 Venue to be confirmed
Summer Vacation


In August of 2019, ‘Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area’ (CUMTS Original Musical 2019) will grace the Edinburgh Fringe and we need an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR and CHOREOGRAPHER to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Take a look at our APPLICATION PACK for more specific info about the show and how to get involved:

you can also take a look at our pinterest board to get you in the supermarket-comedy-musical mood !

Please read the application pack carefully for details about applying for each role. The deadline for applications is 12pm on the 24th February

Applications should be sent to Isobel ( and Caroline (

This is going to be a big project, so any thoughts/questions/anxieties/fancy a chit-chat, absolutely don't hesitate get in contact with one/all of us. We can't wait to hear from you!

Deadline: Sunday 24th February 12:00

May Week Show ON PUNTS!!!G&S

13:00, Thu 20th June 2019 at On Punts on the Cam (St John's)
18:00, Thu 20th June 2019 at On Punts on the Cam (St John's)
Easter May Week

Show, Director, Producer, and Musical Director Applications

Applications are open for the CUG&S May Week show ***ON PUNTS!*** What will the show be? You decide!

This year we’re inviting you to apply with *any show* you’d love to see staged. It could be G&S. It could be something completely different. It could be an opera, a musical, non-musical theatre… All we ask for is an exciting concept that will work on punts.

You can apply as a director, or in a team which includes a director/producer/musical director or some similar combination if you wish. If you are applying in a team, your team must include a director. You will not be disadvantaged by applying on your own; if we appoint a director only, you may then open applications for an MD and producer at a later date. We can offer you help with this if you like.

If you are applying as a team, each team member should write their own section of the application, and these will be judged separately.

Applications should be sent to Adam Fyfe:

Here are some prompts for things you might talk about in your application. This is just to give you a starting point; you don’t have to write about everything we’ve mentioned here, and you can include other ideas too.

– Why have you chosen this show?
– Your ideas for the show
– Any relevant experience (none required!)
– What are the challenges of directing a show on punts?
– Feel free to include visual materials with your application if you would like to

Musical directors:
– What excites you about this show’s score? What are its challenges?
– Your ideas for the show
– How will you balance working with the orchestra, director and singers?
– Any relevant experience (none required!)

– How do you see the role of a producer?
– Your plans for the show
– Any relevant experience (none required!)
– Any strategies for publicising and/or encouraging people to get involved

Not sure where to start? Here are a few shows that you might like to consider:
Iolanthe: Fairies invade the House of Lords.
The Grand Duke: A theatrical conspiracy which hinges on a sausage roll.
Cox and Box: Two tenants unwittingly live in the same flat, one by day and one by night.
The Zoo: Two pairs of lovers are parted and reunited during a day at the zoo.

We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions, you can get in touch with Adam Fyfe at

Deadline: Sunday 24th February 19:00

Rickshaw Theatre Project 2019Rickshaw

07:00, Thu 15th August 2019 - Mon 30th September 2019 Venue to be confirmed
Summer Vacation


We’re looking for two dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to take on the responsibility of this year’s tour. This is an exciting opportunity to combine travel with valuable and rewarding volunteering opportunities in a trip entirely of your own making. The role requires liaising with our NGO contacts in India, selecting the students to participate, and running the logistics of the tour. You will also be able to choose any organisations want to work with or places to visit on the tour so can tailor the tour to whatever you want from the experience. We are accepting both individual and pair applications for the positions.

To apply, please send your application (no more than 2 A4 pages) to Phoebe and Mariam at with responses to the following:
- Why you’re interested in the role
- Your experience (literally none is necessary - Phoebe and I didn’t have any for the role)
- Any challenges you foresee and how you would deal with them
- What you think is important to look for in a team
- The soundtrack to your RTP 2019

Deadline: Wednesday 27th February, 11pm

We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Wednesday 27th February 23:00


Applications to direct/produce in Lent 2019

GODS welcomes applications for funding shows perfomed either in town (eg. the ADC, Corpus Playrooms), or at the Wolfson Theatre, Churchill.

The only requirement we ask is that the final production has some churchill involvement ie, cast members, production team members.

Please send your applications to lb704, or put a copy in Luke Baines' pigeonhole in Churchill College.

any questions should be put to the president, Luke Baines on lb704.

Deadline: Thursday 28th February 12:00