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One Degree UnderCam FM

20:00, Mon 14th October 2019 Venue to be confirmed
20:00, Mon 21st October 2019 Venue to be confirmed
20:00, Mon 28th October 2019 Venue to be confirmed
20:00, Mon 4th November 2019 Venue to be confirmed
20:00, Mon 11th November 2019 Venue to be confirmed
20:00, Mon 18th November 2019 Venue to be confirmed
20:00, Mon 25th November 2019 Venue to be confirmed
20:00, Mon 2nd December 2019 Venue to be confirmed
Michaelmas Week 1 to Week 8


The One Degree Under podcast is looking for scripts! The show is an anthology of mysteries set in and around various universities, and we'd love a few more writers to help contribute to our first series (coming out this Michaelmas). So, if you've got an idea, send us an application - we're happy to put on an episode about pretty much anything, as long as it's

  • got some sort of mystery/suspense/twist to it

  • based around uni life, whether that's at Cambridge university or anywhere else (in fact, we'd love some stories NOT set in Cambridge so we have a bit of variety!)

  • well-suited to radio specifically (given that it's audio-only, you could always work in some cool set piece like a scene set in a concert, or one without any dialogue, idk something like that??)

  • self-contained and no longer than 15 minutes

It can be funny, it can be sad, it can be absolutely terrifying - as long as it makes for good listening we'd love to hear about it! We'd like to see EITHER a plot synopsis (roughly two A4 pages long, but honestly we won't be too fussy if you go over that), OR a first draft if you're keen - either way, please email it to,, and by the 20th of July!

If you have any questions, please just drop our producer Sam a quick email ( and he'll get back to you asap!!

DEADLINE: 20th of July, 23:00

Deadline: Saturday 20th July 23:00

The SorcererCUGSS

19:45, Thu 6th February 2020 - Sat 8th February 2020 at West Road Concert Hall
14:00, Sat 8th February 2020 at West Road Concert Hall
Lent Week 3


Applications are now open to musical direct, assistant direct, assistant produce and choreograph THE SORCERER! This is a super exciting opportunity to get involved in one of the biggest shows of Lent Term!

For more information on the roles, and how to apply, take a look at our application pack:
Please note that the application deadline for Musical Director is 8th July, the rest of these roles have the later deadline of 29th July
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Isaac (director) & Anna (producer)

Deadline: Monday 29th July 17:00

Second Generation: INTEGRATED

23:00, Thu 28th November 2019 - Sat 30th November 2019 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 7

Assistant Direct

Second Generation: Integrated is looking for a committed, enthusiastic, and last but crucially not least, (self-identifying ethnic minority) assistant director to help us revive this incredible sketch show next Michaelmas!

This is all about the issues that come with being a POC immigrant of any generation, be that your parents insistence that ice cream vans are a government conspiracy (I sincerely hope this is an ethnic problem not just a me problem) or simply white people getting back on their BS TM .

Experience would be helpful, but if you haven’t done any comedy/ sketch writing/ editing before please don’t let that put you off!


  • Experience
  • Why Second Generation?
  • What excites you about the show?
  • Any major commitments during Michaelmas
  • Who would win in a fight- Eddie Murphy or Shah Rukh Khan?

(24 marks)

Deadline: 30th July 2019

any questions, please feel free to email on or message me on facebook!

Deadline: Tuesday 30th July 00:00


19:45, Thu 14th November 2019 - Sat 16th November 2019 at Robinson College Auditorium
Michaelmas Week 5

Application to Musical Direct, Assistant Direct, Assistant Produce and Choreograph

Applications to Musical Direct

Patience seeks an enthusiastic, committed Musical Director to bring this show to life! The Musical Director will be responsible for the musical aspects of the show, including assessing auditions, recruiting the orchestra, leading all musical rehearsals, and conducting the show, as well as making creative decisions concerning the music of the show (in addition to the octave-blind casting specified below).

The Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society is excited to bring one of Gilbert and Sullivan's finest works to life for our Michaelmas show. This show slot is an excellent opportunity for newer MDs or those who have not been involved in a G&S show before to take charge of a show, and we encourage production teams to similarly seek out performers who are new to the style, especially for principal roles.

Patience is a frothy musical romp, combining a sparkling score by Sullivan and a delightful gallery of Gilbertian characters. The original Patience, or Bunthorne's Bride, satirises the aesthetic craze of the 1870's and '80s, when the output of poets, composers, painters and designers of all kinds seemed to some rather empty and self-indulgent. Our 2019 production relocates this operetta in the 21st century, trading rival poets for rival hipsters, and the useless dragoons for an equally hopeless university sports team.

In this production, all the parts will be cast octave-blind (actors audition either singing at the original pitch or an octave up/down, to fit their vocal range). Cici, the Director, is himself a music student and has analysed the score to ensure this will work; he is happy to help you, the MD, to make the necessary alterations, and we can put you in touch with him if you’d like to discuss this aspect of the show.

Please include in your application:

– What excites you about this show’s score? What are its challenges?
– Any relevant experience you have
– How will you work with the cast, orchestra and other production team members?
– Any ideas you have for the show, particularly if you have any new ideas for the music in a modern setting
– How will you approach octave-blind casting?

Applications for MD to be sent to the committee ( by 6pm on Sunday 28th July. Feel free to get in touch with any questions!

Applications to Assistant Direct, Choreograph and Assistant Produce

About the show:
Bunthorne is a poet, hipster and Instagram influencer whose name looms large on campus. Everybody worships both his poetry and his person – everybody except Patience, the one person Bunthorne loves, apart from himself. Patience runs the campus cafe and cares nothing for poetry, to Bunthorne’s dismay. But when the beautiful Grosvenor appears on the scene, things are about to be turned on their heads: will Bunthorne’s fame endure a rival? Our updated ‘Patience’ brings Gilbert’s parody of aestheticism (think Oscar Wilde) triumphantly into the 21st century: there’s an array of hipsters and footballers, queer and trans characters, and octave-blind casting, which means all performers will have the chance to sing some of Sullivan’s catchiest tunes.

Assistant Director:
The AD would support the Director during big chorus scenes, and also have control over blocking and rehearsing a few scenes. You’d have pretty free rein within the consistent mood and characterisation of the show, and the Director would often consult with you over the direction of the rehearsal, or the show in general. If you’d like, you could also apply to choreograph, to have even more creative input, but we’re also happy to appoint separate people. Please include in your application:
– Any relevant experience you have (none required!)
– How do you see the role of an AD
– Any ideas you have for the show
– What’s your favourite scene from Patience and why?

We’re looking to recruit a Choreographer for dances and movement. The characters are university students and we want them to be dancing like they’re enjoying themselves! We also want choreography that is responsive to the cast’s strengths and weaknesses. Big chorus numbers like the Act I finale will be all over to you, and if you can get some of the actors to floss we would possibly die of happiness. If you’d like, you could also apply to Assistant Direct, to have even more creative input, but we’re also happy to appoint separate people. Please include in your application:
– Any relevant experience you have (none required!)
– If you have any experience with lifts and dance safety we’d love to hear about that
– Any ideas you have for the show
– What’s the most hipster dance move? And the most jock-ish dance move?

Assistant Producer:
We’re looking for an Assistant Producer who’ll help us make the show a success and share some of the Producer’s work. This will be a fairly chill role and you can take on whichever aspects of producing you’re most keen to be involved with! If you’re comfortable to do it, we’d also love an AP who’ll function as a welfare rep for the cast and make sure everyone’s having a great time! Please include in your application:
– Any relevant experience you have (none required!)
– How do you see the role of an assistant producer?
– Any areas you’d be particularly keen to be involved in.

Applications for AD, Choreographer and AP to be sent to Coral, by 6pm on 31st July. Feel free to get in touch with any questions!

Deadline: Wednesday 31st July 18:00

The Dryden Society


The Dryden Society is on the lookout for new and exciting shows to fund for Michaelmas 2019 - the more creative, the better!

Please apply with:

  1. A brief synopsis of the play
  2. Your ideas for staging the play
  3. A budget outline with revenue estimates
  4. Details of your cast and crew (including Trinity involvement - please be aware that this is essential for funding from The Dryden Society)

Please send applications and/or any questions to We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Tuesday 8th October 00:00