Producer/director roles and show applications

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As zoom seems to be the solution to everything this week, we thought we'd give it a go too! Instead of a traditional Shakespeare in the gardens, we want to put on a show livestreamed with actors in different locations, which we'll broadcast in the week after any assessments (whenever they turn out to be, @StephenToope make your mind up), most likely to be normal May week or the week after (tbd).


  • What show you'd like to do
    (can be an existing, adapted idea from a show that's been cancelled due to the death of Easter term, or something completely new :o :o any genre/style is welcome)
  • How you plan to utilize technology to enhance the performance
  • What platform/streaming service you would use and how this is accessible
  • Team members on board
  • Budget

Due to the change in format, the new deadline for applications will be next FRIDAY, 3RD APRIL.

Any questions and applications to

Deadline: Friday 3rd April 23:59

Club Night

21:30, Mon 4th May 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Easter Week 2


Directors & Assistant Directors please include in your applications:
Details of any relevant experience you have
Your availability from the beginning of term up to the performance date (and when you are planning on returning to Cam after the holidays)
Any ideas you have for the show - staging, playing with f r a m e w o r k s ¡ , how you would go about capitalising on this fun fun format
why you'd like to be involved
You're a DJ - what's your name and what is ur final song (and do you take requests??)
And for all the Producers...
Details of any relevant experience you have
Your availability from the beginning of term up to the performance date (and when you are planning on returning to Cam after the holidays)
why you'd like to be involved in the show show show case of u R g E sss
are you a) a club or b) a night or c) a club night but during the day or d) Dolly Parton's #1 fan

(Also welcoming applications to be Script Editors - submit application based on Qs for Directors!)

Please send your applications (or any questions) to

Deadline: Tuesday 7th April 23:59

TAWUSAN: Read-through

18:00, Tue 30th June 2020 at Online Venue
Summer Vacation

Applications to direct and assistant direct

Attention to all bored BAME theatre lovers who are craving something to do in the summer vacation:
TAWUSAN is a show about a group of indigenous Buryat Mongolians and the ways in which they are impacted by the Cultural Revolution in Inner Mongolia. Based loosely on the story of the writer's family, TAWUSAN traces the impact of the revolution on these individuals and how it haunts them as they enter the new millennium. TAWUSAN is a visceral, vibrant and violent exploration of what it means to be part of such a vilified community that continues to be deprived of their rights and dignity. This idea is particularly pertinent to the writer's own experience, considering that she only recently discovered how rooted her family history is in violence and bloodshed.
A read through will be performed to test out how people respond to the intensity of the play's themes, whether the audience understands the complex and specific historical contexts informing the script, and whether this kind of play is tenable as a performance piece in the first place.

I am looking for a group of three directors and assistant directors - no experience is necessary, and it will be a fairly relaxed and low commitment role perfect for anyone new to Cambridge theatre, as long as you have access to facetime or any other messaging device! Once we settle on a date (preferably June or even May), we can perform the read through via an online platform and collect people's thoughts and feedback afterwards. If you are interested in participating in this read through, which will hopefully lead to a live performance in Cambridge at some point, then please contact me at or message me for more details.

Content Warning: the history of the Mongolian people in Inner Mongolia is one of prolonged and horrific suffering. Please be aware that the script won't be shying away from depicting these acts of atrocities, so bear that in mind when applying for these roles.

Deadline: Monday 20th April 00:00

The Understudy

21:30, Tue 10th November 2020 - Sat 14th November 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Michaelmas Week 5

**Applications to assistant direct, produce**

I am looking for an enthusiastic and experienced team that can bring my show to life in the intimacy of the Corpus Playroom! Please read on if you have a love of the Macabre and think intermittently about unanswered questions in life.

I have written a very dark dramatic piece called The Understudy and I am looking for people who have experience in directing smaller casts, who can work with people on a personal level, and who can bring out difficult themes in an interesting and nuanced way. The people involved will need to be able to handle sensitive and challenging material, which cannot be avoided in this play, and will need to have an idea of how to showcase the complexities on stage in a way that will engage the audience and the actors involved. The Understudy is especially demanding because it is set in one continuous location with only two actors involved, so it is important that the people involved can be creative with this material and make the most of its quirks.

Assistant director
I am looking for someone who:

  • Has previous experience directing smaller groups of people. This play involves two actors, so I am looking for someone who can work to draw out the complexities and personalities of each character and how this fits in with the broader themes of the play.
  • Has previous experience in directing difficult and thought-provoking pieces of theatre.
  • Has previous experience with physical theatre and movement - this isn't a heavily stylised show, but there are moments when the actors change into different characters and this contrast needs to be heavily drawn out.
    Please do tell me what interested you in this play in the first place, why you'd like to direct it and why you think you would be suitable for the role. Also tell me any commitments you foresee for Easter term (e.g. others plays, exams).

Producer: I am looking for someone who has experience in producing shows at Cambridge and elsewhere, even if this was for relatively small productions. I would love to know about your previous theatre experience, previous production experience, any commitments you may have next term (e.g. exams, other plays you are working on), and any previous experiences of leadership or responsibility.

Content Note: The play deals with themes of sexual abuse, incest, and violence, and also contains a couple of racial slurs. Please bear this in mind when applying because these themes really are integral to the play and it is important that the directors are comfortable with handling this material.

Please contact me by the 14th March 2020 (I can be fairly lenient with the deadline but I would preferably like to get the ball rolling on this production and meet the crew asap!) if interested in applying for any of these roles. If you would like more information about the play, please feel free to check out the camdram page or my facebook theatre post. My email is I look forward to reading your applications!

Deadline: Thursday 30th April 00:00