Producer/director roles and show applications

Footlights Presents: ThinkTank

23:00, Wed 22nd January 2020 - Sat 25th January 2020 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 1


Applications to Direct (or Associate Direct)/ Produce ‘Footlights Presents: ThinkTank’, a sketch show following the alter egos that live within your brain; playing out the imagined scenarios, the random unfiltered thoughts and the kooky characters that exist there!
“Did someone put out the bins? And feed the fish?
I’m cosplaying as my ex today. I’m wearing Entitlement, it’s an Urban Outfitters collab.
Hoover or Who-ver?
But seriously – did someone put out the bins? And feed the fish?”
Wowzers, it’s the aquarium of your mind! A fish-eye lens on your brain! Dive into the ThinkTank where thoughts swim about like little fishies!
Calling all applicants from near, far and deep to dive into directing or producing this year’s Footlights Presents!


  • Any ideas you have for developing the concept of the show (if you would like any more details please let me know and I shall happily oblige). E.g. how you might stage it, thinking about structuring a narrative, transitions etc.
  • Why you’d like to be involved with this show.
  • Your relevant experience
  • Your availability from now until the show (Week 1) – including those tasty Christmas sprinkledays
  • If your thoughts truly were fishies, what kind of fishie would they be and how powerful would their aura be?


  • Your relevant experience.
  • If you have any fun ideas for the show (?)
  • Why you’d like to be involved.
  • Your availability from now until the show – including Christmas holidays
  • Poll: are you more of a Backstreet Boy or a Spice Girl or OTHER?

Pls send your applications to by Thursday 21st November otherwise I’ll have to tell you about the really long Icelandic word about finding a key for a hut near a pond that Mr Haldorssen taught me in Year 12 instead of Russian Revolution.
Let’s have a silly one together?! Yeah?!
LOL (lots of love), Agnelle

Deadline: Thursday 21st November 00:00

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

19:45, Tue 28th January 2020 - Sat 1st February 2020 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 2

**Applications to Assistant Direct/Assistant Produce !!!**

"In fact, this is my soul leaking over the floor here, soot itself. I'm going to scoop handfuls up and spread it over you. Your head, you see, was the match head to this."

Funny, brutal, beautiful and sad, Jim Cartwright’s timeless and ultimately uplifting tale is a comic tragedy about finding your voice in a noisy world.

Please see our application pack below and submit your applications to Georgie and Becca at and before midday on Thursday 21st November. Any other questions just give us a bell. We can't wait to hear from you!

Deadline: Thursday 21st November 12:00

My Fair LadyCUMTS

19:45, Tue 4th February 2020 - Sat 8th February 2020 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 3


MY FAIR LADY is opening applications for Co-Producer, Musical Director, Assistant Director and Assistant Producer for the Week 3 Lent term Musical (ADC Mainshow)

CUMTs are bringing this classic musical like you’ve never seen it before to the ADC stage - and we would love for you to join our team !!

Applications open for:

  • Musical Director

  • Co-Producer

We are ideally looking for someone that has a good understanding of the ADC and/or musicals in Cambridge!

  • Assistant Producer
  • Assistant Director

Please email and direct any questions to by Wed 20th Nov with the following:

  1. Why you are excited about being involved in this production.
  2. Your relevant experience to the role, including any particular strengths.
  3. Your availability for the rest of term and 0th>3rd week of Lent.

We look forward to reading your applications!

Deadline: Friday 22nd November 16:00

SALOME – Soma Theatre

19:00, Tue 28th January 2020 - Sat 1st February 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 2




We’re looking for a wonderful producer to help us bring this play to life! Absolutely no experience is required (the lovely Russell will be there to guide you through the process). We just want someone as excited about this show as we all are!

We would particularly like to encourage LGBT+ applicants to apply, though obviously this isn’t a necessary condition!

Some questions that might be helpful for you to consider in your applications:

  • What attracts you to this play and/or what attracts you to this particular production?
  • What do you see the role of Producer being responsible for? What would you like it to do for you?
  • Any initial ideas you may have/ flashes of divine inspiration.
  • Any relevant experience!
  • Your availability (this term and next).

Assistant Directors

We’re looking for an assistant director who really vibes with all things aesthetically rich and queer. We would particularly like to encourage LBGT+ applicants to apply!

Some things we’d like you to include in your applications:

  • What attracts you to this play and/or what attracts you to this particular production?
  • What does ‘Queer theatre’ mean to you?
  • Any relevant experience (none necessary! Looking for ENTHUSIASM and PASSION in whatever form you care to express it)
  • Your availability (this term and next)
  • How you feel about the moon? (optional)

Send any and all applications to me, Olly, at by 11.59PM on Friday the 22nd of November. Looking forward to hearing from you !!

Deadline: Friday 22nd November 23:59

The Waves

19:45, Tue 25th February 2020 - Sat 29th February 2020 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 6

Applications to assistant direct and produce THE WAVES

This production will aim to be as innovative and fluid as the Virginia Woolf novel upon which it is based - high aspirations! I envision a show that is lyrical and dynamic, with moving sets and multimedia, and I'm looking for creative and enthusiastic people to make it happen!


I need your help! I'm looking for a committed and capable producer who can guide me through the process of putting on a production at the ADC, and help make my ambitious concept a reality. I am very excited, willing to get stuck in with all aspects of the production, and have quite a clear idea of what I want from this play; alas, what I have in enthusiasm I lack in practical knowledge. That's why you will need to be practical, efficient and dedicated to take on this role. (ADC experience preferred).

Assistant Director
I am looking for a confident AD to collaborate with me every step of the way to bring this amazing novel to the stage! Ideally, you'll be as in love with this novel as I am, and as excited to create a dynamic and innovative production. You'll need to be committed, organised, and have a keen eye.


Please send applications to before the 23rd November detailing the following:

  • what interests you about this production
  • any challenges you can foresee and how you would overcome these
  • any experience you have which would be relevant to the role

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please do get in touch!

Deadline: Friday 22nd November 23:59

God's Property

19:00, Tue 11th February 2020 - Sat 15th February 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 4

**Application to Produce OR Assistant Direct**

Last performed by Talawa Theatre Company (the UK's primary black led touring theatre company) at the Soho Theatre, Arinze Kene's 'God's Property' confronts the issue of race by looking at the relationship of two mixed-race brothers - one of which has denied his Nigerian heritage and become a skinhead.

In your application please outline any previous experience as well as more specific bulletpoints as outlined below:

Producer - What interests you about this production? Given the themes of this show, do you have any ideas about how you could encourage a more racially diverse audience to come and see this show? What do you see the role of the producer to be? What skills make you particularly suited to producing shows? Do you have any other commitments next term?

Assistant Director - What interests you about this production? How will you approach the themes explored in this play? What do you see the role of assistant director to be? What skills make you particularly suited to assistant directing shows? Do you have any other commitments next term?

Please email applications to by the 23rd of November.

Deadline: Saturday 23rd November 00:00

Iphigenia in Splott

21:30, Tue 28th January 2020 - Sat 1st February 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 2

Applications to Produce

IPHIGENIA IN SPLOTT needs a PRODUCER!!! This is an exciting, important 1 woman show being put on in the Corpus Playroom, a Welsh parable of love, loss and sacrifice.

In your application, please include:

  • Why you'd like to produce this play
  • Any experience you have (none necessary!)
  • Availability from now until week 2 of Lent

Send applications to, and any questions or queries can be sent there, or dmed to me (Ben Vince)!

Applications close midnight 23rd November! Can't wait to hear from you all xoxo

Deadline: Saturday 23rd November 23:59

Julius CaesarCUADC

19:00, Tue 4th February 2020 - Sat 8th February 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 3


We are looking for a hard-working, dedicated theatre producer who is highly resourceful and organised. Any experience level is welcome! If you’re excited about facilitating dynamic, thrilling drama then this role may be for you.

Please email and with a response to the following questions.

What do you think comes under the role of producer in a production like ours?
Why do you want to apply for this show?
What is the most important factor in the process of creating theatre at University?

Applications close: 11pm, Sunday 24th November

Deadline: Sunday 24th November 23:00

Cymbeline: The Musical

23:00, Wed 26th February 2020 - Sat 29th February 2020 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 6

Applications for a Musical Director, Assistant Director and Producer

This upbeat, mischievous new musical strips back Shakespeare’s super-weird play to seventy minutes of rollicking fun. From the poignant duets of our separated lovers to the sassy anthems of the rebellious Imogen; from the intensely creepy night-time crooning of Jachimo to the vengeful hip-hop of the jealous Posthumus – this new student-written show has it all.

What doesn’t it have? A first-rate musical director, assistant director and producer. In other words… you?

We’re inviting applications from anyone – no experience necessary – and we’re aiming to keep the commitment as moderate as possible, though naturally these three are fairly involved roles.

You can hear some of the tunes (recorded extremely roughly!) on Soundcloud - - and if you’ve got any other questions you’re warmly invited to email Joe on

Please ping over an email (it doesn’t have to be long or detailed) explaining:

  • Any relevant experience you’ve got (none necessary!!)
  • Why you’re attracted to Cymbeline: The Musical, or why you think you’d be a good fit.
  • Your all-time favourite musical

Fire it over to before 23:59 on Sunday November 24th.

Musical Director – A key part of the team – we need someone musically skillful to turn the slightly scruffy piano score into a smooth and scrumptious score for potentially a small band (band size yet to be determined) and then oversee the song-y side of things in general – there’s scope for having a lot of fun with it!

Assistant Director – A juicy creative role, working closely with the director and the whole cast and crew to transform the script and score into something unforgettable on stage.

Producer – A critical and tasty role, mainly concerned with publicising the show, devising strategy, and overseeing the production team – but with the freedom to offer as much creative input as you’d like.

Deadline: Sunday 24th November 23:59


21:30, Tue 21st January 2020 - Sat 25th January 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 1

Assistant Direct or Produce!

“The internet had always been a glitch in the fabric of reality; a shivering, white-hot portal where you could be everywhere and nowhere, all at once. But suddenly it seemed more like a vortex, or a black hole…”

Alarmed by the culture of surveillance shaping the virtual world, five young people conspire to delete their digital traces forever. Searching through the archives of a secluded medieval church, two historians encounter a mysterious network of tunnels. CTRL-Z explores memory and mysticism in the Information Age, asking what it means to disappear in a world obsessed with preservation.

For more information see the Application Pack.

Take a look at our Pinterest for the aesthetic.

Assistant Director

We’re looking for a passionate & curious assistant director! The role will involve focusing on characterisation and devising movement (no experience of physical theatre required, only creative thinking).

In your application please include:

  • why you want to be involved
  • what you think the benefits and limitations of working with student writing are
  • what you feel the role of an assistant director is, and what you would like that to entail here
  • any relevant experience (none necessary)
  • if you could have a hologram of anyone beamed into your room, who would it be and what chats would you have?


We’re looking for an enthusiastic and organised producer! The role will primarily involve running the publicity campaign and managing the production team.

In your application please include:

  • why you want to be involved
  • what you think the benefits and limitations of working with student writing are
  • what your marketing strategies might be, as this show is week 1
  • any relevant experience (none necessary)
  • if you could have a hologram of anyone beamed into your room, who would it be and what chats would you have?

Please email your applications to Izzy (ic360) and Georgie (gn293) by 11:59pm on Sunday 24th November - we can’t wait to hear from you!

Deadline: Sunday 24th November 23:59

CUMTS Gala Night 2020CUMTS

23:00, Sat 22nd February 2020 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 5

Applications for Casting Consultant/Associate Director and PRODUCER

The casting consultant/associate director for Gala 2020 (Saturday 22nd February 2020) will help bring a fresh, outside perspective to two key stages in the process of putting on the show. They will firstly act as a casting consultant and will be required to work alongside the musical director to audition and appoint an assistant director/lead choreographer for the show and will then sit on the general audition panel (with the MD and chosen AD/lead choreographer) to select the remaining Gala 2020 performers, as well as the performers for The 24 Hour Musical. They will then be required to attend the last few rehearsals leading up to the show as an associate director to highlight final tweaks that could be made to make Gala 2020 the most polished it can be!
Please note, this role is to be filled by somebody who will not be a performer in Gala or involved in the show in any other capacity.
To apply, please email your answers to the following questions to
• Why are you interested in applying for the role of casting consultant/associate director?
• In what ways are you suitable for the role?
• What (if any!) issues do you foresee arising during the casting process, and how do you plan to solve them?
• How do you intend to carry out your role as associate director later on in the Gala process? – e.g. your relationship with the cast and other creatives; what you will look out for in the show; how you will work with the team to make the final tweaks
• What relevant previous experience do you have?
• What is your availability on Weds/Thurs/Fri/Sat next week (20th-23rd November)?
Deadline: 19/11/2019 23:59

CUMTS’ flagship show is looking for an excellent producer to come and board and help out with lots of producy thing! The producer would be responsible for putting together the tech team, being a welfare point of contact for many people on the show and generally making things run smoothly.

Please send me an email at with some answers to the following questions if you’d like to apply:

Why you want to produce Gala
Your experience in producing (it's okay if very little!)
How you envisage your role working alongside MD/Director and AD/Head Choreographer
Any creative ideas you have for the show (e.g. publicity/accessibility etc.)
Your ideas for making welfare an active component of the rehearsal and production process�
N.B. This is solely a prod team role. If you wish, you could also audition to be in the cast of Gala, but that would not be guaranteed or directly affiliated with your role as producer.
Deadline 24/11/19 23:59

Deadline: Sunday 24th November 23:59

Pan Island Expressway (PIE)

19:00, Tue 25th February 2020 - Sat 29th February 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 6

Applications open for Co-Director, Assistant Director and Assistant Producer

All the information you would ever need:

All applications should be sent to Saad (mss74), Arthur (hmt48), Jiayu (jq246), and Eugene (gec44) by 25th Nov, 11.59pm. If you’re interested in being a part of the production but don’t have the time to finish an application, just let us know you’re interested via email first - we can sort things out from there!

After you have sent in your application, please fill in this Doodle form too so we can find a time to have a chat with you:

If you have any questions about the play or the roles, feel free to direct them to any/all of the people listed above, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Direct this thing with me please, I’ve looked at too many expressway gifs - Saad, 9.51pm, 17/11/2019

The Co-Director will work with Saad (mss74) and the AD to figure out how to bring the script to the stage. There are many ways we can divide the work but we have to stress that this role entails a good deal of commitment. Things that we’ll have to reckon with are: Do the actors ever leave the stage? How do we get around potential concerns about the datedness of the script? How can we bring out the story around the political message? It’s fine if you have no ideas about this at this point - but if you’re applying for this role, we highly suggest asking for a copy of the script in your application and skim through it before we meet to chat. While no Cambridge theatre experience is required, it’d be a huge help if you done some theatre-y/drama/acting type thing before!

Nevertheless, if you’re keen even without any prior experience, we’re more than happy to chat :)

Assistant Director

Assistant directing is a great way to get involved in directing. The actual job varies from AD to AD, but it can include scheduling rehearsals, running some rehearsals, keeping the production team informed about changes affecting set/light/sound/costume design and so on. It really does not matter if you’ve never directed anything before because we are very much eager for PIE to be a learning show. If you’re experienced and want to AD, then we’re also super excited to hear from you.

Assistant Producer (and/or Publicist)

This assistant producer role is wide-ranging and ideal for anyone new to theatre (or Cambridge theatre). As assistant producer, you will be working with the producers to manage the production at a ‘macro’-level - this includes budgeting, scheduling meetings and rehearsals, strategizing about publicity, coordinating between team members on costume/set/lighting/sound, and ensuring the team’s well-being. We’re also hoping to programme other events in the run-up to the show that explores themes in the play (e.g. on Singaporean history), and we’re happy to hear if/how you’ll like to be involved in this.

We are especially keen to have someone enthusiastic about or experienced in marketing - no design skills needed (that’s for the publicity designer), but creativity and an ability to envision how best to promote our show would be useful. If marketing is not your thing, however, please don’t be deterred - producing is a flexible role. Whether you are a people person, a brilliant organizer, or a spreadsheet enthusiast, we’re happy to hear about your interests and skills, and how you think this role can be shaped to suit you.

Deadline: Monday 25th November 23:59

Life With You

20:00, Wed 12th February 2020 - Sat 15th February 2020 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
Lent Week 4

Life With You- Producer and Assistant Director Applications

Life With You, a beautiful new piece of student-written musical theatre is on the lookout for an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR and a PRODUCER

Please send your applications to or by midnight on the 26th of November

We're looking for an angel to bring this production together.You will be working closely with Charlotte, Georgia and production team, and will be our guiding light throughout the process. Because this is a Larkum show with a relatively small cast, there will be lots of support made available to you, so any level of experience is welcome! This show will have a heavy focus on Welfare, so you will be expected to play a role in ensuring this.
In your email please include:
-Why you want to be involved in Life With You
-How you envision your role in the production
-Any relevant experience
-Any ideas for publicity and production
-Your favourite musical 😉

Char and Georgia are looking for a new friend and colleague to help us bring this wonderful show to the stage. Your role will entail working closely with us in the rehearsal process, giving notes and taking part in discussions regarding the shows characters and themes.
At one point in the show, a character becomes a wheelchair-user due to health complications. In an effort to increase non-ablenormative narratives in Cambridge theatre, and deliver this character truthfully and from an educated viewpoint, we are looking specifically for someone who can provide insight and knowledge from the perspective of the disabled community. For this reason, we will only be accepting applications from individuals who identify as having a disability. We recognise the spectrum of 'disabilities' is wide, and so ideally someone with knowledge of specifically the experience of someone with a physical disability would be really wonderful. No experience in theatre is needed for this role, so please apply!
In your email please include:
-Why you want to be involved in Life With You
-How you envision your role in the production
-Any relevant experience
-How you would work with Char and Georgia to present a genuine and kind representation of a character with a physical disability.
-Your favourite musical 😉

We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Tuesday 26th November 00:00


23:00, Thu 12th March 2020 - Sat 14th March 2020 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 8

Applications to DIRECT, PRODUCE and AD

Corpsing is an absurd, haunting dark comedy about the politics surrounding family, grief and how death is understood across cultures, written by Shameera - a very-non-white Malaysian of mixed heritage - and Jamie, whom she calls ‘one of the whitest guys’ she knows.

(Okay real talk: How often do white and non-white people write a play together? Think about this.) The cultural potpourri between us feeds into the play, where our protagonist’s Malaysian-Indian/British heritage leads to a set of what we hope are poignant, yet laugh-out-loud funny, observations surrounding religious rituals, familial relations and their cultural implications. (Definitely NOT inspired by real-life – not at all!)

The set should be fairly minimalistic and not overly complex, but there will be exciting opportunities surrounding music and physical comedy! Think Bollywood, Jeff Buckley and – wait for it – Black Eyed Peas. We are envisioning a cast of 8, and some parts of it will be devised after the casting process as it is dependant on the creatives involved!

To apply, please write to and, outlining ideas you have in relation to the role you’re applying for. We highly encourage all applicants, and are happy to answer any questions. :)

Deadline: Tuesday 26th November 17:00


19:30, Tue 1st September 2020 - Thu 1st October 2020 Venue to be confirmed
Summer Vacation

Applications are now open to DIRECT Cambridge University American Stage Tour!!!

All the information you need can be found in the Application Pack. Becca and I are beyond excited for this one- help us make it the trip of a lifetime with your fabulous ideas!

If you have any questions AT ALL regarding the application or the tour in general, feel free to drop us a message or email

The deadline for applications is Sunday 1st December at 12:00pm and interviews will take place between the 3rd and 5th of December.

Deadline: Sunday 1st December 12:00

The Dryden Society


The Dryden Society is on the lookout for new and exciting shows to fund for Michaelmas 2019 - the more creative, the better!

Please apply with:

  1. A brief synopsis of the play
  2. Your ideas for staging the play
  3. A budget outline with revenue estimates
  4. Details of your cast and crew (including Trinity involvement - please be aware that this is essential for funding from The Dryden Society)

Please send applications and/or any questions to We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Thursday 5th December 00:00

Christ's Amateur Dramatic Society


CADS are now accepting applications for funding for shows in Michaelmas! We're looking to fund absolutely anything so please send anything you have our way!

If you would like to apply drop an e-mail to Isobel at with a description of the show, publicity ideas, and a budget breakdown by the end of the 6th January

Deadline: Monday 6th January 23:59