Producer/director roles and show applications

WomberangPembroke Players

19:00, Tue 19th February 2019 - Sat 23rd February 2019 at Pembroke New Cellars
Lent Week 5


"I'm a natural blonde! I'll show you my armpits if you like"

This immersive theatre piece comments on how we treat patients, women and each other. Come and help me bring it to life - it will be fun!

In your applications please include any experience (none necessary at all), why you'd like to be part of the show and anything else you think I should know.

Any questions and applications to Jozie, jc2070

Deadline: Saturday 26th January 21:00


20:00, Tue 12th March 2019 - Thu 14th March 2019 at Bateman Audiorium (Caius)
Lent Week 8

Applications to Assistant Direct

At Batman Auditorium with The Shadwell Society

This dark comedy hopes to provide some long outdated humour to your week 8 while also maybe trying to make it relevant, but mostly the comedy thing.

In your application maybe include;
- What do you think we covet most?
- Any ideas you have about the Play
- Your enthusiasm and energy

I'm very much open to short applications that just want to take a punt at applying!

We both have nothing to lose, I'm not a big scary abstract entity, just someone who will receive your email.

So join in the relaunch of Caius' dramatic society, and get to use Caius' great performance space, including tiered seating and excessive lighting rigs.

Applications to by the pretty arbitrary deadline of 28th Jan.

Deadline: Monday 28th January 00:00

Homerton Freshers' PlayHATS

19:00, Wed 13th March 2019 - Fri 15th March 2019 at Homerton Small Studio
Lent Week 8

Applications to direct and produce!!

With a budget of a guaranteed £300 minimum and a play of your choice (see below), direct Homerton Freshers' play in Homerton's own small studio! Contact or for more information.

A few ideas for plays:
-As You Like It
-The Roaring Girl
- Spring Awakening (Play, not the Musical)
-Bedroom Farce
-Miss Julie
-A Doll' s house

Deadline: Wednesday 30th January 12:00

SmorgasbordFletcher Players

21:30, Mon 18th February 2019 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 5

Applications for Writers, Directors, Director Rep, Assistant Producer/Stage Manager, and a Selection Panel

The hottest night of new writing in Cambridge - SMORGASBORD - is back, and we’re looking for some NEW WRITING.
Hosted at the Corpus Playroom, this is a casual opportunity for writers to have their work performed on-stage, with the chance for the pieces to be discussed and critiqued afterwards by the audience.
Unlike many other writing festivals, there are no limits to the works being presented – they can be complete plays, extracts from a larger piece, or rough first drafts – as long as they are between 5 and 10 minutes in length.
If you are interested in having your writing considered for Smorgasbord, please send your script to pw395 by midnight on the 1st of February. Equally, any questions or issues feel free to drop a message!
We’re looking for a team of keen creative people to direct the individual pieces of new writing that make up Smorgasbord. The job is relatively low commitment and is an excellent way to give directing a go if you haven’t had the chance to previously! We are also looking for a director's rep. This job is great for anyone with some directing experience who want a low commitment job where you get to help those with less experience in Cambridge theatre.
To apply, please email applications to pw395 by midnight on the 1st of February! This application should be no more than an A4 Page. Please include your reasons for applying, what style of theatre you would prefer to direct, and any relevant experience you may have. Equally, any questions or issues feel free to drop a message!
We are looking for a selection panel to help pick what new writing will be performed on the night!
This is a super low commitment job - all you will have to do is read a few short scripts and attend a meeting to feedback on the scripts, where we will pick the most promising and exciting amongst them to be rehearsed and performed. No experience is required - just an appreciation of theatre and new writing.
To apply, please email applications to pw395 by midnight on the 1st of February! This application should be no more than an A4 Page. Please include a little about why you are interested in joining the selection panel and any past experience you think may be relevant. Equally, any questions or issues feel free to drop a message!
We are looking for a keen and resourceful Assistant Producer/Stage Manager to join the Smorgasbord family!
The role will require someone who can juggle working with the various teams, keeping them organised on the night, helping with room bookings, and sourcing what they need. You will also have the standard SM duties on the night of the show.
Assistant Producing/Stage managing a Corpus one night stand is a great way to get involved in theatre without requiring a wealth of past experience: keenness is key!
To apply, send an application to pw395 by midnight on the 1st of February. Please include in the application why you are interesting in stage managing the show and any past experience you believe may be relevant. Equally, any questions or issues feel free to drop a message!

Deadline: Friday 1st February 00:00

Cambridge Mystery Plays PodcastCam FM

20:00, Thu 13th June 2019 Venue to be confirmed
Easter Week 7

Applications to Direct, Produce & Publicise a new Cambridge podcast

The CAMBRIDGE MYSTERY PLAYS podcast is looking for:
- Directors, and Assistants
- Producers, and Assistants
- A Publicist
- 3x Co-Writers

It is a fortnightly 15-minute mystery fiction podcast that will have multiple series over the course of a year. It will it to play to, and yet play with the reputation and perception of the city around the world. It is a university drama series, for audience within, and beyond, the city.

The first series will be an anthology (i.e. without a recurring narrative or characters) released from 13 June to 22 August. I plan to make at least one of the episodes into a short-film.

For directors and producers and experience in radio/podcasting is not necessary, though experience in theatre, or aptitude with planning and logistics will be favoured.

Here is the application pack for directors, producers, and publicists:

For writers, I am looking for unique stories, characters, or voices: well-considered ideas are better than scripts for now. Application details here:

Deadline: Friday 1st February 23:00

Deadline: Friday 1st February 23:00

Cambridge Shorts

23:00, Tue 12th February 2019 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 4

Film Submissions

Cam Shorts is looking for films! Send stuff through to

By and large we're looking for stuff under 15 minutes - though we've shown up to 25 before so if in doubt send it in! If the cut's rough, and you're looking to change it before the night, let us know vague plans (particularly re length, sound and music) and we'll explain that to the selection committee.

Deadline: Friday 1st February 23:59


Applications to direct/produce in Lent 2019

GODS welcomes applications for funding shows perfomed either in town (eg. the ADC, Corpus Playrooms), or at the Wolfson Theatre, Churchill.

The only requirement we ask is that the final production has some churchill involvement ie, cast members, production team members.

Please send your applications to lb704, or put a copy in Luke Baines' pigeonhole in Churchill College.

any questions should be put to the president, Luke Baines on lb704.

Deadline: Thursday 28th February 12:00