Producer/director roles and show applications

The Heywood Society

SHOW APPLICATIONS: Michaelmas 2019

Applications are open for Heywood Society show funding! We will fund anything if you can convince us and excite us. Especially interested in shows in which take artistic risks or are staged in unorthodox ways/places!

In your application please let us know:
•outline of the show
•draft budget
•publicity plans
•what relevant experience do you and your team have

Submit your applications via email to Will (wm290) . Of course, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to get in contact.

Deadline: Saturday 22nd September 5:00pm

Northanger Abbey - The Mighty Players

9:00pm, Thu 1st November 2018–Sat 3rd November 2018, at Selywn College Chapel
Michaelmas Week 4

Applications to Assistant Direct and Produce

Applications are now open to Assistant Direct and Produce Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey! This new adaptation staged in Selwyn's atmospheric chapel will feature physical theatre, puppetry, and live music, as devised by the company. We are looking for an enthusiastic and well-organised AD and Producer to showcase Austen's creativity and to keep things running smoothly.

To apply please email, explaining:

- Why you'd like to be involved
- If you have a favourite Austen adaptation, and why
- Any relevant experience
- Any initial ideas you may have (feel free to have a look through the production Pinterest board:; this step is not required for Producers)

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions!

N.B. Performance dates are not yet final, so it is possible they may shift slightly. Please let me know if this would be an issue for you.

Deadline: Saturday 22nd September 11:00pm

Downing Dramatic Society


DOWNING DRAMATIC SOCIETY is opening funding applications for Michaelmas in either the HOWARD THEATRE or the HEONG GALLERY. We have slots in the Howard WEEK 4 and WEEK 8 and the Heong WEEK 6.
In the Heong something related to the upcoming exhibition ( would be great. This is a really interesting space to experiment so pls pls do apply!
Please fill in a show application form (email to request one) with a proposal including ideas for staging/concept, how you would use the space, your publicity plan and a provisional budget.
Any questions please give me a shout!

Deadline: Monday 24th September 12:00am

Footlights Smoker - Footlights

11:00pm, Sat 6th October 2018 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 0

Directors for Footlights Smokers Michaelmas 2018

The Footlights are opening applications to direct one of next term's Smokers. More information here:

Apply as an individual or a pair by the 25th September - send apps to

Deadline: Tuesday 25th September 12:00pm


11:00pm, Wed 31st October 2018–Sat 3rd November 2018, at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 4

Applications to Musical Direct

We're looking for an enthusiastic MD to join the Anna production team! This exciting show combines dancing, circus performance and stunning vocals. The MD will be in charge of teaching the performers the vocal arrangements, and there will be some harmony arrangements too!
If interested, please send an application to amgs2 saying why you are interested and any relevant experience you may have! If you have any questions about the show at all, feel free to drop an email :) Looking forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Friday 28th September 11:59pm

The Ladies - Pembroke Players

7:00pm, Tue 6th November 2018–Sat 10th November 2018, at Pembroke New Cellars
Michaelmas Week 5

Applications to Assistant Direct

This new play, part of Pembroke Players’ Queer Season, follows the ups and downs of a straight couple’s pub date when they inadvertently end up spending their entire evening in two locations – the ladies’ loo, and the corridor outside it. More generally, The Ladies examines the walls we build around gender and sexuality, and the difficulties of navigating a queer new world when these walls unexpectedly come down.

I’m looking for an enthusiastic AD to give creative input and help me run rehearsals as efficiently as possible. If you like the concept then please apply!

This is a Queer Season show so LGBTQ+ applicants are strongly encouraged :)

Email me (Alice) with:
- why you want to be involved with this show (and/or queer season)
- relevant experience (none necessary!)
- any ideas you might have

Email me or message me on fb with any questions!

Deadline: Saturday 29th September 5:00pm

The Dryden Society


The Dryden Society is on the lookout for new and exciting shows to fund for Michaelmas 2018 - the more creative, the better!

Please apply with:
1. A brief synopsis of the play
2. Your ideas for staging the play
3. A budget outline with revenue estimates
4. Details of your cast and crew (especially including Trinity involvement)

Please send applications and/or any questions to We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Saturday 29th September 11:00pm

Homerton Amateur Theatrical Society

Applications and Funding for Michaelmas 2018

HATS is officially open for applications at Homerton and for funding for any shows for Michelmas term. Please send us an application to detailing:

- the show you wish to put on
- why you are interested in putting this particular show on
- venue
- funding
- licensing details
- details of production team (if applicable)

Please include your contact details in your application including your email and mobile number.

Deadline: Sunday 30th September 12:00am

L'incoronazione di Poppea - Operazone

8:00pm, Fri 2nd November 2018–Sat 3rd November 2018, at Trinity College Chapel
2:30pm, Sat 3rd November 2018 at Trinity College Chapel
Michaelmas Week 4

Applications to Assistant Direct

Operazone, a brand new Cambridge-based opera company, is looking for an Assistant Director for their inaugural production of L'incoronazione di Poppea. Staged in Trinity College Chapel and with the opportunity to work alongside a professional, experienced director, this is a wonderful opportunity for any aspiring director. For information or to apply, please get in touch with Lucy Roberts at with questions or an application listing any relevant experience!

Deadline: Tuesday 2nd October 5:00pm

Lady Margaret Players

Applications for Committee Members

Lady Margaret Players applications are open for the committee 2018-2019!

Roles available are:

Junior Treasurer
- Keeps track of LMPs finances
- Reimburses the cast and crew of shows that LMP has funded

- Responsible for organising the paperwork for shows

Publicity and Communication Officer
- Keeps the Facebook page up to date
- Advertises LMP plays

General Member

Applications are open to everyone at St John's College regardless of theatre experiences. Please include what role you are applying for, why you want to apply, what makes you a good fit and any ideas you have for taking LMP further!

The application deadline is Tuesday 2nd October.

Please email for more information or to apply.

We can't wait to receive your application!

Deadline: Tuesday 2nd October 6:00pm

Nothing To Lose: A Stand-Up Show - Eggbox Comedy

9:30pm, Mon 26th November 2018 at Corpus Playroom
Michaelmas Week 8

Applications to PRODUCE

Nothing To Lose: A Stand-Up Show (Week 8 Corpus One Night Stand) is looking for a PRODUCER!

The show will chart the highs and lows (mostly lows let's face it) of Patrick Wilson and Elliott Wright's university days in a brand-new hour of stand up from the boys who brought you Apologies (★★★★ ½- The Tab), Stuart Brown’s Variety Hour, Speechless, Quinoa I & II and various Footlights Smokers among other things.

We're looking for a Producer to help us put the show together. No experience necessary and it shouldn't be a huge commitment role- most of all we just want someone who's enthusiastic and committed to helping us make the show as good as possible. Freshers most definitely welcome! We're planning on utilising some video sketches to spice up the show so if you have an especial interest or experience in getting involved with some filming then all the better.

If you're interested please send an application to Elliott (elw60) and Patrick (pw395) with the following...
1) why you want to get involved with the show
2) what relevant experience you have (doesn't have to be previous theatre) and why you think it would be useful for the show
3) what comedy do you like and WHY
4) who is your favourite out of Elliott and Patrick and WHY? choose carefully ;)

Deadline: Friday 5th October 11:00pm

Test Batch Special

9:30pm, Mon 19th November 2018–Wed 21st November 2018, at Corpus Playroom
Michaelmas Week 7

Application to produce Test Batch Special

Producer wanted!

Part scripted, part improvised and all #funny, Test Batch Special is a comedy drama set in a cricket commentary booth that will perform a brief nightwatchmen innings as the Corpus late in Michaelmas Week 7 - 19-21 November

Do you want to produce a show where nobody on stage has any clue whats happening?

Do you want to organise a cast of thespy actors and character comics?

The tech for this show will be super interesting (hopefully) with all sound equipment on stage and played with in front of the audience's eyes like a real radio booth! If this sort of amateurish deconstructionism either excites you or frightens you or both please get in touch

Please send to

Why you would like to be involved

Any ideas for producing a show like this

Your personal thoughts on the recent Australian Ball tampering scandal

If you were a cricket commentator, what would your catchphrase be?

No experience required! Ashton Agar got 99 batting 11 on his ashes debut after all

If you have any questions at all about any of this please email me (waft2)

Deadline: 16:00 1st July

Deadline: Monday 8th October 4:00pm

The Marlowe Showcase 2018 - Marlowe

4:00pm, Mon 19th November 2018 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
12:30pm, Tue 20th November 2018 at Jermyn Street Theatre
Michaelmas Week 7

Applications to Assistant Direct

Assistant Directors will need to send an A4 sheet of their theatrical CV with a short cover letter featuring why they are applying and their availability from Thursday the 18th of October (Week 2) until Tuesday the 20th of November (Week 7).

Deadline: Wednesday 17th October 11:59pm

Eggbox Comedy


You can now apply to Eggbox for funding for Michaelmas 2018 shows!

We're looking to support comedy shows of any kind, be they sketch, stand-up or plays, and particularly welcome applications from shows that have new and exciting ideas.

In your application, please send us a brief synopsis of the show and mention any especially noteworthy features that make it stand out, as well as a detailed budget and how you intend to go about promoting your show. We often assign funding on a rolling basis so make sure you apply soon!

Applications can be sent to - we look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline: Thursday 1st November 6:00pm


Applications to direct/produce in Lent 2008

GODS welcomes applications for funding shows perfomed either in town (eg. the ADC, Corpus Playrooms), or at the Wolfson Theatre, Churchill.

The only requirement we ask is that the final production has some churchill involvement ie, cast members, production team members.

Please send your applications to lb704, or put a copy in Luke Baines' pigeonhole in Churchill College.

any questions should be put to the president, Luke Baines shardlow on lb704.

Deadline: Friday 31st May 12:00pm