Producer/director roles and show applications

Footlights Spring Revue 2019Footlights

7:45pm, Tue 26th February 2019–Sat 2nd March 2019, at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 6

Applications to assistant direct


The Spring Revue 2019 team is looking for an Assistant Director!

The only ADC Main sketch show of the year, Spring Revue is a chance to show off the talent of finalist Footlights members in the biggest and best way possible, before they go on to bigger and better things once they graduate (i.e. consultancy).

We’re looking for applicants who are organised, diligent, and inventive, but most importantly we are looking for people who are passionate about comedy. This will be a largely collaborative production with a large cast, so the ability to organise people is always a plus. We invite the Assistant Director to be as involved in the creative development of the show as possible, helping to bring the cast together, and playing a vital role in the writing and rehearsing process.

Please note: you do not have to be a Footlights member or a finalist to assistant direct Spring Revue - anyone can apply!

In your application, please include:
- Why you would like to be involved
- How you would approach assistant directing Spring Revue
- Any past experience that may be useful

Please send you application to - the deadline for applications is 6pm on the 15th of December.

If you have any questions, queries or issues, feel free to email!

Deadline: Saturday 15th December 6:00pm

Cambridge Shorts

11:00pm, Tue 12th February 2019 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 4

Co Director, Producer and Publicist & New Writing Prize Submissions

We’re looking for a few people interested in taking it over – so are particularly encouraging apps from those of you around next year. We’re opening up for three roles:

Co-Director: Basically looking after the creative stuff in the night and running the film selection committee. We want to have a play around with the formula a bit, work out some new stuff to do in pre-state and transitions, and come up with a fuck off ridiculous host entrance. Looking for people with quirky ideas about fun things we can do with the night. Honestly can’t explain how great it has been to have a night at the ADC each term where you can basically do whatever you want.

Producer: To look after the theatre end of stuff and deal with general logistics.

Publicist: Someone to deal with social media and the student papers.

Drop us an email ( before December 18th briefly outlining any relevant experience (none required!) and we’ll organize a call at some point over the holidays. We’re on the 12th of Feb this time around. Open to pairs applying for roles.

New Writing:

A few people have asked me for some time over the holidays to get stuff written for the new writing prize, so we’ve decided to extend the deadline until December 18th. If you’ve already sent stuff in and want to polish – drop us an updated version of the script. We won’t look at them until the deadline’s passed –

Deadline: Tuesday 18th December 11:59pm

Downing Dramatic Society


DOWNING DRAMATIC SOCIETY is opening show applications for a Lent Week 3 Heong Gallery Slot.
We are open to any proposals but do really think about how you can use the space to the best advantage! In the Heong something related to the exhibition ( would be great. This is a really interesting space to experiment so pls pls do apply!

Please send us a proposal including information about the show, ideas you have for staging/concept including how you would work with a gallery space, your publicity plan and a budget.

Please fill in a show application form (to request one please email me at to request one)

Any questions please give me a shout!

Deadline: Friday 21st December 12:00am

The Revlon GirlBrickhouse

7:45pm, Thu 21st February 2019–Sat 23rd February 2019, at Robinson College Auditorium
Lent Week 5

Applications to Produce / Assistant Direct

I am beyond excited to stage this beautiful, contemporary play. I’m particularly encouraging people of Welsh nationality to apply, but any and all applications are welcome!

In your application, please include:

* why you want to be involved
* how you view the role
* any experience you have (though none necessary)

For more information about the play and its context, please take a look at the GoogleDoc. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via Facebook/email!


Deadline: Friday 21st December 11:59pm


7:45pm, Thu 28th February 2019–Sat 2nd March 2019, at Robinson College Auditorium
Lent Week 6

Producer, AD, MD, Racial Supervisor and Disability Supervisor Applications

Hop on that Greyhound bus, because applications for Brickhouse Theatre Company's Lent Term Musical, Violet, are NOW OPEN!
We are on the lookout for some stars to fill the following roles and make this beautiful show a reality:
-Musical Director
-Assistant Director
-Racial Supervisor
-Disability Supervisor

We're looking for an angel to bring this production together.You will be working closely with the director and production team, and will be our guiding light throughout the process.
In your email please include:
-Why you want to be involved in Violet
-How you envision your role in the production
-Any relevant experience
-Any ideas for publicity and production
-Your favourite musical 😉


The musical director will work closely with the director both in rehearsals and in meetings throughout the entire production process. As this is a musical, the score is of central importance, as are you!
In your email please include:

-Why you want to be involved in Violet
-How you envision your role in the production
-Any relevant experience
-Your favourite musical style (either playing or listening)
-Your favourite musical!

The AD will work closely with the director, especially in rehearsals, where they will be of key importance in the decision-making process, as well as helping the actors to create fully-rounded characters, in singing and speech.

In your email please include:

-Why you want to be involved in Violet
-How you envision your role in the production
-Any relevant experience
-Any ideas in terms of character work/development
-Your favourite musical!

This musical is one of Charlotte's favourites, but it discusses some sensitive themes, and she needs some help sensitively and truthfully portraying these themes onstage. Issues surrounding racism and ableism are central to the plot, and it is of utmost importance that these are prioritised. These roles are arguably two of the most important within this entire process. In terms of responsibility, you will meet with Charlotte and the actors regularly, come to selected rehearsals and be present to answer any questions or give advice to both the production team and actors.
In your email please include:

-Why you want to be involved in Violet
-How you envision your role in the production
-Any relevant experience
-What role Musical Theatre has to play within discussions around these topics.
-Your favourite musical!

Please send all applications to by midnight on the 27th of December!

Deadline: Thursday 27th December 11:59pm

Jazz Emu

9:30pm, Mon 14th January 2019 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 0

Applications to Produce

Hi - I'm an ex-footlight from the days of yore (2014-5) performing a new hour of musical comedy at the Corpus Playroom on 14th January. As I don't know loads of people in Cambridge anymore (rough estimate is 1, and that's at the top end), I would love some help putting the show out there and getting some people through the door.

Very low commitment - just a few posts/posters in the right places/trying to spread the word would be great!

Deadline: Tuesday 1st January 12:00pm

Revived Emmanuel Dramatic Society

Lent Applications

Applications are now open for REDS funding in Lent

REDS, Emmanuel College's Dramatic Society, is looking to work with and support a range of exciting shows in Lent

Please send in a proposal including information about the show, current production team, ideas for staging, your publicity campaign and production design as well as a detailed budget.

REDS is looking to fund shows based on their artistic merit and not solely on possible financial success. So show us your vision!

Applications to Sammie and Rohan at

Deadline: Tuesday 1st January 12:00pm


Unheard Voices: a showcase of new writing

Madhouse and GODS are delighted to announce our new writing showcase.
This showcase is targeted at increasing the platform for those whose voices are not always heard, and so all submissions must relate to the experience of minorties within one of the following themes:
*Gender, *sexuality, *international voices, *'minority of one' (a personal experience as, or feeling like, a minority, that does not fit into one of the other categories).

We are looking for submissions about 20-30 minutes in length, and they should be sent to by the 15th of January. Entry is open to all current students of the University of Cambridge and ARU. Successful submissions will be performed in Lent Week 6, in Wolfson Hall, Churchill College.

Deadline: Tuesday 15th January 11:00am

A Festival of New Writing 2019DDS

7:30pm, Thu 7th March 2019–Sat 9th March 2019, at Howard Theatre, Downing College
Lent Week 7


A Festival of New Writing 2019 is looking for writers!

Over three nights, nine student-written pieces will be performed and judged by a panel of industry experts. A Festival of New Writing, now in its fourth year, is the best opportunity for budding student playwrights to have their material directed and performed to a live paying audience. If you would like the chance to have your script performed in the Howard Theatre, send us your submissions at

All scripts must be 15-20 minutes in length. All genres are permitted. Writers may employ multi-media elements to their plays, including video projection, music, lighting and sound effects.

The deadline for receiving submissions is midnight on January 15th 2019. We can't wait to read your submissions!

Deadline: Tuesday 15th January 11:59pm


Applications to direct/produce in Lent 2019

GODS welcomes applications for funding shows perfomed either in town (eg. the ADC, Corpus Playrooms), or at the Wolfson Theatre, Churchill.

The only requirement we ask is that the final production has some churchill involvement ie, cast members, production team members.

Please send your applications to lb704, or put a copy in Luke Baines' pigeonhole in Churchill College.

any questions should be put to the president, Luke Baines on lb704.

Deadline: Thursday 28th February 12:00pm