A Prior Engagement - CULES

8:00pm, Thu 8th March 2018 - Thu 15th March 2018, Venue to be confirmed
Lent Week 7 to Week 8

A comedy of manners in the style of Wodehouse and Wilde.

Colin and Daphne are minor members of the aristocracy, arranged to be married by their parents without their permission. Both are equally put out by this and when Daphne and her family are invited to stay with Colin's family for the weekend, disaster ensues when the engagement ring is stolen and the wrong people fall in love!

How could such a shocking twist possibly resolve itself in about an hour of stage time?!

CULES auditions are some of the friendliest auditions in the world. Anyone who comes along is guaranteed a part if they want one; our auditions are all about getting you to try out a few different roles and seeing which ones you're most comfortable with. We're looking for enthusiasm rather than experience, so if you have an interest in putting on silly theatre then this is the place for you!

Our performances will be over the last week of term, when we'll take this show around local venues such as elderly folks homes and special needs schools, bringing theatre to those who wouldn't normally get a
chance to see it. We end the week with a performance that's open to the public, and all proceeds from this will be donated to charity.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Contact before 12:00am Mon 22 Jan for more details.

    Boys Will Be Boys

    11:00pm, Wed 21st February 2018 - Fri 23rd February 2018, at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 5


    Boys Will Be Boys is auditioning at the very start of term on the 18th and 19th of January with acting recalls on the 20th and dance workshop auditions on the 21st. This show is going to be an intense and explosive spectacle of dancing, singing, pole and physical theatre as well as a visceral, unforgiving play about gender performance, structural misogyny and toxic masculinity.

    NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED; we’re looking for enthusiasm and willingness to work hard and invest in these characters and the story! There are parts for people who don’t want to dance or sing and parts for people who only want to dance so whatever your strengths are, please come along. If you’re auditioning for Astrid or Priya, we will ask you to sing a few lines of Peggy Lee’s ‘I Love Being Here With You’ just to hear your voice so would be excellent if you could have a listen to the song and we’ll print off some lyrics.

    Casting call is open to people of all genders but given that this play is about gender-based systematic oppression, women/non-binary/trans people are strongly encouraged to audition.

    Dates and Times:
    Friday 19th January 2018, 6.15-10pm, Larkum Studio

    Recalls on the 20th (6.30-9pm) and dance recalls on 21st (2pm-4.30pm) so keep these times as free as you can.

    Important note: As there will be a performance taking place on stage from 7.45pm, please enter the Larkum through the backstage entrance (i.e. not on the corridor between then bar and the auditorium). If you’re unfamiliar with where this is, pop me a message and I will be able to give you more specific directions and also the door code if you don’t know it.

    Sign up here:

    CONTENT WARNINGS for each extract are provided here:
    Astrid extract: mention of childhood sexual abuse, mention of oral sex, description of violence towards and killing of an animal
    Priya extract: cisnormativity, misogyny, discussion of rape
    Harrison extract: description of hazing/bullying, racism, misogyny, mention of rape
    Arthur extract: gaslighting, intimidation/manipulation by domineering authority figure, misogyny, mention of rape
    Isabelle extract: blunt description of two suicides, derogatory description of sex work/workers, misogyny

    I’ve tried to be exhaustive by please let me know if there’s anything I need to add or if you’d like me to be more specific about anything already listed (email or message on facebook).

    Extracts can be found here: Feel free to familiarise yourself with these before the audition, if you find that helpful. No pressure to do so if this is going to stress you out/make you overthink it, these are just here in case e.g. reading aloud makes you overly nervous (me) or you prefer to learn things before auditions. They will also be provided on the door.

    DANCE AND POLE AUDITIONS for BOYS WILL BE BOYS (Week 5 ADC Lateshow 21st-23rd February 2018)

    Calling all dancers and pole performers! Boys Will Be Boys is running auditions on January 21st! This show is going to be an intense and explosive spectacle of dancing, singing, pole and physical theatre as well as a visceral, unforgiving play about gender performance, structural misogyny and toxic masculinity. We’re very excited and would love you to be a part of it!

    If you’d like some more context, you could have a read of the acting audition extracts:

    Please sign up for a group dance audition if you are auditioning for a dancing part. You will not be required to prepare anything for the group dance auditions – just bring yourself and your energy and enthusiasm and ferocity and also a bottle of water. We will be running a warm up, teaching some choreography relevant to the show and then performing it in smaller groups. There’s no pressure on remembering all of it (we understand this can be hard in a short space of time) but would like you to do your best to show us what you can do in the styles we want to use in the show. No formal training is necessary - although some previous dance experience would be useful for picking things up, a willingness to work hard is most important!

    Sunday 21st January 2018, Bowett Room, Queens’ College
    - Dance Group 1: 2.15-.3.15pm
    - Dance Group 2: 3.30-4.30pm

    Sign up here:

    If you are signing up for a pole audition, it might be useful but not essential to come to one of group dance auditions; if you think you’ll be able to demonstrate your dancing ability in your pole audition, then you don’t have to do this as well. For pole auditions, we will ask you to perform a short sequence of movement under 2 minutes long (but it can definitely be shorter than this – that’s just the limit) to show us what you can do! Here are some videos for inspiration for the styles we are looking for although we’re very open to seeing a wide range of things.
    I appreciate these are all very different styles but any of them would be gratefully received. We will have some songs to play over the speakers for auditions but if you’d like to play your own track, please email a youtube link to and we can get it lined up for you to save time! We’ve split the auditions into 10 minute group with 5 people each so you don’t all have to be there for the whole hour but also so we can watch and support each other and get a sense of what performers look like performing alongside each other. Please sign up for the group which is most convenient for you.

    Sunday 21st January 2018, Bowett Room, Queens’ College
    - Pole group 1: 5-5.10pm
    - Pole group 2: 5.10-5.20pm
    - Pole group 3: 5.20-5.30pm
    - Pole group 4: 5.30-5.40pm
    - Pole group 5: 5.40-5.50pm
    - Pole group 6: 5.50-6pm

    Sign up here:

    Remember to bring a bottle of water (we will also have some squash and replenishing snacks to keep you going). If you can’t find the room, ask the friendly porters – they will help! We’re so excited to see you!!

    Big love,
    Tilda + the Boys Will Be Boys team xxx

      Contact mw643 before 11:00pm Mon 22 Jan for more details.

      CADS Monologue Clash - CADS

      7:00pm, Fri 16th February 2018 at Christ's New Court Theatre
      Lent Week 4

      CADS is looking for performers for their inaugural Monologue Clash! We are looking for around 10-15 actors to perform a monologue of their choice. It can be any monologue of your choosing provided it is 3-7 minutes long - this can be classical, contemporary or even new writing not yet performed, but it must be an extract from a play. We will have a team of directors to help you practice and hone your monologue should you be chosen for the final show at perform in Christ's Yusuf Hamied Theatre on the 16th February!

      There will be an element of competition with the audience being able to anonymously vote their favourite. The winner receiving a £15 amazon voucher - however the aim of this event is to showcase great performances and great plays.

      Please sign up for a 10 minute lots on the doodle poll:

      Auditions are on Sunday 13:00-17:00 and Thursday 25th January 13:30-17:00, and these will be held in the Yusuf Hamied Theatre in Christ’s College – come through the porters lodge and go to the very back of college (through 3 courts) to the new building and it should be sign posted there!

      The audition will be a 10 minute slot for you to show us your monologue. Crucially, and I cannot emphasise this enough, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE LEARNT IT, if you are successfully the directors will work on the monologue with you anyway and help you polish it, we are mainly looking for a range of varied monologues that compliment each other for the night and not necessarily perfect performances which are ready to go.

      If you have any questions about the audition please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

        Contact before 8:00pm Thu 25 Jan for more details.

        CAST 2018: The Tempest - CAST

        12:00pm, Mon 3rd September 2018 - Sun 30th September 2018, at Venues Across America
        Summer Vacation to Michaelmas Week 0


        “I long
        To hear the story of your life, which must
        Take the ear strangely…”

        The Cambridge American Stage Tour (CAST) 2018 is searching for nine Cambridge University actors to tour the East coast of America this Summer and tell the story of Prospero’s life.

        It is a story told around the campfire; one of days gone by. A story told in a night which seems to last a year, from bright spring, to golden summer, to the snows and crisp, starry nights of winter. A story telling of a person at the height of their power relinquishing both strength and revenge and drawing towards old age, alongside their fading world.

        The Tempest will draw from the British folk tradition and European physical theatre techniques, alongside shadow play, to tell the story of one of Shakespeare’s most beautiful, elusive and dark plays.


        We are looking to cast a diverse and hard-working group of actors, who are interested in sharing a hand in the creative process, will enjoy working physically and as a group, and who are interested in challenging themselves and working in new (and -hopefully- exciting) ways.

        All Audition slots on Thursday, Friday and Sunday morning have been filled. Hence, we've added an extra audition time on SUNDAY 6pm - 8pm. Please turn up as early as you can since we're expecting it to be very busy and we cannot see any more auditionees after 8pm. These extra auditions will be in The Drawing Room, Fisher Building, St John's College. There is no need to book a slot on a doodle poll.

        Please bring a classical monologue (preferably Shakespearean) that you have prepared, which is no longer than 2 minutes long. Please choose whatever monologue you feel suits you best or which you enjoy performing most, regardless of gender. The characters are almost all being cast gender-blind so feel free to choose a monologue which was originally written for a different gender if you would like to.
        Your monologue does not need to be memorised, although most actors tend to perform better when they are off-script. However, this is not always the case, and we are aware that it is a very busy time for everyone, so please don’t worry if you do not manage to learn your piece. We’re looking for actors, not hard drives.
        There will be information sheets outside the audition room for you to fill in (asking for your name, age etc) when you arrive so please allow yourself comfortable time to fill in a sheet before you want to audition.

        Recalls will be on the 26th and 27th January. You will be asked to fill in when you are free on those dates on the information sheet when you arrive.

        Please try not to be too nervous for your audition – we understand that auditions can be absolutely terrifying, but we are absolutely not looking for perfection by any means. If your first go through of the monologue doesn’t go as well as you hoped, don’t worry; we’re looking for actors who are adaptable, and who can play with the text, not who have flawless delivery first time, so I will redirect you on at least a part of the text.

        We are also very much not scary and would love to see absolutely anyone, regardless of how much or little experience you have!

        Here are five things I will be particularly looking out for, and which we will be working to tap into and enhance over the rehearsal period for CAST 2018:
        - Ability to play and be flexible with text, performance, and physicality.
        - Ability to listen to, engage with and react to both fellow actors and direction.
        - Clarity of delivery: a clear understanding and natural, modern communication of the text.
        - Your personality coming through in the character. We are looking to cast a diverse and interesting group of individuals who can all bring elements of themselves to their character so that the finished product breathes with as much difference and energy as reality.
        - Kindness and openness. This is a big factor for a long tour show, and everyone will enjoy themselves much more throughout the process if we all get along.


        All cast members should be available for the whole of August (for rehearsals, which will take place in Cambridge) and September (for touring the US) 2018, and for the home run in week 0 of Michaelmas term 2018 (although you do not need to be a student in Michaelmas 2018).

        All company members pay a company fee (this was £750 last year and will likely be similar this year) to contribute to the cost of the tour.

        Any questions, queries, concerns or comments whatsoever, please feel free to e-mail either

        Nick and Charlotte (Tour Managers) at or

        Anastasia (Director) at

        • Sun 21st Jan, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Drawing Room, Fisher Building, St John's College

        Coriolanus - Fletcher Players

        7:00pm, Tue 27th February 2018 - Sat 3rd March 2018, at Corpus Playroom
        Lent Week 6


        **All styles and genres of music welcome**

        We are looking for a composer to work alongside a small ensemble of actors in our week 6 production of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus.

        We would love to hear from you if you are interested in composing music to bring to life this electric drama. We’re looking for songs to be sung by the actors (both acapella and accompanied), moments of underscoring, music for scene transitions (to be choreographed by dancers), and music for fight/ battle/crowd scenes to be choreographed physically with the actors by our movement choreographer. We have cut and edited the script so have specific ideas about when we would like to have music and therefore aim for it to be a time-efficient and clear but also extremely collaborative process. We are open to the idea of using a live instrumentalist but are also happy if you would prefer to work electronically.

        If you are interested in applying for this exciting position then please do contact outlining your previous experience, why you would be excited to work on this project, and any ideas you may already have. Do get in contact if you have any questions or concerns.

        Best - Anna, Shimali and Will

          Contact before 6:00am Thu 01 Feb for more details.

          Mark My Words: A Night of New Writing

          8:00pm, Sat 17th February 2018 at Newnham Old Labs
          Lent Week 4

          'Mark My Words' is a New Writing Night for female, non-binary and trans male dramatists.

          This year it will be held on Saturday 17th February at Newnham Old Labs and we want you to be a part of it!

          This is a really exciting event where each piece of new writing will be performed and directed by a troupe made up of female, non-binary and trans male actors - and that's where you come in!

          We are holding auditions for those interested in joining our troupe on Saturday 27th January 12-4pm in Pembroke New Common Room (BB9) (1st floor of Foundress Court - ask the Porters for directions or email Kate at and/or Carine at for further info!).

          Please be aware that for auditions:
          12-3pm Open to all
          3-4pm BME slot - please only come to audition if you are BME

          Sign up for a slot here. The poll is anonymous so only we will be able to see your names - please include your preferred pronouns, if you are comfortable with that.

          If you have any questions, please email Kate (she/her) at and/or Carine (she/her) at - we look forward to hearing from you!

          The Facebook event:

          • Sat 27th Jan, 12:00pm-4:00pm, Pembroke New Common Room (BB9)

          Contact before 10:00pm Sat 27 Jan for more details.

          Seagulls: A Sketch Show - Pembroke Players

          9:30pm, Tue 6th March 2018 at Pembroke New Cellars
          9:30pm, Wed 7th March 2018 at Pembroke New Cellars
          Lent Week 7

          9:30pm, Tue 6th March 2018 at Pembroke New Cellars
          9:30pm, Wed 7th March 2018 at Pembroke New Cellars
          Lent Week 7

          'Seagulls: A Sketch Show' is a fresh and funky new show celebrating the silliness of our generation. It's set to be a wild ride down memory lane, to the sound of 'Yeah!' by Usher (ft Lil Jon and Ludacris), with a whole host of millenial characters you're gonna love/hate.

          But we need YOU to make it happen. Looking for some writers/performers to join our flock so come on down to the audition slots with just one sketch you've written, it can be one you've performed before or else something brand new, and be prepared to try something new (ooooh)

          Looking forward to seeing you all and don't hesitate to get in touch!

          • Thu 25th Jan, 2:00pm-4:00pm, Pembroke New Cellars
          • Fri 26th Jan, 4:00pm-6:00pm, Pembroke New Cellars

          Contact before 12:00am Sat 27 Jan for more details.

          Spring Awakening - Brickhouse

          7:45pm, Tue 20th February 2018 - Sat 24th February 2018, at Robinson College Auditorium
          Lent Week 5

          We are looking for one more cast member to complete our fantastic line-up.

          If you would be interested in auditioning for the part of 'The Adult Men' please get in contact with Luke ( to arrange an audition time. This part is *non-singing* and gives the opportunity to explore a number of male adult characters in the show. We are looking for a talented actor who is comfortable with multi-roleing in order to take-on this challenging, but relatively low commitment role in what is set to be an incredible musical.

          • Wed 24th Jan, 9:00am-9:00pm, TBC

          Contact before 9:00pm Wed 24 Jan for more details.

          The Senate - Heywood

          8:30pm, Thu 22nd February 2018 - Sat 24th February 2018, at Friends of Peterhouse Theatre
          Lent Week 5

          The Senate, a dark political comedy, is looking for actors!

          During a senate meeting in 59 BC bribery, gang-violence, incest, and world-class back-stabbing transform the most sacred house in the Republic into a mess of conspiracy theories, petty squabbling and a lot of swearing.

          16 Roles are on Offer - all genderblind - all equal line-weight

          The Optimates - The bumbling political establishment
          Bibulus - An empty promising consul and useless party leader who's more focused on omens and augury than his job.
          Cato - A stoic who tries his best to do politics 'by the book', the ideal party leader.
          Milo - A thug, a blockhead, but a decent bloke by those who are on his good side.
          Brutus - Et tu? Cato's junior who finds the advantages in Milo's machinations and political bullying.
          Lucullus - An elderly, scatterbrained, veteran general.
          Cicero - Self-righteous, astute, a masculine inferiority complex underneath fantastic rhetoric.

          The Populares - The attractive populist party undermining the Republic
          Julius Caesar - Rising populist leader, a masculine "alpha", enigmatic and authoritarian.
          Marc Antony - A hyper-camp sidekick to Caesar, machiavellian-kitsch.
          Decimus - A cunning young man who is well aware on how to play the game of politics.
          Clodius Pulcher - Eccentric, scandalous, incestuous. A toff trying to 'slum-it'.
          Publius Vatinius - Caesar's corruptible guard-dog and whip.
          Lepidus - The head of the mint, believes he's 'one-of-the-guys', an unaware pawn.

          The Others
          Crassus - The wealthiest, recorded wealth of 229 tonnes of gold [£6bil], loves to hear his name and flash the cash.
          Pompey - A prestigious war hero, just wants to do the right thing. Everyone wants to either be on his side, or kill him.

          Lucius Vettius - An absurd political informant who accuses near enough everyone of everything.
          Clodia Metelli - Sister of Clodius, a woman of scandalous reputation with a biting tounge to match.

          Feel free to arrive at the audition and pick up an extract - or email for one in advance.

          Additionally, if you feel like you have something to bring in or want to improvise with a bit of guidance from us in the audition then feel free to experiment with the characters provided

            Contact before 12:00am Mon 22 Jan for more details.

            What Would Harold Pinter Think - Old Vag Club

            7:30pm, Thu 1st March 2018 - Fri 2nd March 2018, at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
            Lent Week 6


            Eleanor and Robert live in a sordid apartment with Joe, their flatmate. One night, unexpected guests arrive at their home and set their lives on a journey through their past and present. Set in a post-Brexit world of alienation and absurdism, this play deals with the profound terror and anguish that underlines the lives of these people and how their minds create and alter their reality and that of the world around them. Alexandra Blanchard has created a uniquely singular vision of what it is like to be alive in the present state of the world examining ideas about femininity, mental health and freedom.

            This play is going to be exciting and playful and surreal.

            Extracts on arrival

            • Tue 23rd Jan, 4:00pm-7:00pm, 33 Thompson's Lane
            • Wed 24th Jan, 4:00pm-8:00pm, 33 Thompson's Lane
            • Fri 26th Jan, 4:00pm-7:00pm, 33 Thompson's Lane