Comedies and ErrorsCADS

19:00, Fri 19th June 2020 at Online
Easter May Week

'Comedies and Errors' is looking for ACTORS!

Whether you've never acted before or you're a True Thesp™️ please audition as this will be a play like no other!
Audition pack:
Auditions (30th May - 2nd June):

(If you are an international student and can't make any of these times please email Millie Yule (ay335) or JoJo Compton (jfelc2) to arrange something you can make, we're happy to accommodate.)

  • Sat 30th May, 00:01–23:59, Doodle poll (see info)
  • Sun 31st May, 00:01–23:59, Doodle poll (see info)
  • Mon 1st Jun, 00:01–23:59, Doodle poll (see info)
  • Tue 2nd Jun, 00:01–23:59, doodle poll (see info)

Contact before Wed 3rd Jun, 00:59 for more details.