Blood Music - WRiTEON- The Cambridge Scriptwriting Forum

9:30pm, Tue 23rd July 2019–Sat 27th July 2019, at Corpus Playroom
Summer Vacation

WRiTEON is holding a casting session for our forthcoming FESTIVAL, comprising SIX fully staged one-act plays, over FIVE nights in JULY 2019 (23rd – 27th); two in each venue (The ADC’s Larkum Studio, Corpus Playroom, and ADC main stage). These are new plays, so the actors will bring the characters to life for the first time. Please try to arrive for 1.00pm and stay throughout, as it’s an open, workshop audition. No preparation is required.

We have 23 roles to cast:

BLOOD MUSIC by James Stedman (Corpus Playroom)
3M, 1F - DAVID, ANDY (both 20s), BEAU (30s), EMILY (20s)

SINK OR SWIM by Kim Komljanec (Corpus Playroom)
4F, 1M - SHELAGH, KATIE, ROSIE (all 30s), LIZ (60s), TOM (40s)

ROLE PLAY by James P Mannion (Larkum Studio)
2F, 2M, age not specified - JOHN & CLAIRE (fantasists) and SALLY & NEIL (relatively normal couple)

THE OFFENSIVE by Aga Serugo-Lugo (Larkum Studio)
3 GARGOYLES - gender & age not specified

THE SUMMER HOUSE by Dave Pescod (ADC Theatre)
4 M - ALAN & KURT (both 60s), YOUNG ALAN & KURT (16/17)

GUARDED by Lorraine Forrest-Turner (ADC Theatre)
1F, 2M - LIDIA & RYAN (both 40s), MASLUCH (bodyguard, 30s)

If you have any queries, email

More information about the festival can be found below:

  • Sun 18th Nov, 1:00pm-4:00pm, ADC Theatre, Dressing Room 2

Contact before 4:00pm Sun 18 Nov for more details.

Christmas Panto: Snow White and the seven Dwarfs - Mad Cow Drama Club

9:00pm, Fri 30th November 2018 at St. Edmund's College
Michaelmas Week 8

We will be making a short comic Panto featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. If you are interested in taking on any of the roles. Please march on to St.Edmund's College on Sunday at 6 pm. Meet me there. We are looking for musicians and actors. I will be auditioning people in the CR.

    Contact before 11:00pm Sun 18 Nov for more details.

    Hourglass (SHORT FILM) - Notes x Cambridge Film Association

    9:00pm, Thu 29th November 2018 Venue to be confirmed
    Michaelmas Week 8

    Auditions for ‘Hourglass’ Short Film

    We will be auditioning for ‘Hourglass’ on Thursday evening and Saturday morning at Magdalene College (exact location will be posted very soon)

    Please sign up for a slot here:
    THURSDAY 15th:
    SATURDAY 17th:

    Shooting will take place next week, but it is likely to only take one or two evenings.

    We are looking for someone who can create a sincere portrait of GRIEF: please bring a short monologue based on that topic (if you can’t think of any, I will have one on hand).

    There is one on-screen role and one post-production voice role: you can audition for both or only one, and both roles are gender-blind.

    Send any questions to, and if you cannot make any of the slots, message me and we can work something out.

    • Thu 15th Nov, 7:00pm-9:30pm, Magdalene College (exact room tbd)
    • Sat 17th Nov, 10:30am-12:30pm, Magdalene College (exact room tbd)

    Contact before 12:00am Sun 18 Nov for more details.


    7:00pm, Tue 22nd January 2019–Sat 26th January 2019, at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 1

    ****Audition slots for Machinal, corpus main week 1****

    Please sign up to the doodle poll here, let me know if you forget your time! Venue for Sunday to be confirmed SHORTLY.


    Let me know if you are having problems accessing the extracts. They will also be available on the door and don't worry about getting to know it too well- we will take this into account! If you can try it in an American/ New York accent that would be great but PLEASE don't be discouraged from auditioning if you can't, we still want to hear from you!! If you can't make the times here, but want to audition don't hesitate to get in touch!
    “Your skin oughtn't to curl - ought it - when he just comes near you- ought it? That's wrong, ain't it? You don't get over that, do you - ever, do you or do you?”

    The city. A woman is restless. A woman is suffocating. A woman is silenced.
    The woman revolts.

    It’s America’s Golden Age, a time of happiness, freedom and prosperity––or is it? For one young woman in the industrial, male-dominated world of the 1920s, life is nothing like she hoped it would be. Restless and unfulfilled in a passionless marriage and an unwanted motherhood, she finds her only joy in the form of an illicit love affair. But when reality sets in and she must return to her routine existence, she’ll go to any lengths "to be free".

    Inspired by the infamous 1927 murder trial of Ruth Snyder, Machinal is a riveting look at the danger that can come from a life unlived.

    • Sun 18th Nov, 3:00pm-6:00pm, Committee room, Fisher Building, St Johns College
    • Mon 19th Nov, 11:00am-2:00pm, Dressing room 2, ADC

    Contact before 12:00am Fri 30 Nov for more details.

    Much Ado About Nothing (Arts Show 2019) - Marlowe

    7:30pm, Wed 23rd January 2019–Sat 26th January 2019, at Cambridge Arts Theatre
    Lent Week 1


    Before you audition, you must be free for recalls on Monday 19th November (these will be 15 min slots, so you won't need to be free all day).

    You can sign up for the audition slots on SUNDAY 18th on the first Doodlepoll link below. Additional slots for SATURDAY 17th are listed on the second Doodlepoll link. If you originally signed up for a slot on-the-hour on Saturday, these original bookings still stand.

    Slots for Sunday:

    Additional slots on Saturday:

    Please prepare a 2 minute speech from ANY Shakespeare play. This should be fully memorised, but don't panic if you forget your lines - just stay calm and ask to start again. Please see the application pack at the bottom of this listing for more information.

    Richard Beecham has requested that IF you are comfortable singing, you can prepare a short (around 1 minute) song to sing unaccompanied in the audition, but this is now **not compulsory**. Songs can be in any style, e.g. musical theatre, pop, folk, traditional ballad.

    Also, if you play an instrument, please let him know at the audition so he can make a note of this. Please do not bring your instrument or play a piece at the audition, as was previously stated. If however you wish to accompany yourself singing with your guitar, for instance, this is fine.

    Please email with any questions.

    Please see the application pack for info about choosing speeches:

    • Sat 17th Nov, 11:00am-5:00pm, Judith E Wilson Studio
    • Sun 18th Nov, 11:00am-5:00pm, Judith E Wilson Studio

    Contact before 5:00pm Sun 18 Nov for more details.

    She Loves Me - CUMTS

    7:45pm, Tue 5th February 2019–Sat 9th February 2019, at ADC Theatre
    2:30pm, Sat 9th February 2019 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 3


    The Lent Week 3 Musical, SHE LOVES ME, is looking for 15 wonderful people to make up our cast. With 7 leads and 8 ensemble roles on offer, this will be a beautifully heartwarming and incredibly fun production and we cannot wait to see all of you!

    See the attached file for a brief character breakdown, summary of the show and audition extracts.

    The first round of auditions will take place on Thursday 22nd November at St John's New Music Room. Choose one of the extracts from the google doc below (all of which will also be available on the door) and prepare a musical theatre song of your choice, preferably not longer than 2-3 minutes.

    A round of callbacks will then be held the following week (although not everyone who gets a callback will receive a role and not everyone who receives a role will have had a callback!) where we may give you character specific extracts and songs to prepare.

    Any questions, email me at or find me on Facebook (Jamie Williams) and I will tell you whatever you need to know! Similarly, if you would like to audition but are unavailable at these times, please message me and we will either plan another time to meet you or accept a video audition!

    Sign up for a slot on the Doodle Poll:

    Check out our audition document:

    • Thu 22nd Nov, 10:00am-5:00pm, St John's College, New Music Room

    The History Boys

    7:45pm, Tue 22nd January 2019–Sat 26th January 2019, at ADC Theatre
    2:30pm, Sat 26th January 2019 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 1

    *****Auditions for THE HISTORY BOYS*****

    Auditions for Alan Bennett’s The History Boys (Lent Week 1 Mainshow) will be held this Friday and Saturday at the ADC!

    Please sign up for a slot here:

    Rehearsals will begin at the end of this term, and there will be an expectation to return at least a week before the end of the holidays to continue rehearsing.

    The roles of Scripps, Crowther, Rudge, Akthar, and Lockwood will be cast gender blind.

    There is going to be a lot of focus on character work, so we are looking for people who can create and embody the characters of young men/the staff, rather than play an extension of themselves (hence the decision to cast some roles gender blind), so please consider this in your preparation.

    The audition extracts will be posted before the auditions, but there will be extracts on the door so no need to print off for yourself if you don’t want to.

    All auditionees should be current students in higher education and resident within the city of Cambridge.

    Any questions or queries, or if the doodle poll fills up, email me at

    ALSO - reminder that producer, AD, MD, and TD applications are still open - keep those applications in!

    • Fri 16th Nov, 12:50pm-7:20pm, ADC Dressing Room 2
    • Sat 17th Nov, 11:20am-4:50pm, ADC Dressing Room 2

    Contact before 12:01am Sun 18 Nov for more details.

    Today's Late Late Morning Show Live! - Eggbox Comedy

    11:00pm, Wed 28th November 2018–Thu 29th November 2018, at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 8


    Come and audition for ***Today's Late Late Morning Show Live!***, an end of term, two-night ADC late, where daytime legends Jimmy and Billy are recording their first ever late night slot! You can be a part of it!

    We are on the hunt for some wild and wacky characters to populate the show, as well as sketch comedians and musicians to bring this world to life through the form of comedy songs and spoof adverts!

    Jimmy and Billy can't do it alone and we need YOU to come join the fun. Come down to ADC BAR on WEDNESDAY 14TH NOVEMBER, auditions will be happening on a DROP IN BASIS between 3pm and 6pm!

    Bring along an idea for a character (**this can be one you've performed before that you want to bring back to life OR brand new**) that could be interviewed during the show in the style of Graham Norton/Jonathan Ross. It could be pop superstar Celine Dion or chip shop owner Dawn - any and everything goes!! The show will be very collaborative, with improv and audience interaction to really get the 'live' recording feeling, so at this stage all you need to show us is a sense of this character, what makes them funny, and why they might be great for interviewing! No need for a full monologue or anything.

    ALTERNATIVELY, we are also after some sketch writers and comedy musicians to help bring other aspects of the show to life. Bring along a song or a sketch to show us; again, the writing will be very collaborative, so just come along to give us an idea of what you've got!

    FINALLY, we are also on the hunt for a LIVE BAND! If you want the chance to perform in an ADC show for two nights, we are after a keyboard, drums, sax and guitarist to join our ranks. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

    Auditions are open to EVERY and ANY one, no matter how experienced you are, whether you're a Footlight or a fresher, come along!!!

    Any questions, drop me (Will) a message on Facebook or email me on ! Equally, if you can't make the slot, send me a message and we can sort something out!

    • Wed 14th Nov, 3:00pm-6:00pm, ADC Bar

    Contact before 12:00am Fri 16 Nov for more details.

    Wild Honey

    7:45pm, Tue 29th January 2019–Sat 2nd February 2019, at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    Auditions slots for Wild Honey [ADC Week 2] are now available! This ambitious production will combine farce, tragedy and live music and dance to stage Michael Frayn's adaptation of one of Chekhov's lost plays. This is a gem of a text and features an ensemble cast of excellent male and female roles!

    Please sign up using this Doodle poll:

    Extracts will be posted in the Facebook event and will also be available on the door. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, or if you are unable to make either session but would still like to audition!

    'Charming, handsome, and with an opinion on everything, once upon a time Platonov seemed bound for greatness. Now he is a simple country schoolteacher and husband to a dutiful yet unimaginative wife. Arriving at the local estate one day for lunch with old friends, he is reunited with Sofya, a beautiful and recently married woman from his university days. Halfway between Hamlet and Don Juan, Platonov is desperate for a bit excitement and can't resist taking advantage of his one true gift: making himself utterly irresistible to women.

    Adapted from Chekhov's untitled earliest complete work, which remained unperformed in his lifetime, Wild Honey is Michael Frayn's romp through the Russian countryside. A blending of the farcical and the tragic, this unique piece captures the combined absurdity and despair at the heart of Chekhov's scenario, creating the world of a gloriously bittersweet summer where none of the rules apply.'

    • Tue 20th Nov, 4:00pm-8:00pm, Dressing Room 2, ADC Theatre
    • Wed 21st Nov, 3:00pm-6:00pm, Dressing Room 2, ADC Theatre
    • Thu 22nd Nov, 12:00pm-3:00pm, Dressing Room 1, ADC Theatre

    Contact before 3:00pm Thu 22 Nov for more details.