Close Knit Productions presents...

    Violent Acts
    By James Topham and Dave Hall

    19:45, Tue 30th January 2007 - Sat 3rd February 2007 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    1 day. Eight people. Things fall apart.

    Violent Acts is a new play from the bright young theatre company, Close Knit Productions, charting the lives of eight people as their lives interweave and diverge on one ordinary day. Two lovers seek to destroy each other in the bathroom of a dingy squat, a stranger is assaulted on a late night tube train, a marriage lies in tatters, and one act by the side of a lake may well seal all their fates.

    Based on the work undertaken by the Close Knit Writer’s Project, 2006, Violent Acts has been written by two ex-Cambridge graduates, James Topham (RSC/Marlowe Other Prize Winner 2004) and Dave Hall (currently writing for the London stage) in collaboration with a group of eight actors. Out of improvisation, verbatim material and close collaboration has arisen a work of real power, dissecting the role that violence plays in our lives and in our society.

    In turns funny, shocking and fierce, Violent Acts is a dramatic triumph not to be missed.


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