Three Sisters
    By Anton Chekhov (translated by Rory Mullarkey)

    19:45, Tue 17th – Sat 21st February 2009 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 21st February 2009 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 5

    Three Sisters is the story of the Prozorov family and those around them. Olga, Masha and Irina want to go to Moscow. But all they do is talk about it. Andrei, their brother, wants to go to Moscow too but doesn't want to talk about it. He'd rather play the violin. They live together in a small provincial town with only the madcap, misfit officers of their late father's army battalion for comfort and company. Vershinin is the new battery commander. He doesn't want to go to Moscow. He wants Masha. But Masha's married to Kulygin, who teaches at the school. Tuzenbach and Solyony want Irina. But Irina doesn't know what she wants. Nobody wants Olga. And all Olga wants is to be wanted. But all she does is talk about it. Chebutykin wants to believe his life has been worth something. But all he does it talk about it. Andrei and Natasha are ok because at least they want each other. Maybe. Everyone knows a change is coming, but everyone wants that change to be now. But all they do is talk about it. Three Sisters is a play about people who want things. But all they do is talk about it. It is a play about the subtle and complex emotional shifts amongst a subtle and complex group of people. The characters are as intelligent and stupid, as ridiculous and profound, as comic and as tragic, as real people are.


    Olga Prozorov
    Masha Prozorov
    Irina Prozorov
    Prozorov, Andrei Sergeevich
    Natalia Ivanovna
    Kulygin, Fyodor Ilych
    Vershinin, Alexandr Ignatievich
    Tuzenbach, Nikolai Lvovich
    Solyony, Vassily Vassilyevich
    Chebutykin, Ivan Romanovich
    Fedotik, Alexei Petrovich
    Rode, Vladimir Karlovich

    Production Team

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    Technical Director
    Lighting Designer
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    Publicity Designer
    Assistant Producer