The Sorcerer
    By WS Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

    14:00, Fri 22nd June 2012 at ADC Theatre
    Easter May Week

    Starry-eyed young lovers Alexis and Aline wish everyone in their village could be as happily besotted as they are. In a moment of inspiration, they decide to hire John Wellington Wells, a distinguished representative of a highly respectable London firm of sorcerers, to brew a love-potion for their fellow citizens. It remains only to slip the potion into the tea at the wedding feast, and well, it's G&S, you know the rest. Strange infatuations, social satire, and yes, hilarity all ensue. An uproariously funny but subtly dark operetta, The Sorcerer was Gilbert & Sullivan's first great success. Join CUG&S as we conjure comedy and drama this May Week.


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