The Spanish Tragedy
    By Thomas Kyd

    19:30, Wed 7th November 2012 - Fri 9th November 2012 at King's College Chapel
    Michaelmas Week 5

    Spain. 1592. Don Andrea has been murdered in the war with Portugal, and his ghost stalks the Spanish court demanding bloody retribution.

    “I'll turn their friendship into fell despite | Their love to mortal hate, their day to night.”

    The fighting may be over and Spain victorious, but the bloodshed has not abated. Underneath the music and short-lived revelry, the drums beat to the time of a funeral march.

    “The heav'ns are just; murder cannot be hid.”

    Yet justice comes at a price and vengeance brings its own victims: among the trees the hanged man lies bleeding and a father’s anguished cry echoes up to the stars ...

    “ I'll go marshal up the fiends in hell | To be avenged on you all for this.”

    The Gothic surroundings of King’s Chapel are the setting for this reimagining of Thomas Kyd’s catalogue of murder and misdeeds; this November, as the days darken and the nights grow colder, witness the bloody consequences of violence in this, the original English Revenge tragedy.


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