The Twits
    By Roald Dahl (Adapted by David Wood)

    23:00, Wed 19th June 2013 - Sat 22nd June 2013 at ADC Theatre
    Easter May Week

    Mr and Mrs Twit are disgusting. Really disgusting. They play horrible pranks on each other, they bake birds into pies, they smell because they never wash and they hate children. But worst of all, they keep monkeys in their back garden. In cages. It's time for the monkeys to get their revenge on these two most revolting creatures... This extravagant adaptation will be brought to the ADC Stage, through the use of UV Blacklight technology, recreating Dahl’s chaotic story with vivid animation, mind-boggling illusion, and ear-feastingly good music by Jeff Carpenter. This will turn your world upside-down!


    Mr Twit -
    Mrs Twit -
    Roly-Poly Bird -
    Muggle-Wump -
    Mrs Muggle-Wump -
    Narrator -
    Little Mugglewump 1 -
    Little Mugglewump 3 -
    Comedy Mr Twit/ Bird/ Cow/ Caravan Magician/ Shrinks effector -
    Comedy Mrs Twit/ Bird/ Tumbelweed/ Shrinks effector -
    Puppeteer extraordinare/ Bird/ others -
    Young Mrs Twit/ Bird/ Cow/ others -
    Frog/ Bird/ Caravan Magician/ others -
    Little Mugglewump 2 -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Composer -
    Producer -
    Musical Director -
    Make-Up Artist -
    Stage Manager -
    Puppetmaker - ,
    Wardrobe Supervisor -
    Sound Designer - ,
    Lighting Designer -
    Publicity Designer -
    Prop Maker -
    Prop-Sourcer -
    Show Designer -
    Marketing Associate -
    Trailer Production -
    Publicity Designer -
    Technical Director -
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