Doctor Faustus
    By Christopher Marlowe

    19:30, Wed 29th January 2014 - Sat 1st February 2014 at Cambridge Arts Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    “What art thou, Faustus, but a man condemned to die?”

    The Marlowe Society return to celebrate the 450th anniversary of Christopher Marlowe’s birth with a lavish new staging of the playwright’s most famous work: Doctor Faustus.

    Faustus is a brilliant academic whose destructive thirst for knowledge leads him down a path to damnation when he sells his soul to Lucifer. From the splendour of Emperor Charles V’s court to the excesses of the Pope’s banquet in Rome, Faustus experiences all the earthly delights on offer in this world and beyond with the magical powers granted by his devilish companion, Mephistopheles. But his time is fast running out….

    This production forms the centrepiece of a year-long festival of works celebrating the 450th anniversary of Marlowe’s birth. One of Cambridge’s most famous alumni, his enduringly popular tale of ambition and damnation will be performed by the cream of the University’s acting talent, led by a professional creative team.


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    Horse Courser -
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    Duchess -
    Old Man -

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