23:00, Wed 19th – Sat 22nd November 2014 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 6

    'Who's spoiling life, me, us them or God?'

    1. The residents of Road are at the mercy of their country. A state-of-the-nation drama, presenting the underclass of the North. Fighting to escape the endless circle and inevitability of class and regional oppression, the people of Road are merely surviving.

    Prepare to be both uplifted and weighed down. Let Scullery walk you down Road where you will come face to face not only with those who live there, but with your own prejudices, fears and ambitions for a better future.


    Louise, Dor
    Carol, Lane, Valerie
    Eddie, Skinlad, Blowpipe, Soldier
    Brother, Brink, Mr Bald, Mrs Bald, Father's Voice, Bisto
    Brenda, Mother's Voice, Helen
    Eddie's Dad, Professor, Jerry, Manfred, Barry
    Molly, Scotch Girl

    Production Team

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    Set Designer
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    Costume Designer ,
    Lighting Designer
    Technical Director
    Stage Manager
    Deputy Stage Manager
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