Don't Ever Change (Cambridge)
By Elspeth Collard and Rebecca Rebis

19:00, Sat 7th October 2017 at Robinson College Auditorium
19:00, Sun 8th October 2017 at Robinson College Auditorium
Michaelmas Week 0 to Week 1

Four old school friends – Ella, Cathie, Robyn and Sal – reunite at a bar to reminisce about the good old days. However, Philippa, the fifth member of the group, is noticeably absent; upon discovering her old diary, she decides to do some reminiscing of her own. Over the course of the evening, we rediscover the group’s school days and watch as their friendships become increasingly fractured, as arguments over schoolwork, the pressure to fit in and their complicated love lives tear apart even the closest of friendships. As these arguments work their way into the present day, we are left to wonder – do people ever really change?

'Don't Ever Change' is an original musical written by Elspeth Collard and Rebecca Rebis coming to Brickhouse following its successful Edinburgh run. Reviewed as having 'some really impressive voices and musical talents', with a 'ridiculously catchy (and often deeply moving) musical score', this is not a show to be missed!



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