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    Every Good Boy Deserves Favour

    20:00, Thu 13th – Fri 14th February 2020 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    13:00, Sat 15th February 2020 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Lent Week 4

    "Let me give you some advice. Number one - never mix music with politics..."

    Alexander Ivanov is imprisoned in a Soviet mental hospital for statements against the government. He shares a cell with another Ivanov, who believes himself to be a conductor with a symphony orchestra under his command. Alexander's son Sacha is in a classroom with a teacher convinced of the genuineness of his father's illness, whilst inside the hospital, a doctor attempts to cure his patients by setting them lines. Ivanov's imaginary orchestra, on stage with the actors, surrounds them all, filling the spaces between their truths with music...

    In this rarely performed one-act play with live music, playwright Tom Stoppard and composer André Previn interweave six actors and a chamber orchestra to create a strange and compelling world of authority, artistry and madness.




    Violin 2 – ,
    Violin 1 – ,
    Percussion – ,
    Trombone –
    Trumpet –
    Clarinet (B flat, bass) –
    Clarinet (B flat, E flat) –
    Oboe –
    Flute, Piccolo – ,

    Production Team

    Musical Director
    Costume Designer
    Stage Manager
    Sound Designer
    Lighting Designer
    Publicity Designer
    Set Designer
    Production Assistant –