Technical and designer roles

The 23 Hour Sketch Show

23:00, Tue 28th January 2020 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 2

Looking for:


The 23-Hour Sketch Show (Week 2 ADC ONS) is looking for a TECHNICIAN and STAGE MANAGERS with availability on 28/01, This is a low-commitment role but with a short turn around - final scripts/cues will be submitted 7pm on the night of the show.

If you are interested or want more info please email Alex Watson at aw827 by midnight on 20th of Jan and include

  • Why you are interested?
  • Any experience in stage managing or as a technician(necessary!)?
  • Frosties or Sugar Puffs?

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Alex x

Deadline for applications: Monday 20th January 23:59

This is just a Tribute

20:00, Mon 24th February 2020 at ADC Theatre (Bar)
Lent Week 6

Looking for:

  • Musical Director
  • Makeup artist
  • Publicity Designer


We need a MUSICAL DIRECTOR, a MAKEUP ARTIST and a PUBLICITY DESIGNER to help us put on this show.

The show will feature a group of Cambridge students who do impressions, tributes or homages to great performers and finally give them a platform to show their talents to the world for one night only

We are looking for people who can make them look and sound as near to the real thing as possible.

Our MUSICAL DIRECTOR would be required to do a couple of sessions with the performers to help them tighten up their performance, and play keys where needed on the night (if the performer doesn't want a backing track)

Our MAKEUP ARTIST will be in charge of making sure the acts look the part in terms of hair and makeup. We hope to get a really diverse group of characters (from Marilyn Monroe to Shrek) so be prepared to get inventive.

Last but by no means least we need a PUBLICITY DESIGNER to make us a lovely poster to make people want to see it

If any of these interest you then please send us an email, saying why you want to do the project, what you can bring to the team and what celebrity tribute acts you would most like to see. No previous experience required!

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 22nd January 23:44


23:00, Thu 12th March 2020 - Sat 14th March 2020 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 8

Looking for:

  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Stage Manager
  • Publicity Designer

Corpsing are looking for a technical team!!

Corpsing is an absurd, haunting dark comedy about the politics surrounding family, grief and how death is understood across cultures, and we need YOU to help us bring it - ironically - TO LIFE!! Please send your awesome applications to the directorial team: myself (Olivia) , Charissa and Srinidhi sb2380 - we're looking forward to hearing from you!!

Lighting Designer

We're looking for an experienced and flamboyant lighting designer to shed some light on our dark comedy. In your application please include:

  • What interests you about the show
  • The role you think lighting plays in comedy
  • Any previous experience
Sound Designer

I have been personally informed by the writers that this show will include 'many a banger', so if you love to get your groove on we want to hear from you!! A lot of our physical comedy will also be in need of sound accompaniment, and with whole parts heavily reliant on sound, this is your chance to give an important and yet often overlooked department the acknowledgement it deserves!! In your application please include:

  • What interests you about the show
  • How you imagine sound's role in physical comedy
  • Any previous experience
Set Designer

From hospital to funeral, corpsing is going to need an imaginative and resourceful set which always 'sets' the scene without providing constraints to scene changes. The central character, Christina, will be transferred from hospital bed to coffin, and we're hoping for inventive prop-making and set designing and building to ensure Christina's journey is made easily and in style. In your application, please include:

  • What interests you about the show
  • Ideas about multi-functionality in set and props
  • Any previous experience, both in set designing and building
Costume Designer

Corpsing crosses both cultures and generations, and even includes characters who themselves have a flair for dressing people up!! Therefore, we're going to need costumes which reflect and respect these differences, and which continue the creativity we're looking for in all departments!! In your application, please include:

  • What interests you about the show
  • What you think is required of costume in a play exploring similarities and differences across different cultures and backgrounds
  • Any previous experience
Stage Manager

Corpsing will involve multiple set changes, props, and a variety of different characters, meaning we're going to need a competent and confident stage manager to keep everything running safely and smoothly!! If this sounds like it could be you, we'd love to hear from you!! In your application, please include:

  • What interests you about the show
  • How you think you'll handle multiple set changes and a variety of props
  • Any previous experience
Publicity Designer

Corpsing is a play with flair, and we want this to come across in our publicity!! We're looking for a creative and courageous publicity designer who will get this gem of a play (I didn't write it, I'm allowed to say that) noticed amongst all the week 8 LTM hype!! In your application, please include:

  • What interests you about the show
  • Your ideas on getting across the 'dark comedy' element in our publicity
  • How you plan to make use of the LTM hype
  • Do you have any ideas for publicity aside from the usual headshots and posters?
  • Any previous experience/examples of your work

If you have any questions, please just drop me or Charissa an email!! ,

Contact: , ,
Deadline for applications: Thursday 23rd January 23:59

God's Property

19:00, Tue 11th February 2020 - Sat 15th February 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 4

Looking for:

  • Photographer

We are looking for a photographer to take headshots and rehearsal photos.

The photographer will work alongside our publicity designer so as to ensure a cohesive aesthetic for the show. Please find attached a moodboard of images to get a sense of aesthetic:

To apply, please send examples of your previous photography (preferably headshots) to Hannah Shury-Smith ( by midnight on 23rd January.

Deadline for applications: Thursday 23rd January 23:59

Angels in America - Part 2: Perestroika

19:15, Tue 11th February 2020 - Sat 15th February 2020 at ADC Theatre
Lent Week 4

Looking for:

  • Costume Designer


We're looking for someone to join our already fantastic team and help source us some costumes! Please email applications to lar58with thoughts of any of the bullet points below, or drop us a message and we can arrange a call/meeting to chat about things if you'd prefer! See below for detailed descriptions of the role, but the main thing we're looking for is passion and creativity!

Tell us:

  • Why you want to be involved in Angels in America - Part 2: Perestroika
  • Any previous or relevant experience you might have
  • Any creative or general ideas you might have for the show where applicable
  • Anything else you'd like us to know as part of your application!

Costume Designer
Most of the costumes in the play need to be pretty naturalistic, so you don't need to be a whizz with a sewing machine, as much of it will be a case of sourcing the right items! There is also plenty of room to get more creative with the more magical elements of the play, such as the appearance of seven angels in Heaven, but we are keen to tailor costumes to the creativity of our designer, so if any of this interests you, please drop us a line!

Deadline for applications: Friday 24th January 18:00

The Importance of Being EarnestHATS

19:30, Fri 28th February 2020 - Sun 1st March 2020 at Homerton Small Studio
Lent Week 6 to Week 7

Looking for:


The Importance of Being Earnest is putting together our production team!

All Fresher's are welcome and feel free to apply for more than one role. No prior experience is required.This is a Fresher's show so it will be a great learning experience for anyone interested in having a go at theatre production.

All you need to do is tell us:

  • Why you'd like to be involved
  • Any relevant experience you might have

Please send your applications to by midnight 24th January.

Don't hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions.

Deadline for applications: Friday 24th January 23:59

Dive: A Sketch Show UnderwaterFletcher Players

21:30, Tue 4th February 2020 - Sat 8th February 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 3

Looking for:

  • Lighting Designer*
  • Sound Designer*
  • Stage Manager

How would you like to get involved with the most marine sketch show this term?

The ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and now even the Corpus Playroom is underwater. Meet a vegan piranha, the only octopus in the ocean who can't multi-task and a puffer fish Prime Minister as we answer the timeless question of whether fish would drive cars or submarines? BYO snorkels and make sure you do not slip on the plankton on your way in. Swimming lessons available on the door.

tell us
-why u want to be involved
-how could you use lights and/or sound to help create an oceanic setting
-any (maritime) experience u may have
-Finding Nemo or Blue Planet???

*We would be happy to receive individual applications to both or either of these positions

Deadline for applications: Saturday 25th January 23:59

SLUGLINES: a 24 hour film project

00:01, Sat 1st February 2020 - Sun 2nd February 2020 Venue to be confirmed
Lent Week 2 to Week 3

Looking for:

  • Writers
  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Cinematographers
  • Editors
  • Composers

This is SLUGLINES - Cambridge’s first 24 hour film project.

At midnight of February 1st, each group will be given a script with only a start point and an end point, and you’ll have 24 hours to fill in the blank. One group’s end point will be another group’s start point—so by the end of the 24 hours we’ll have a (cohesive?) film which will kick off this term’s CAMBRIDGE SHORTS!

We are looking for:


To apply, please fill out this google form by Sunday 26th February:

Please apply on your own or as a small group - we will put you in a group if you don't have one.

Deadline for applications: Sunday 26th January 23:59


21:30, Tue 3rd March 2020 - Sat 7th March 2020 at Corpus Playroom
Lent Week 7

Looking for:

  • Publicity Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Operator

Please send applications with 'Chalk' in the subject line.
In your application please include a few sentences on:
-What skills you can bring to your chosen role
-Why you would like to be involved in this production specifically
-Any previous experience

Please send an email to before 31st January - also any questions too


Deadline for applications: Friday 31st January 23:59


19:45, Wed 29th January 2020 - Sat 1st February 2020 at Cambridge Arts Theatre
14:30, Thu 30th January 2020 at Cambridge Arts Theatre
14:30, Sat 1st February 2020 at Cambridge Arts Theatre
Lent Week 2

Looking for:

  • Set Builders/ Painters

Need a break from the weekly sludge of essays (even though it’s only week 2 lol)? Missed out on being part of this year’s Marlowe Arts Show? Want a cheeky camdram credit?

The Marlowe Arts Show 2020 production of Othello is looking for set builders and painters to help with our get-in on Sunday 28th January.

Outline of the day:
0830-0900: Breakfast
0900-1300: Build and paint set
1300-1400: Lunch
1400-1800: Potential extra building and painting

If you are interested in helping out, please message Hannah Shury-Smith via Facebook or email ( When registering your interest, please say what hours in the day you’d be free to help out - there is no requirement to be free for the whole day - and then I will get back to you with a more detailed timetable of the day’s layout, scheduled according to everyone’s individual availabilities.

Feel free to message me with any questions!

Contact: Hannah Shury-Smith - Facebook messenger or cambridge email (
Deadline for applications: Monday 3rd February