Technical and designer roles

The Deep Blue SeaBrickhouse Theatre Company

19:45, Tue 15th October 2019 - Sat 19th October 2019 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 1

Looking for:

  • Stage Manager
  • Lighting Designer

We are looking for a Stage Manager and Lighting Designer for The Deep Blue Sea.

The play is set in an atmospheric apartment in 1950s London, and the show will require sensitive and accomplished lighting design and prop selection in order to bring the stage to life.

If you'd like to apply to either of these positions please email bk396 with a rundown of your relevant experience and skills, as well as you'd like to be involved.

Deadline for applications: Saturday 20th July 23:00

The SorcererCUGSS

19:45, Thu 6th February 2020 - Sat 8th February 2020 at West Road Concert Hall
14:00, Sat 8th February 2020 at West Road Concert Hall
Lent Week 3

Looking for:

  • Production Manager (deadline 8th July)
  • Technical Director (deadline 8th July)
  • Publicity Designer (deadline 29th July)
  • Publicist (deadline 29th July)
  • Costume Designer (deadline 29th July)
  • Set Designer (deadline 29th July)

Applications are now open to join the production team of THE SORCERER! This is a super exciting opportunity to get involved in one of the biggest shows of Lent Term!

For more information on the roles, and how to apply, take a look at our application pack:
Please note that the application deadline for Production Manager and Technical Director is 8th July, the rest of these roles have the later deadline of 29th July
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Isaac (director) & Anna (producer)

Deadline for applications: Monday 29th July 17:00

The Last HotelCUOS

20:00, Sat 30th November 2019 - Mon 2nd December 2019 at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
Michaelmas Week 7 to Week 8

Looking for:

  • Filmmaker / Videographer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Choreographer
  • Publicity Designer

'The Last Hotel', a unique and singularly powerful work that combines theatre, opera, recorded music, and film is looking for a prod team to help bring this electric show to life. All of the production roles for 'The Last Hotel' will involve a much greater involvement in the creative process of developing a show, and will allow for artistic freedom to showcase creative skills. It is an exciting and challenging opportunity to help craft a subtle and poignant work that reaches the heights of what modern opera can achieve.

Please email any applications to describing any relevant experience and what excites you about working on 'The Last Hotel'.

Videographer / Filmmaker

‘The Last Hotel’ is a truly exciting opportunity for a student filmmaker to explore collaboration with theatre and opera. As a true multimedia work, the opera will have film projected onto the stage during the drama. These films are a crucial part of the work, creating and reinforcing a sense of being constantly watched: a feeling that adds to the spiralling mental state of the characters and comments on a media culture where the private life has become public. The videographer on ‘The Last Hotel’ will work with the director and actors to create short films that create and add to the claustrophobic atmosphere on stage. Along with this they will also work to create a series of trailers for the opera that will be released as publicity. It is a unique chance to use film to interact with other art forms, melding their work with the music and drama to create an integrated whole.

Lighting Designer

The chief lighting designer of ‘The Last Hotel’ will play an essential role in interpreting communicating the themes of the opera. We plan on mixing the fantastic lighting capabilities of the Fitzpatrick Hall with dark onstage lighting which the characters interact with to explore the themes of death and love in the opera. The lighting will be paramount to our interpretation and communication of the opera’s narrative, and so is a brilliant chance for a lighting designer who wants to be more involved in the interpretation and creative process of a work.

Sound Designer

Part of what makes ‘The Last Hotel’ such a singular and electrifying work is its blend of live music and recorded sounds. Whether it is voicemails from character’s family members that intensify the tragedy of certain scenes, or cuts of jarring pop music that shatters the operatic soundworld, the use of recorded audio in this opera is deeply affecting and requires a committed and passionate sound designer. They will work to record audio and will then spend time with the musical director to coordinate recordings with live music. The sound designer will also have the opportunity to create a soundscape that creates atmospheric tension as the audience walk into the theatre.


The choreographer will work one-on-one with the dancer playing the silent role of the Caretaker in the opera, crafting movement and dance sequences to Dennehy’s viscerally rhythmic score that blends minimalist writing with influences from rock and Irish folk music. The aim is to create a form of unsettling and unpredictable movement that contrasts moments of deathly stillness with more demonic and contorted dancing. This is an exciting opportunity to delve into choreography for contemporary music that challenges genre boundaries and to meld dance with modern opera.

Publicity Designer

The publicity for ‘The Last Hotel’ will be an innovative and exciting part of the production. We are looking for anyone with experience in the visual arts, be it photography, painting, or graphic design. The publicity designer will work with the director and prod team to create an artistic and captivating aesthetic for the opera’s publicity. They will also blend their art with publicity headshots, and work with the videographer to create a coherent artistic vision for the media in the show. Like many of the prod team roles in ‘The Last Hotel’, the publicity designer will be greatly involved in the creative process of the show and in helping to craft its aesthetic.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 30th July 01:00

The ConvertCUADC

19:45, Tue 22nd October 2019 - Sat 26th October 2019 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 2

Looking for:

  • Set Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Technical Director
  • Lighting Director
  • Sound Director

Brief Synopsis:

The protagonist of The Convert is, Jekesai, a young woman who arrives as a servant straight from the forest. Her bare breasts are covered with a rough linen dress, she's renamed Ester, and she's immediately indoctrinated into the alien rites of furniture polish and serving afternoon tea. And into the ways of a new god, too, one who demands prayers chanted in faltering English and the utter renouncement of her family.

But her allegiance to her master Chilford, an African would-be Catholic priest who lives in what was a white missionary's house, marks her out as one of the 'Bafu' – the group targeted by villagers who feel they're aping whites, and benefiting from the fruits of the colonialists' vast and violent land grab.

Ester's aunt Mai Tamba dances between the two worlds, curtseying to Chilford but saying animist chants and hiding protective charms behind sofa cushions when he's out. And Prudence might be trussed up in neat Victorian finery, but she's wise enough not to go shoving Catholicism in the face of her furious extended family.

Gurira's play never shows us the white settlers: its skill is in showing us how seamlessly their cultural norms impose themselves over an ancient society, suffocating rituals and tearing families apart.


The Convert is set in the lounge of Chilford Ndlovu's home, in the Boomtown of Salisbury (Present day Harare, Zimbabwe).

The home was once owned by British missionaries, now transferred to conquer native souls deeper in the interior, they left it in the hands of a budding and bright native, a stalwart for the Roman Catholic church: Chilford Ndlovu.

The room is modestly furnished with great Victorian influence, though a very impoverished version. There is a threadbare chaise lounge in one corner and a simple wooden desk and chair in another, a small couch connects the two and a simple coffee table rests in the center of the room, the age of the furniture is apparent but all are impeccably placed and kept; the room is spotless. On the wall is a faded framed painting of the English countryside, and a crucifix.

In your application, please include:

  • Why you want to be involved in this particular production
  • Experience (none needed!)
  • Any initial ideas you have
  • What kind of theatre you like! Or don’t like!

Feel free to ask me any questions!!

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 31st July


19:45, Thu 14th November 2019 - Sat 16th November 2019 at Robinson College Auditorium
Michaelmas Week 5

Looking for:

  • Publicity Designer and/or Publicist
  • Production Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Stage Manager

About the show
Bunthorne is a poet, hipster and Instagram influencer whose name looms large on campus. Everybody worships both his poetry and his person – everybody except Patience, the one person Bunthorne loves, apart from himself. Patience runs the campus cafe and cares nothing for poetry, to Bunthorne’s dismay. But when the beautiful Grosvenor appears on the scene, things are about to be turned on their heads: will Bunthorne’s fame endure a rival? Our updated Patience brings Gilbert’s parody of aestheticism (think Oscar Wilde) triumphantly into the 21st century: there’s an array of hipsters and footballers, queer and trans characters, and octave-blind casting, which means all performers will have the chance to sing some of Sullivan’s catchiest tunes.

Publicity Designer
We’re looking for a publicity designer to create a poster and other publicity materials that will catch the eye and communicate what is special about this show. We particularly want to engage new audiences: think more musical theatre than opera. Publicity Designer and Publicist could be the same person or two different people. Please include in your application:
– Any relevant experience you have (none required!)
– What would publicity for this show look like?
– We’d love to see some examples of your past artwork.

This will be a really fun role, as we’re planning an exciting publicity campaign! We’re looking for someone who’ll work with us to publicise Patience online and in Cambridge, and manage Bunthorne’s instagram account in the lead up to the show. Publicity Designer and Publicist could be the same person or two different people. Please include in your application:
– Any previous experience (none required!)
– What do you think are the most effective ways to advertise this show?
– How would you advertise this show to a new audience?
– Your own fun and fabulous publicity ideas are welcome!

Production Manager
We’re looking for a production manager who’ll oversee the tech departments and help everyone work together effectively. Please include in your application:
– Any relevant experience you have (none required!)
– How do you see the role of a Production Manager?
– How will you work with the prod team?

Technical Director
We’re looking for a technical director to work with the set designer to build a safe and spectacular set for this show, in a small space! Please include in your application:
– Any relevant experience you have (none necessary!)
– How do you see the role of a Technical Director?
– What challenges does Brickhouse Theatre present, and how will you overcome them?

Set Designer
The whole show is set outside the campus cafe. We want tables and chairs to be used in the blocking, and an ambiance that would appeal to the discerning hipster. The rest is up to you! Please include in your application:
– Any relevant experience you have (none required!)
– How would you work with the rest of the production team?
– How would you transform Brickhouse Theatre into a campus cafe?
– Any other ideas you may have.

Lighting Designer
Lighting will be a really important element of this show, considering how much Bunthorne loves to be in the spotlight. We’re looking for a lighting designer who’ll jazz this show up and add to the aesthetic (melo)drama. Please include in your application:
– Any relevant experience you have (none required!)
– How would you work with the rest of the production team?
– Any ideas you have for the show
– How would you show “taking a selfie” in the lighting?

Costume Designer
The cast of Patience includes hipsters (and one hippie), a failing sports team, a cafe worker and two glamorous pin-up poets. This is an opportunity for a costume designer to go wild in the Grafton charity shops, whilst also including hair and make-up in the design. We’d absolutely love to work with the costume designer to come up with the most iconic “arrives late with Starbucks” looks. Please include in your application:
– Any relevant experience you have (none required!)
– Any ideas you have for the show
– What’s the most hipster outfit you can think of?

Stage Manager
We’re looking for a stage manager to acquire props and to be on hand during the shows to oversee smooth running behind the scenes. Please include in your application:
– Any relevant experience you have (none required!)
– How many ring binder folders can an actor carry on stage before it’s dangerous? We really should know the answer to this one, but we’re Cambridge students and academia always comes before personal safety.

All applications to be sent to Coral, by 6pm on 31st July. Feel free to get in touch with any questions!

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 31st July 18:00

Crouch Touch Pause Engage

19:00, Tue 22nd October 2019 - Sat 26th October 2019 at Corpus Playroom
Michaelmas Week 2

Looking for:

  • Set Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Costume Designer

We need you and your clever brain to help us support this fast-paced ensemble show, and help highlight all its cool elements, with no set location, multi-roling, and physical theatre, all while incorporating some good old rugby ~vibes~

This play is so different and offers so many fun creative opportunities! So please drop us an email and include in your application:

  • why you want to be involved in this show
  • any experience you have (none necessary!)
  • any ideas you have for the show - no right answer we're just curious what you think!

Any questions please let us know, can't wait to hear from you xoxo

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 31st July 23:59


19:45, Tue 12th November 2019 - Sat 16th November 2019 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 5

Looking for:

  • Stage Manager
  • Deputy Stage Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Set Designer
  • Assistant Set Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • CLX
  • Sound Designer
  • Publicity Designer
  • Photographer
  • Fight Choreographer

We are delighted to open applications to join our production team for this ambitious comedy-thriller set in Cambridge.

Here are some links to get you in the mood:

Please feel free to apply for multiple roles, or to apply in a pair for a role!

Please email and with answers to the following:

  • Why do you want to be involved with Deathtrap? What excites you about the show?
  • Do you have any experience? (although none is necessary!)
  • Do you have any ideas in mind for your particular role? How would you like to leave your mark on the show?

Send your applications, ideally with your name, college, and year, to Connor (cr579) and Jacob (jjwb2) by 5th August. (yep, you have a whole month!)

Contact: and
Deadline for applications: Monday 5th August 23:59