Technical and designer roles

I Swear I'm Not Doing A BitCam FM

18:30, Fri 9th October 2020 at Cam FM (online and on FM)
Michaelmas Week 0

Looking for:

  • Writers
  • Show Graphics
  • Assistant Editor

I Swear I'm Not Doing A Bit is a new radio comedy panel show on Cam FM themed around events that didn't happen, things that don’t make sense and items that don’t exist. Have we all lost our mind over the past few months? This show dares to say “yes, absolutely, we 100% have!” Tune in for some people telling jokes in a style not dissimilar to a certain numerically-named major radio station, but instead of professional comedians we have startled undergrads.


It is important that you have a good understanding of panel shows, all this really means is that you watch/have watched them regularly or you could binge-watch some (you can find them on BBC iPlayer or All4) just to get a sense of what they're about. The role of a writer in a production like this is to come up with jokes and questions that the host can say since the panellists have to improvise their jokes and answers during the game.

Show Graphics

We need someone to make a poster and a square image (for the Cam FM website) to draw attention to the show. Any skill level is welcome.

Assistant Editor

You need to be able to edit, normalise and clean up audio; add sound effects and make judgements on whether a segment should be cut out or left in to bring the episode within the 30-minute time slot.

Deadline for applications: Friday 7th August 23:59