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  • Nothing To See Here: THE Sketch Show - Director, Writer, Uncomfortable silences

    19:00, Tue 2nd June 2020 - Sun 28th June 2020 Venue to be confirmed

    Have you ever fancied listening to a sketch show? If so, now’s your time. Yes, you can listen to a sketch show which follows every twitch and flutter of the brain, moving from Vacuum cleaners to bananas…

  • Lacuna Ridge - Sidh Lourdes

    19:00, Wed 3rd June 2020 - Thu 4th June 2020 at Cam FM, ADC Theatre Youtube

    Meet X: a normal girl who finds herself transported to the middle of nowhere. She's lost her body, her sight and all of her sensory apparatus apart from her voice. She doesn't know where she is. She…

  • In The Nick of Time - Mother, Old Cambridge Don

    19:00, Mon 8th June 2020 - Sun 28th June 2020 Venue to be confirmed

    What happens when four World War II Bletchley Park codebreakers are accidentally transported into the 21st century? Bravery, valiance and indefatigable courage abounds? Not likely! Follow this hapless…

  • A Dream Play - Lawyer

    18:00, Sun 14th June 2020 - Tue 23rd June 2020 at Youtube

    Agnes is the daughter of Heaven. Determined to understand the nature of humankind she comes to earth. She meets characters from all walks of life in her quest to get to the bottom of her ultimate questi…

  • Survival Strategies @ Fringe - Dev

    14:00, Fri 7th August 2020 - Mon 31st August 2020 at Underbelly Friesian, Bristo Sq.

    Edinburgh Fringe 2020

    There are a million ways we could die at any given moment—the guy next door could turn out to be a serial killer, or the water supply could be tainted with e. coli. Not to mention…

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